10 things I’ve always wanted

Random. Words. Tags. Chocolate cake. Blah.

I typed a longer paragraph just now, but then I deleted it ( me has no idea why) and umm…unfortunately I didn’t save it. ūüėõ So let’s skip the boring parts and start cougsnit¬†s sorry, counting. I meant counting, not whatever that was I typed out. Earlier today I misread casino as eskimo. Heh.¬†

I’ve always wanted to be…..¬†


A fairy. Yes, I was obsessed with Winx Club when it came out, and I still love it. I’ve wanted to be a fairy since I was 5, and dreamt that one day I’d go to Alfea’s school for fairies. And here we are 8 years later, I’m not a fairy, and I’m not going to Alfea. Sob. ūüė•¬†

Click on it if you want it to be bigger. But yeah you basically get what it looks like.

Here’s a pic of them….my favorite fairy has/had to be…..well I love all of them. But I guess it would be Flora. But I like Bloom’s hair and outfit. Musa’s wings are cool. Stella’s staff. Techna’s……logic? XD idk can’t decide.¬†

The funny thing is that when you’re 5, you don’t notice how accident prone they are, how much makeup they were, how extremely skinny they are, and besides that they’re not the awsomest fairies in the world. Sure they have a fancy campus and glittery outfits, but the best fairy of all time has to be…..

Capt. Holly Short from Artemis Fowl. Coolest fairy ever. Weeelll she’s¬†technically¬†not a fairy fairy, more like an elf ¬†fairy. Read the series. Then you’ll understand. But yeah, coolest fairy ever. 8)¬†

Here’s the Winx Club theme song. The version I grew up with. Not the other dubbed version, that’s just ‘orriblah. I feel so warm and fuzzy right now. -_-

Quality’s really bad…but yes, fluffy theme song. :3 (<— I’m also aware of that smiley looking a bit too err….retarded.)


A witch. Not just any witch, W.I.T.C.H. Don’t know them? Don’t ANY of you read awesome comics?? NO?! :O Well here they are.¬†

It was a comic. Then a novel series. Then a cartoon. And now it’s¬†disappeared¬†off the face of the earth. That’s just sad. It’s about these 5 girls, each have a different element or something, (ignore the random guy and gnome in the pic, it was the clearest one I could find), and the have to protect the Heart of Kandrakar or something. Will (redhead) is the guardian/leader, Irma (brunette at ze side) controls water( my favorite!), Taranee (girl next to Irma) controls fire, Cornelia(blonde one) is earth and Hay lin( chinese-ey one duh) is air. They’re more¬†fairies¬†than witches I guess, if you compare them to the Trix, witches from Winx Club.¬†

It’s confusing, I know. First I wanna be a fairy, then a witch.¬†


I want………a super cool giant robot. Want. Yes. Still want one. I remember this show used to come on very late at night, please don’t ask me what I was doing up so late, but yeah I used to watch it when everyone else wasn’t hogging the tv. Back when we had Cartoon Network….ahh….(less than 3, err, I mean <3).¬†

One of the best theme songs ever. You no likey? I had (still do, actually) really bad memory last time, so I could never remember what this show was called. But I finally did! ūüėÄ ¬†

So yes, I want a giant robot car. Megas XLR stands for eXtra Large Robot, and we now know where my “oooh….trasformers!” geekyness comes from. Get me a giant robot car. Or else.¬†

Only 3 down? Brace. Yourself. (hehehehe, sounded very Poseidon-ey. <– Percy Jackson reference)


Ooooh yeahhh!!! I want an invisibility cap or something that makes you invisible! Like Annabeth’s in Percy Jackson! Ever since I started reading it last year, I’ve wanted that hat. Actually I’ve wanted it since I watched Halee Pottta, y’know in the first movie he gets a cloak? Something like that. :3

Why she wasn’t invisible in this picture, I don’t understand. But yes, very cool hat!¬†


A Lugia. (or Rugia, for you japanese/korean peoples, seriously though, I have no idea how you pronounce it.) This is #5 on my list because Pokemon has been really lousy lately, and I don’t really do my Pokenerd-ey stuff thingy. So that means I don’t even know the latest B&W pokemon. Lame huh?

Lugia…ahh. I still want you…OHMEEGOSH I JUST REALIZED I’VE NEVER GOTTEN A LUGIA CARD!!! PIRATED OR ORIGINAL!!! NOOOOO!!! What’s teh point of having every card but the one you love the most….</3

GIMME A LUGIA CARD!!! WANNA TRADE? Haha this pic is so….nice. Me is keeping it. >:)


DuckyMomo plushie. If by now you have not figured out I am probably the most childish 13 year old I know, then just keep reading like normal and pretend I’m 5! ^_^ (wait are 5yos allowed to have blogs?!). DuckyMomo is this fictional character( he should be real!!!) from Phineas and Ferb, which is like the only good kids show nowadays….

