Pika, pikachu!

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I’m in one of those “already-finished-everything-you-need-to-do-now-just-lazing-around” moods. I’m nah, I’m not bored. Just lazy.

Oh yeah last night I had this really weird dream, where there was like this kindy class gathered in my bedroom, and they were all SITTING.ON.MY.BED! And for some reason I was a part of their class( i have no idea why!)…I looked…well like how I look now, only with a dumb-er? look in my eye. And of all the questions the teacher could have asked, she asked about the weirdest question of all: “What sound does a fully grown Pikachu make?” and the other kids were raising their hands and going “Me, me!” and I was just sitting there……..staring at my toes.

Then the teacher picked me, and….I couldn’t even answer that question! Can you believe it?! I mean I know it know, but dream me didn’t. And finally after 10 minutes Dream me went “Umm…..pi-ka?” . Ugh. Seriously. Dumb squid. -.-”

So anyway the point is that there was a kindy class being conducted in my room and there was a Pikachu poster on my wall. there’s nothing on that wall at the moment so I think I shall put a Pikachu there. Because pikachus are cute.

Oh and I guess I should mention I was having a Pokemon Adventures-thon. I read every copy I had, and I read a few scans online, so I guess that explains the Pokemon kindergarten. 🙂

The end of weird dream #2343410!!!