you is fit.

Hey fabu ferrets. :3 (is trying (and failing -sigh-) to be like those cute people who blog with like…hearts and sparkly stoof and cute titles) 

So a few days ago my mum (oh, and it’s her birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY! yeah okay shoutout time over) really beh tahan/couldn’t stand (take your pick, I’m trying to be as pasar auntie as I can in this post, as cutesy/kawaii phrases do not suit moi) my room anymore so she maid made damn it me clean it till it’s like so clean i can’t even 

it’s never been this clean before. i even vacuumed. and i have curtains now. 

Oi oi not that I have anything against aunties (ACTUALLY I KIND OF DO AGAINST SOME AUNTIES BUT NO NOT REALLY). When I’m encountered such people I just sit in a corner and emo lolol. 

ugh i’m rambling again and next thing you know this post will be about candy floss/fairy floss/cotton candy/ floofy sugary stoof

lol jks it’s gonna be about nuts. 


I hate peanuts because they’re the most disgusting boring bland nuts of the entire nut family. Especially those salted airline peanuts (IDK MAN I JUST FIND THEM LYING AROUND SO OUT OF GREED I DEFENSIVELY EAT THEM). And especially those farking laufong/lauhonged peanuts. Ew. I only like pistachio-almond ice cream and chestnuts. :3 

Also I seem to have forgotten how to english. Only 190 smth words and I’ve made so many typos and ughhhgaaah (I’m actually capable of making that noise irl. mwahahhaa.). 

Basically this is an update because I feel bored and lonely yet, as a procrastinator,  I refuse to do anything about it.


Oh my best friend is currently obsessing over fit african boys. I really don’t want to describe it in detail.

I also realize I haven’t blogged about a specific topic in a while, partly because I turned my blog into this open diary/journal thing and not a space to express or ramble about whatever’s on my mind.

I used to blog like that. I had to have a topic I was passionate about, otherwise the words just wouldn’t flow. I found it near impossible to write about my life/stuff that happens on a daily basis because it just seems so boring to me. Like give up lah, I’m never going to have those interesting lives where you go out everyday and have best mates and boyfriends and stuff so may as well stop and just blog about….fondant figurines. Sigh. here.

lolol i deleted that post oredi. hmph. methinks it had something to do with me being buddies with Krakenese Giraffe (back when she was still a cake-decorator/cupcake girl) and she offered lessons, so why not huh? They looked so cool! And they’re edible!


i hate working with fondant/gumpaste. it is DISGUSTING. horrible. it’s so sticky and you have to keep dusting your hands with corn flour or whatever SO YOU END UP WITH THIS FIGURINE COVERED IN FLOUR EW. And I couldn’t wait for the classes so I blogged about it and that was my first post on this blog! ^^

jks lah. my first post was about tempeh. i was 11. shuddup. and yes, i am still quite passionate about my soy products. (ashuaree hor, “soy products” conjure diet shakes in my  head. huh.)

Those of you who stalked me all the way back to when I started officially using this blog……-sighs for the umpteenth time today- people do change in some ways. I have changed quite a biT. I CAN FEEL YOU JUDGING ME. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES OKAY, I WAS GOING THROUGH THE 7TH GRADE EMO/CUCKOO PHASE.


Oh yes and I remember blogging about how I wish my family would just set me up for an arranged marriage arrange a marriage for me with some  guy and apparently it’s not on this blog, must be my other one, huh. 

I do not wish that anymore. I do not condone. Everything about it is wrong. 

 So my mum was talking about ehh….some auntie/family friend/old neighbor IDK who was willing to teach me and give me the family’s (they run a bakery or smth) secret recipes because she heard I enjoy baking (oi i hate decorating but baking is cool)! Whoot! free lessons for tried and tested recipes, awesome right? Oh, but of course, there’s always a catch;

I have to be her daughter-in-law. And in order to be that I’d have to marry her son.


