Ehh, hello there. I think I shall try this Daily Post Challenge thing. I have no idea how it works though, I guess you just put DPC as a tag.

like anyone’s actually gonna read this AHAHAHHAHAHA no. 
but if you do, i hope you have fun laughing at how strange my life is. was. whatever. 

Sorry ah haven’t been blogging much because wordpress is being annoying and won’t load and stuff oh well at least I don’t have problems logging in anymore.

Maybe it’s the ahh…internet service provider coz I can’t load any other sites too.

so have I told you about the albino ferret masquerading as a kitten with special needs?Kitten is still as tiny as ever, it’s like a palmful and pretty long. It really does resemble a ferret. It might be one. Or not. idk it has pointy ears and it meows so I guess it’s a cat?

Mehh, lazy to blog lah.

I. can’t. word. my. thoughts. they. are. like. pictures. AND HOW DOES ONE DESCRIBE PICTURES GOSH I’M JUST NOT AS LITERATE AS THE REST OF YOU.

And I hope the furry creature grows up civilized because it eats like a pig and pushes the saucer everywhere and then it buries it’s entire face and chest in fish and I don’t think it actually eats it’s just sucking and pushing food all over the place.
lolol wordpress u lie yuu actually saved my post mwahahhaha yeah I wouldn’t have minded if it got deleted but it didn’t so

PMR’s over? So that means my friends are free and don’t have to spend the whole day studying, yayyy!

but SPM’s next year. Boo.

Has anyone tried googling me. You get really weird stuff. Don’t do it kids. Save yourself. <– stupid rambling

It’s been raining a lot here and I’m upset because it’s daytime and I’m awake and I want to do laundry. So I guess I’ll just clean my room and stuff. And rearrange my bookshelf.

It has been one month since my last book. I am suffering the effects of withdrawal symptoms. Someone should help me. And get me a book. A really good one. I have so many I want to get ahhh gosh I wish Penang had a great library. Or more cash so I can afford books. EITHER ONE SOUNDS GOOD.
Oh and for those people who go, “Why not get a kindle/ebook reader? overall it’d be cheaper, and you’d use less paper and therefore save trees!” Go die have cherry pie lah. Can you sniff ebook readers? Can you enjoy running your fingers through the pages. And books don’t glare in the sun. And they don’t have to be charged. So in other words technology sucks lolol xoxox.
No I don’t want one. Screw “saving paper”. It’s already printed may as well buy it right. If you really wanna save paper then stop printing those stupid ad leaflets and newspapers (that one you can read online kk) and like…..toilet paper.
I was joking.
Or go plant a tree. Or like….idk stop people building stuff I DON’T KNOW I’M NOT ONE OF THOSE LIKE…NATURE…WARRIOR…PEOPLE -casually has Darren Shan related flashback-.

This is starting to sound very strange…can I start over?

Hi my name is Katsup Eberdeen. I’m 17 years old. The Capitol has awesome lamb stew.

Okay random memory: in std 2 (when I was 8) I used to have a really mean PE teacher and she wouldn’t let me wear track pants so I had to wear shorts and oh how my knees used to suffer.

Btw, I still hate wearing shorts for any kind of sport. I hate scraping my knees,  hurt any part of my leg you want, just not the knees. Please.

And my first (primary) school had really good canteen food hahahaha and one day my friend couldn’t finish her ice cream so she gave it to me even though it was already half eaten I was really happy. I used to eat my classmates’ leftovers quite often I think. o.o

I didn’t have many friends in school because I was antisocial there lolol. But I was fine everywhere else~ Oh and my second school had really bad food and it was so overpriced and there were creepy crows chilling in the canteen. Very creepy.

And I got chicken pox when I was 7/8 and it was very sad because I only remember eating plain pasta with salt and putting on a lot of calamine lotion. And taking my exams in the teachers’ room so I didn’t infect everyone else mwahahah. It wasn’t that bad really, just……I wish..I hadn’t peeled off the scabs on my face. OH WELL THERE’S ALWAYS MAKEUP AND COSMETIC SURGERY~~~

Oh and my english teacher in std 4 used to ask us to sleep when we were done with our exam papers because I think she couldn’t stand hearing us fidget around ahahhaha. Poor her. I even remember her perfume…………..no but seriously you could smell her out.

I also used to have a really scary science teacher. She used to tell us not to “push” our teeth with our tongues because then it would stick out and you’ll end up looking like a rabbit what’supdoc. The irony was that she herself had ehh really stick out teeth. I GUESS SHE WAS WARNING US SO WE WOULDN’T END UP WITH THE SAME FATE OHOHO.

What’s really sad is that I can’t remember the names of most of my teachers or classmates. no actually i can’t remember anyone except the ones i made an effort to go for outings with.


I used to regularly go to the dentists’ so I skipped like 4 hours of school while being a human guinea pig. I have no effing idea what they did to my teeth, but I used to have better teeth back then so I guess whatever they did worked. Loved the freebies they gave out teehehehehe the pencil boxes and stuff. I don’t think I’m making sense. Ehh basically they round kids up from a few schools and experiment on them. or smth like that.

And I’ve only ever been on one school trip. I was 10 and my class took a field trip to USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) for some Brain Awareness Day thing which was really educational because before that I was not aware I had a brain. I somehow got a bookmark and it might have had something to do with me being a smartass or maybe they gave them out to everyone I can’t rEMEMEBER. *slams head on keyboard in frustration*.

I do remember touching a cow’s brain. It was so beautiful. *cry cry* Yeah and while everyone was hanging around the booths and getting educated and stuff (only sat in for one talk on BRAINSSSS) me and my uber cool friends…

Alright before we continue, let us remember that like attracts like, and that my friends were as dopey as I was. So in other words we didn’t enjoy taking notes and “learning”. 

ok done. we were walking around sipping milo and I had a really great doughnut that day. it was a very fun picnic. And the bus ride there and back was really fun because we got seats at the back so we got to talk as much as we wanted and we were ignored by everyone else because I tend to pick weird people to be with.

I used to get called to the counseller’s/psychiatrist/person who is very nosey and kepoh room a lot because she thought I was having problems at home.  No ma’am, I just don’t like school. Back then I actually used to enjoy life. AHH SWEET LIFE WITHOUT TEENAGE DEPRESSION.

And in Std. 4 I had to pick extra-curricular activities and for whatever cuckoo reason I picked taekwondo. I am not a sporty athletic person. No one in my family is. BUT I WANTED TO BE COOL AND GO LIKE “HIIYAHHH! *super kick*”. I amuse myself. In case you were wondering, I am way more flexible now than I was 4 years ago. I can kick higher too. TOO BAD THE UNIFORM’S STAINED AND GONE.

I wish I’d joined the group where you learn how to treat wounds and all that though. That would have been really useful. BUT NOOO ALL I DID WAS BURN 80 BUCKS ON SOMETHING I STAINED WITH PASTA SAUCE.

Okay this is already a 1300ish words long so I think I’m almost done here.

On my 3rd day of my first year in school (I was 7) some 12yos came and threatened my friend (yeah, she turned out to be a total twit so I kinda regret sticking up for her) and I intervened and I think I might have challenged them and said I would beat them up (oh, me.) and that slug said she’d ask her brother to beat me up and I said bring it on and in the end they decided to back off because I’m gutsy and tough like that.

no. actually i almost cried (because i don’t like people yelling at me and she was so effing tall meep) so they pitied me and let me go.

This was in a convent school, mind you. I went to convents. No nuns though, at least I can’t seem to recall any. so excuse my lesbian tendencies. 


I think I’m done here. I’ll go lie down and stew in my bowl of pumpkin soup sadness.