*says in high pitched voice* DUCKY MOMO~! ^_^


To be able to see monsters. Actually I kinda just wanna live in a house full of nice monsters, in fact, I’d be quite content living in Bigburg with Zick and Elena as my neighbors. Then maybe I could get to tag along….

I. am not. a comic geek. But I really,REALLY, love Monster Allergy. Unfortunately(yes I have a limited vocabulary, but if you can understand your 2 yo toddler and/or a¬†chimpanzee¬†signing, surely you can get over my reusing of words) Singapore stopped translating it. And they also stopped printing it. (I HATE YOU ——— PUBLISHING!!!) So that means Malaysia stopped importing it. Yeah. They had a clearance sale at Populars nationwide 3 years ago, they only made 4 issues¬†available¬†every week, so you had to keep going back to buy more. Meanies. The cartoon was okay, but, like W.I.T.C.H, got cancelled.¬†


A unicorn named Charlie. I used to love horses too, till I watched The Ring. Unicorns are way awesomer anyway. 8) 

If he weren’t always in a bad mood, and if he didn’t keep getting his kidneys stabbed, I’d adopt him.¬†

You know how you always think there are a million things you want, but when you write them down….your brain is just…..empty.

Where was I? Oh yeah,


I wanted to be a Spykid. So I could get super cool gadgets. That’s it. Now can I move on to the last one then click post?!¬†

#10 (finally!) 

I don’t know if I should say this. But it is always something I’ve always wanted. And that’s to speak my mind. Now you’re probably thinking all those fralalala aunty stuff, and then there’s that creepy old saying “girls should be seen not heard”, but unfortunately for the old bat who said that, some girls are just too…unlookatable. And once in a while, you just HAVE you insult someone. But tehn again that’s me being the grumpy potato I am. Have I ever told you how much I love stereotypes? But UNFORTUNATELY some people just have to go be annoying suns (not dark clouds, because I love clouds) and get offended. SOME PEOPLE just do NOT have a sense of¬†humor. They are probably competitive tiger motha kids.¬†

Magenta is quite possibly the ugliest color on the planet. Nitey nites! 


Throne of Fire

I am in a very grouchy mood today. I hate not knowing what to do. This is one of those EGGSTREAMLEE rare times when I don’t feel like doing anything. Not even staring at the fan, or watching my cats clean themselves, that usually entertains me. Blablabla…..let’s see how long it’s been since I last blogged….Hey it’s only been a week! Felt like a year though….hmm.


A few days ago I got a new book! It’s been a month since I got my last book, The Supernaturalist, and that was great, but I finished it in a couple of hours and after reading it over and over again, ¬†it gets kinda boring. So on….I’m not good with days. I got……(drumroll) THE THRONE OF FIRE!!! ¬†no it has nothing to do with Nemo’s THE RING OF FIREEE!!! thing, this is a book, k?

I saw Darren Shan over there! Can you believe it?! Boring old Popular suddenly has EVERYTHING! When I was browsing through the CD section (something I don’t usually do) I found the Almost Alice album! AND…Tokio Hotel’s Welcome to Humanoid City LIVE!!! AND SHINee’s live dvd! I LOVE POPULAR!

Last year after finishing the Percy Jackson series I started looking for something new, and I found out Rick Riordan’s starting 2 new series! The Karen KANE! Chronicles, and Heroes of Olympus.

Heroes of Olympus is, I think, Percy Jackson continued. Only this time Percy ain’t in the limelight and he’s suffering( don’t think so….hmm) and in some other camp. While this new guy, the guy with the foot (yes I know everyone has feet! but there’s something special about his!) So him and 2 of his friends go on to save the world or something like that….again.

^ this is the one I have

The Kane Chronicles….now THAT’S something awesome! I didn’t get this feeling when I was reading PJ, I mean it was nice and all, but KC literally makes you hyper and you can’t stop reading! It’s so………..epic. And it’s longer than most of the other books! Yay! When I got The Red Pyramid last year, I was re-reading for MONTHS! And I couldn’t wait for the last one. Oh I guess I should mention that it’s about Egyptian gods, instead of Greek ones. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but apparently the world is ending!…..again. And they( Carter and ¬†Sadie Kane) have saved the world twice already, now I’m stuck waiting for the “untitled 3rd book”. Sigh….yeah it’s only gonna be a trilogy! Sob! ūüė•

I had to BEG my mom to get the TOF, because I’ve been looking around for MONTHS (ok. I lied. it’s only been published for a few months BUT I’ve been waiting since last year! :/) And it’s finally OUT~ The cover is so shiny…And it’s so…..ahhh just writing about it makes me want to read again! EVERYONE should read at least one Rick Riordan series, the world would be much better if they did. ūüėõ

I can’t write anymore because I’m too eggsaiteddybear. I’m starving. But I shall go back to reading MY new shiny book…..ahhh…:)