The Hunger Games make me hungry

……even though I just had supper.

So the trailer was featured on YouTube’s homepage today, and I’ve kinda been seeing the books EVERYWHERE. Seriously, who wants to read about kids living in a sad world where they’re trained to be like…hunters or something?

OMG IT’S JOSH HUTCHERSON!!! *says in fangirly voice* ❤

Answer: A lot of people. So many they had a big enough budget to make a cool looking movie.

After watching Skyline.

And Cowboys and Aliens.

And Avatar. (THE LAST AIRBENDER DUH. Who seriously wanted to watch blue people living in some weird Pocahantos-ey world? Fine feel free to correct my spelling.)

Oh yeah and the other Avatar too since my mom thought it looked so cool and….spiritual or something.

And some other lousy movies I’ve forgotten, I’ve kinda lost  faith in movie trailers because most of the time they dissapoint me. The fact that Real Steel was better (so much better I had to watch it twice!) than Transformers 3 is just sad.

But yes back to the point, I’ve been seeing these hungry books everywhere, and they sound like the kind of thing I’d read if I turned 14. So I’ll just wait. Because there’s no way I’m going to read about people dying and all. But it sounds so….interesting. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the books or read it for free (yes, I’m cheap I know.) at Popular or something. But I have to read it before the movie comes out. I just have to.