In the olden days it was common to matchmake your kids, “Oh you have son? I got daughter! Okok we’ll make them marry each other~”. ew. you make them grow up with each other and they’re like childhood friends it’s like marrying a cousin or something. HOW. Perhaps they were thinking, “you guys have known each other forever, much better than getting to know other people when you’re older then make us wait so long for marriage.” . Apparently the friendzone did not exist back then. 

But still, marrying childhood friends doesn’t seem so bad. At least you’re not marrying someone you’ve never met before (of course your family/parents planned it lah) and like…learning how to love/live with them. How. 

the only reason i fantasized about an arranged marriage is because everyone seems to hate me/not fancy me so if your family and my family want us to start a family then you have no choice HAHAHAHHAHAHA you’re tied to me. forever. u die oso i not letting u go. -yandere mode activated- 

haha and most couples hate each other (but still stay married) so I think it’d be socially acceptable if my husband and I hated each other (again, still stay married) BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, AND AFTER ALL, WE WERE AN ARRANGED MARRIED SO WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LOATHE EACH OTHER EVEN THOUGH OUR FAMILIES LOVE EACH OTHER. 


and i have no right to blog/judge anyone because it’s not like i’m an expert in marriages/dating so i’m just being a loud waffly twat, everyone ignore me. no wait. I BLOG TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. HAH. incompetent snails.

also all the guys i fancy are extremely hideous and there’s really nothing nice about them so may as well let someone else pick for me. hehe.

wtf have i typed so far.

so that’s pretty much it for this post, i’ll save the other topic for another post. 

i also feel the need to mention the fact that my alreadybadenough face is now covered in little pimples and there’s a HUGE painful one below my nose/above my lip. can i just cry. ok. 

also if you are my friend and you google my name i will hate you. and i will find ways to make you feel abosolutely terrible. I WILL EVEN EAT THE LAST SIEW MAI TO ACHIEVE THIS AHHAHAHHA idek if you like siew mai but oh well. 


I solemnly swear I will put off procrastinating till after I publish this post.

HAHAHAHHAHAHA I’ll just leave this tab open and go replay the Lucky Star opening again. And read up on history and shit because it’s interesting.

Lazy to post on this blog lerh. Finally got used to blogspot’s layout and now I can’t quite switch back to wordpress’. hehe yes i have secret blogs am i cool yet.


I swear it’s only wednesday because I have no idea where thursday went. I DO NOT REMEMBER IT AT ALL, NOPE.

I’m gonna put off the daily post thing till next year or so because posting on a daily basis is so tiring, oh my gahh.


On sunday, last sunday, we went for my uncle’s marriage (umm no excuse you it’s marraige that’s how i pronounce it) registration ceremony. I like that word, “ceremony”, makes things sound so much more official. And apparently you’re supposed to wear formal clothing (long sleeved shirt/suit, fiancy stoof, etc.) because it would be rude to show up in your pajamas.

And here’s the best part……

No one else got the memo. So we were the only family decently dressed. And we had to wait ages in the hideously decorated waiting room (YOU GUYS NEED A SASSY GAY BETTER INTERIOR DESIGNER MMKAY) until it was my uncle’s turn to go in the other room and….sign stuff on shiny official-looking pieces of paper.

You’d be surprised how many people get registered on a sunday.

We saw people in rolled-up jeans, shorts, t-shirts, bata slippers, RUNNING SHOES (complete with ugly socks) AND motherhugging CROCS.


yeah that dude’s kid was wearing dark blue crocs. poor kid.

It was also national “Bring your kids to a registration office” day.

the sun is so hot right now it’s 4 in afternoon and i’m dying ugh. *hisses at sunlight*

okay okay so after the registering and lunching and stuff we went back to my uncle’s place for a bit and I had strawberry cheesecake ice cream for the first time. 😀 and eating unhealthy sugary snacks while lazing on the couch watching tv is so addictive I can understand why people do it all the time. Pity we don’t have a tv at home.

And we were watching Japanese game shows (which are the best things ever because it’s japanese and you get to see people do stupid things eheheheheh) and after that there were kOREAN GAME SHOWS AND GUESS WHAT? SHINee was on. Minho and Taemin, I could recognize their smiles anywhere. Anyways they had to jump over this 2 meter high tower thing, can’t remember if they made it.

