I hate days like this.

i hate rain. i really do. i don’t find anything beautiful or peaceful about it. it’s so fucking irritating because it’s loud and i cant hear anything like a serial killer could creep up on me and i probably wouldn’t hear him/her because of the rain and yes i fancy myself having pretty good hearing.

im just really frustrated right now because i’d really like chocolatey cookies and i’d like my blanket back, nice and clean and sun-dried.


I’d also like some wheat but i rarely get any so….


I don’t actually know what to write about. I’m afraid if I start I might just end up complaining and whining about life in general. And then this’d probably turn into another rant in which I offend people.

oh wait.

Well last month I accidentally dropped my phone at the Daiso in Qbay and I’m never going there again. The screen was completely white and I was panicking and my mum was looking at stuff and I was in shock I think that is what going into shock feels like. like a very mild version of it. Since we were like 10 minutes away from the shop where my mum bought my phone (how convenient.) we decided to go there and see if it could be fixed. Unfortunately my mum forgot where the shop was so we had to walk around till my feet hurt and we finally found the place. Also there was a cat show going on. I don’t know how that is relevant but I like cats even though I find cat shows distasteful.

Then when we got home I had to look for the warranty card and I knew I hadn’t seen it around recently so I panicked but we were going to KL the next day and it would take a week for it to get repaired anyway so I just casually “forgot” about it till we got back and a couple of days back my mum asked me to give her the warranty card because the phone’s done and she said she’d pick it up and I panicked again until last night we both cleaned our rooms and I started panicking and I almost cried till my mum found it in her room wtf.

So we’re probably going to pick my phone up later.

Also my mum tried to change my room light yesterday and she was balancing on the table and ohmygod I was so afraid. Thankfully, nothing happened. I mean she broke my first light so I used the one from her room then she borrowed one from  the living room but everything’s alright now. And I now have a whitish fluorescent light instead of a yellow one!

I’ve also been writing in my diary a lot. Lots of angsty posts. Pages. Wtvr.

ok bye.