I haven’t done one of these since 2011, so why not.

This is basically a mashup of everything that has happened so far, complete with pictures!

A picture is worth a thousand words and I can’t be bothered to even write a hundred.


My (not so baby) brother is getting veryyyy tall.

I hate being alone at Starbucks because I feel like I’m a waste of space (unpopular opinion: their coffee isn’t even that great).

Should seriously do something about my eyebags.

I wish I were still into photography, but those damn hipsters ruined it (I love y’all).

100+ is the only isotonic beverage I will ever consume. Also, A E S T  H E T I C.

I’ve always wanted a Jurassic Park/ World tee. It is the best (long sleeved) tee I own.

I love the lighting in H&M even though everything of theirs looks bad on me.

I love spending time with those girls because you don’t find girls like those every dynasty.

You rarely ever find an Indian guy with a mustache and who writes beautiful poetry and listens to Radiohead.

I had mybugerlab for the first time (#penanglang) and idk how I feel about it tbh.

I  had Johnny Rocket’s for the first time.

I am also very fat.

This post did not turn out as planned but I might as well post it since I’ve come this far already.



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