Then we went back to my grandma’s place and took a nap till dinner. Well, everyone else took a nap, I watched a few more eps of Durarara!!. Can’t continue because the suspense is killing me, and I got distracted watching Futurama. It’s so witty and entertaining I can understand why I loved it as a child.

And I’ve also been writing really bad fanfiction but I’ll never publish it so go away.

And I also really hate colour pencils because mine don’t colour properly.

And on monday I met up with Toadie and lent him Mark of Athena. It’s a really bad book no one should buy or read it. Rick Riordan is terrible. Like pls Rick stahp ruining lives.

That’s all for now~

no wait I also forgot to tell you all that I’ve been staying at my grandma’s place for the past week and her neighbors are so lovely and nice and great cooks. and that i never want to have buns/pastries/bread ever again. I’ll elaborate more on that in my next post. I’m gonna go take a nap now. BYE. peasants.


boo. ew.

This daily post thing is harder than I thought it was.

It’s saturday! Hahahahaha so since I started this on friday do I continue till next friday or like, is the week over on monday? Idk I’ll figure it out later.

Everyone’s busy with stuff today. And I’m here with a headache. Woke up at 4 this morning, went online for a bit, went back to sleep, woke up again at 9, went back to sleep, then woke up for lunch at 12. And I’m still awake it’s 5 and sunny and bright and hot and I’m annoyed I hate all of you boo go away.

Happy Hetalia Day. -tosses onions from soup at all of you-

Alright that was pretty rude but I’m in a bad mood today so deal with it.

Just watched the full Taken 2 trailer. And even though I’m feeling quite apathetic today I felt really bad for the albanian guys. They had families too, Liam (wait sorry his name’s)  Brian. People they cared about. They had brothers, cousins, a favorite ice cream flavor. And you took all that away from them. I actually started tearing up during the first 10 seconds (the funeral scene).


Yeah I hated the movie and I think I fell asleep halfway (someone must’ve lent us the dvd coz I can’t find it in our collection) and I only remember some whiny spoilt girl screaming and “Daddy, you came for me.”. Boohoo I wish you died, movie would have been over faster. And so many pointless deaths, poor guys. THEY DO THIS ON A DAILY BASIS IT’S LIKE THEIR JOB HOW’D YOU EXPECT THEM TO KNOW THIS TWIT’S DAD WAS SOME EX-FBI AND WOULDN’T ABANDON HER SO EASILY AND WOULD CAUSE SO MUCH TROUBLE UGH.

And now all they want is revenge. And you can’t even give them that. yeah I haven’t actually watched the sequel I just read the wiki but it counts okay, no way am I paying for 2 hours of boredom and blowing things up.



so i’d really appreciate if someone gave me a link to watch it online or to download it but online better lah it takes a million years for me to download anything 

So  my point is I hate Liam Neeson’s character because he’s mean to albanians. I hate the whiny daughter. I hate the annoying ex-wife. And I hope those albinians get their revenge.

Lolol imagine if his daughter actually died in the first one and his ex wife hates him then the sequel would be about him turning to alcoholism and trying to get over the loss of his daughter but he fails and the FBI recruits him for some super secret mission to round up all these…ehh, whatever you call them fancy organized kidnappers, and he tries to help while overcoming his depression and again, he fails, so they shoot him on the spot. Haha I’d pay to see that.




And  I wonder why people think I’m messed up.

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged 2 days in a row, and I’m starting to enjoy it again, yay!

At least I can type properly now and my brain juice is flowing.

Today I made an astonishing discovery!

Some people on this planet actually like crocs!

Gassppp!!! :O

I googled “why tumblr users hate crocs” and came across some strange person who wonders why anyone would hate them because they’re comfortable and cute! And I found another one asking everyone’s opinion on crocs with socks. Something about it getting cold but still wanting to wear crocs because they’re comfy.

r u guise ok.



brb getting a tissue



jfc lord help me.

When I was in KL the day before AFAMY I was in the car at a red light and I saw this guy walk past with khaki pants and beige socks and, wait for it,


or “Plum”. something light purplish.

