pretentious special


if you look really closely at the guy bending down he is, eh, RETRIEVING THE TOAST. idk if i spelled that right i think i did.

i have tons to blog about but i am unfortunately incapable of doing that right now as i am on the ipad and i can’t seem to logout of the damn wordpress app so i’m using safari and i am ao scared of accidentally deleting everything or if, like, the page decides to be a little shit and refresh itself. 

so because blogging about camp would be very tedious i shall tell you about my rather unsatisfactory experience at this very touristy toast place.

What makes the aforementioned toast place so awe-inspiring is the fact that it uses the old fashioned way of toasting bread: you burn it. Jk they like toast it on top of charcoal in the thingy they boil their water in and because that thing is rather small it takes ages to toast bread and to top it all of you have these tourists queueing up for tables or just standing around waiting AND DID I MENTION IT’S IN A FREAKING LORONG. 

And after waiting for a table for the longest time and after ordering I was so disappointed I felt like boiling/toasting everyone there because wasting your morning for the whole “experience” of having vintage eggs and toast is ridiculous. Then again, I can’t blame the tourists because if i were in where they’re from i’d probably be acting the same way. 

pictures were taken with an ipad, mind you, so of course the image quality isn’t hd but who cares lol you have my opinion of it and that is enough. 


Here it is. Doesn’t look like much, does it?