And since then, I’ve been scarred for life.

No one should ever be forced to wear crocs. Be it a child or an exiled murderer. No one deserves a punishment this harsh. NOBODY. NOT EVEN…..

…..yeah I can’t think of anyone that bad besides liam neeson rofl.

And I need help. A loved one purchased a “hipster” cap a few days ago, and against all my  protests she still insists on wearing it daily. What should I do. I love her so.

First the caps, what next? Next thing you know we’ll be getting crocs and fanny packs for the whole family. Big whoo.

Okily dokily I’m done for today~


merrhhhh. -more whale noises-

This is basically just a weekly update because I haven’t blogged in quite a bit. Also, tumblr is currently down for maintenance. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO, ACTUALLY GO OUTSIDE AND FLY A KITE?!

Nein. So I shall sit here with my annoying headache. Listening to the kitten meowing occasionally.

Ahh, the kitten. My mother, being the good samaritan that she is, “rescued” it from the mechanic’s a couple of weeks back, where it was sandwiched between a metal cabinet and partition and there was only a really narrow gap in between.

She somehow dragged it out and it was alright for the first few days or so but recently it’s been acting like a psychotic hamster. It stuffs the syringe down it’s throat every effing time we feed it and it’s started clawing at the hand holding the syringe. Quite annoying. I swear it has a love/hate relationship with syringes.

Oh and it walks funny, it kinda drags its hind legs. And it’s loud. Very loud.

I guess I’m quite upset right now. Meh.


That made my week. :DDD

Though I only had her for an afternoon, but still~~~

Her exact words: “LET ME BE YOUR SENPAI.”

So she pranced around in my Ciel wig, and fortunately Perry was in a good mood so the pics turned out okay. :3 (kraken forgot her DSLR)

She looked like a fabulous auntie then a really cool, tall schoolboy~ Mein idol senpei~

And we got a really nice picture of the two of us! Thanks to Karen’s superb long arms!

Met them for breakfast on wednesday, had wantan mee. Then went to my place and chilled for a bit, then went out again for lunch and she tried penang otak-otak for the first time. It’s “interesting”. Then we went back again and my mother was suffering from her cough and fever so yeh. But overall it was really fun. 🙂

Also, here is Fai’s masterpiece:

sheep are adorable.

(the boys were playing err….random online games on my rather slow comp with really sucky internet. don’t know how they managed it. hmm.)

I have a sore throat and a slight fever. But I’m feeling much better now compared to last night.

And I just found out Charlie Higson’s The Sacrifice is out already. I’M WANT IT BAD OK. and Mark of Athena. no spoilers pls. oh and the last Artemis Fowl book. i just want books. omg.

That’s all for now. Go now. Shoo.


dissonance in my head.

So today I had to follow grandma to the hospital again, this time I had to push her around in a wheelchair. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I hate hospitals. I hate sick people in general. I’d seriously rather be a math teacher than a doctor/nurse. Then again I suck at math so that’s unlikely to happen. Then again I also know teachers who suck at teaching so…

I wouldn’t mind being an undertaker though. I don’t see why it’s taboo or anything. Someone has to do it, I mean wouldn’t you want someone to make you look nice for your err…final journey? It’s much better than being a doctor. Because to me being a doctor means seeing sick people almost every day and sometimes you know there’s nothing you can actually do to help them and I can’t live with guilt.

Mum found a white kitten behind a metal cabinet at the mechanic’s 2 days ago! It’s small and rather adorable. Eyes opened, but still crawling. Ish. No not really it’s quite capable of pushing itself around  and climbing up on people and nomming on their hair. Have to feed it formula from a syringe (bottle’s too big.). It also loves mum’s hot pillow thing a lot. Awwwh.

Spent about 3 1/2 hours at the hospital, basically carting grandmother dear from one waiting room to another, then we found out her usual doctor’s on vacation. Or in the middle of an  operation. Something with “tion” at the end. So we had to see some other doctor and it was so effing crowded. I never knew so many people in a room could have broken limbs. It  was actually quite terrifying, imagine zombiefied patients….

And I almost fell asleep a few times. Then we had lunch at e-Gate, no, we did not go “ration shopping” (as my grandma  calls it) at Tesco.

Went to this restaurant with quite alright food, baked cheese rice was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Oh yes. Now we shall get to that part.

I have the mentality of a 5 year old. So I was flipping through the menu when I saw this very sassy blue drink. It looked very quaint and pretty. And for some strange reason it was considerably cheaper than the milkshakes. And did I mention it looked very sparkly? I decided to order that.

Food arrived, drinks arrived, and the sassy blue thing. It was transparent on top and had blue stuff and a lemon slice at the bottom, so I assumed it was Sprite. Very funny tasting Sprite. But a lovely blue color. Mum had some and said it “tastes about right”. That was pretty odd but I didn’t realize it at the time~ Till I was halfway through it when I asked if there was any alcohol in it. To which my mother responded, “OF COURSE DUMMY YOU ORDERED A COCKTAIL.” or something among those lines. Heh.

Might I remind you that I went through half the glass without questioning it before realizing it tasted very unlike Sprite, though it was fizzy and sparkly.  Idk I think I have very pathetic taste buds. But I was still sober after that, yay. And I could walk in a straight line. About as straight as I usually walk. And I usually walk like a drunk pirate. Yeah.

This is just a very short meaningless post to update my blog. I’ll blog more tomorrow after I sleep.

Something about Grimm…




Paris, the emo city.

 It was raining in Paris. The city was looking tired and disappointed, the Eiffel Tower fighting against a mass of heavy cloud. There was nobody sitting at the tables spread outside the cafes and for once the little kiosks selling paintings and postcards were being ignored by the tourists hurrying back to their hotels. It was five o’clock in the afternoon and the evening was drawing in. The shops and offices were emptying, but the city didn’t care. It just wanted to be left alone.

I actually laughed out loud for some reason. Ahhh Anthony Hororwitz.

So last sunday mom dropped me at Penang Times Square for the BookExcess roadshow/book fair thing, spent about 4 hours there? During that time I went through every interesting-looking book (yes, judging stuff by covers here) and read half of Girl, 15: Flirting for England and some very creepy book about kidnapping that had so many copies strewn all over the place. Also read this rather lolarious thaang called Big woo: My not-so-secret teenage blog. Was very tempted to get that one for Karen. But I DIDN’T. Because I’m mean.

I DID get 4 Alex Rider books though (four for me, you go me! And none for Krakenese Giraffe, bye.), for 8 bucks each. So freaking worth it I tell you. I also finally got a Garth Nix book, finally, after seeing Keys to the Kingdom everywhere, only I got one of his first books, Sabriel. Published in 1995. Walao eh. 14.90. Hmph still quite pricey.

I’ve finished reading all of them, and tried my best to rearrange my bookshelf. Also planning to take apart my king-sized bed and just sleep on the floor, so I have more space. And I’d like to get a new computer desk. And put up my curtains. Basically make my room nice.

And I really want to try WordPress’s daily post thing because it looks fun, and I can think of at least a dozen things to blog about. So I should probably start that soon…

I figured out how to flip/mirror pictures on Photoscape so I’m pretty proud of myself.

So now I shall add Garth Nix’s series’ to my list of books I want to read. Only I’d probably have trouble finding the second Old Kingdom book, Lirael. And the rest. Haven’t seen his books around much, only knew about them from the Scholastic catalogue.

And I saw John Green’s The Fault in our Stars at Popular a few weeks ago when I was with Jet, didn’t get it because I was broke then. Still am now. Note to self: If it’s on Popular’s featured stand, then it’s obviously still overpriced. I really want to read that though since everyone’s going on about how great it is.

I also finished a dozen pandan mantou in a day. And a 9s pack of potato buns. On different days lah~

I desperately want to make egg tarts soon because I found a tutorial that looked really easy and omg I just want to try.

There really isn’t much to blog about here, I’ll just go update my private blog about my love life for bread.  ^^

So here’s a drawing and a gif to take up space:

Made this a few weeks back.

Close enough.

Well that’s all for tonight.


Holy Basil Tea number #2.

Mambowh numbah faive.

I just got back from KL yesterday, after about 4-5 days there! And because I have not been in a blogging mood recently, I’ll  just write  about whatever happened ala diary style. So let’s start with Thursday night.

Skyping with my dear Giraffe and Sponge  made me realize how much I missed them and that I haven’t seen them in months, almost a year. We were SUPPOSED to go down to KL for raya and my uncle was going to take us sightseeing in Malacca or something but my grandma wasn’t well and my grandpa kinda fell so we had to stay. I’m kind of glad we did though, because I don’t think I’d be able to live with the guilt of leaving them like that. But they got better and I was starting to get quite annoyed that we didn’t go so at about 1am last thursday I asked my mom if I could go visit them. I am so extremely spontaneous in all the wrong ways. She said okay but I had to plan who I was going to stay with and all that and how was I going to get to PD and what about transport and blah. So it was finally agreed that I’d go down on saturday morning, reach there in the afternoon, uncle picked me up from bus station and drop me at Sunway Pyramid for Animangaki. I don’t even know how I decided to go for AMG, there clearly wasn’t enough time but I wanted to see Starry and Aqualeaf again. D:

The second problem was that the earliest tickets for saturday morning were sold out, so I either get the slightly fancier one that was a little pricier and left at 8, or I got the normal 10am one. We  decided to get the 10 one, and I was really cranky and tired (I CAN’T REMEMBER WHY IT WAS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO) so I slept at like 11 and for whatever strange reason woke up at 8.  So since I didn’t want  to be late I decided to stay up and get ready and kind of dry the clothes I stuffed in my bag. I actually showered in the morning eek. Woke my mom up, took quite some time, re-heated some noodle thing, then finally left. Right so they renovated the bus station and cars aren’t allowed to drive in through the gate anymore, so mommy had to drop me at the side gate and I had to walk in by myself and it was really scary but I survived~ And the bus was on time too~

Apparently there was some kind of event I was unaware of and so the bus was packed with elderly people. Sardines in a can. I had to share a seat  with an old lady, and let’s not forget I had 3 bags + 3 boxes of tambun biscuits. And I couldn’t sleep because everyone was coughing. Universe was obviously testing my patience. And so during the 4 and 1/2 hour journey I made a list of quotes from my favorite books. That helped a lot. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that SOMEONE turned off my phone charger in the middle of the night so my phone was only half charged and dying quickly. And being the stubborn idiot that I am, I still texted Karen every 20 minutes. XD

Finally arrived at about 2ish, uncle picked me up, switched cars, started driving to Sunway Pyramid. By then I was already leaning forward in my seat and getting really hyper and sleepy. Also I needed to pee really badly but I kept forgetting to.

I got lost. QAQ  Uncle dropped me at the main entrance or smth, idk lah and I couldn’t find the halls. Phone was starting to remind me that it was dying. Uncle already drove away. I was starting to look like a homeless kid, but being the sassy person I am,  I like to imagine I acted like a very cool and calm person who knew exactly what she was doing.

As if.

After about 4 minutes that felt like half an hour, I decided to walk around and look for it myself. Asked around but no one knew, so I finally very rudely stopped someone who looked like a cosplayer and thank the lord, he told me where it was. Went up the escalator, looked for the toad with my ticket, went to change, and I can’t exactly remember the rest.

Didn’t take any pictures because I seriously need a new camera and I was too lazy to. I’ll just go google and steal someone else’s pics~

Oh and my phone died after Starry left. I had limited options, one was leaving the hall and looking for a public phone to call my uncle, the other was sticking with that toad gentleman and borrowing his phone which was also dying and almost out of credit. Meh, I managed to send a sms and went with them to have gas-less coke. I never want to  see coke ever again. And I got lost again~ For the 2nd time that day, how exciting! But luckily my guardian angel “suggested” I walk to the other end, and so I did and found the ferris wheel thing and the entrance. Unfortunately I could not find a clock, so I had no idea what time it was. Stupoid langs, sure it’s old fashioned but clocks are very pretty things and are quite useful for people who have dead mobile devices.  So I had to use Perry to check the time. Uncle was 3 minutes late. Went to fetch grandaunt,  had dinner at this really horrible kopitiam with really flour-ey siew mai and tasteless tomyam. Went back, had ice cream, bathed,  waited for that silly Giraffe to call and I fell asleep. (karen bby if you’re reading this i really am sorry if i yelled at you on the phone okay you know what i’am liek when i’m sleep accept my apologize sorry plz)

The next morning we were supposed to drive down to PD, whoot. But we ended up in Seremban (if you’re ever there, do try the famous Jusco sushi -sarcasm-), and went for breakfast with Kraken and her mommy at this rather posh mamak/curry house place where Karen had an extremely flat poori and I had thosai on a tray. Tray. Like brown McDs plastic tray. And my milo tasted like it was from a box and her orange juice had tons of sugar and ice.

Can’t exactly remember what we did that day, but I learnt how to cycle! Or at least balance, thanks to the amazing Auntry Auntie Teacher Karen. Made plans with Sponge, went online for a bit, talked, the usual stuff. Slept quite early, before 12, and woke up the next morning and went to the pool me thinks? Pretended to be germans (whatever ja), went on the swings, more food, PD restaurant, etc. Then at night we decided to finally have a sort of photoshoot thing where I am the awkward unprofessional photographer and Karen is the fabu model. I think the pics turned out pretty great.

Tuesday = Amusement Park day with Sponge! Joyce was supposed to come too, but she couldn’t ponteng school. And ZW had to go to Ikea for food shopping and went to Kidzania and probably had a nicer lunch than ours. Sponge got there reeeeally early and had to wait for us. Got Karen a rm3 bottle of water because she was thirsty and didn’t have small change (COLD STORAGE GOT BIGGER BOTTLE, SOME MORE ONLY 80 CENTS!) Found the Sponge and walked around deciding where to go for lunch. Then I remembered the place with really nice lasagna Karen brought me to last time, took us a  while to find it, and it’s now become a restaurant that is too clean and the food’s drenched in orange food coloring. Meatballs then going on the roller coaster. Awesome idea. And the only reason I agreed to go the 2nd time was because of this quote:

“Nobody should voluntarily give up on life. If it was your time to die, death would calmly claim you. Otherwise it was your duty to press on and live.”

—-Darren Shan

Went to the haunted house thing, it was quite cool, really awesome wall decor. Want for my room. We all agreed that Karen’s make up was creepier. Then after agreeing that Berjaya Times Square’s amusement park hasn’t changed much and to never go there again, we went bowling! I really need more practice, Karen has to stop leaning to the left, and Sponge is pretty good. Walked around some more, found this really cool shop with lolita dresses and really nice boots, couldn’t find any of Karen’s halloween makeup shops, walked around some more, found more cool stuff, ran out of money, had frozen yogurt, Karen and Sponge went bowling again, I just sat and watched and danced to Vengaboys because they were playing hits of the  90’s. Walked some more, went to FOS, saw a shirt that made me want to cry, Sponge had to leave so we said goodbye and went looking for the now non-existent  Borders. Went to Cold Storage and got a cranberry flavored ribena that was actually quite good, went to SaSa where the cashier asked me if I was malay. Yeah, I am malaySIAN. I am extremely rude to strangers okay like you do not have a right to ask about my life and family background SHEESH I JUST WANT TO GET SOME LIP BALM IS THAT SO WRONG. then we walked over to some other building, Karen’s dad picked us up and went for supper (really awesome umm…mee.) and then dropped me back at my uncle’s place.

And I did such a terrible job of blogging about it, but Tuesday was a really fun day okay, just my brain isn’t really working.

So overall it was a really great trip, and I’m really glad I went anyway because it just felt like the right thing to do. And I was right. Mwahahaha.

Stalking is waaaay more fun when you have your best friend beside you.

And for some reason people kept asking the 3 of us if we were from….here. No, Karen’s korean, I’m filipino and Sponge is quite obviously vietnamese.