TDC15 Reunion and dehydrated mangoes.

My, what an eventful weekend this has been.

I just recovered from a really bad migraine (it’s still throbbing a little but I feel much better) that lasted more than 24 hours and I couldn’t even sleep well because it hurt too much. My mom thinks it’s because I ate really sweet dehydrated mangoes on an empty stomach. Either that or I had an allergic reaction to peanut butter sandwiches.

I had a really great weekend!!1!1! I mean despite the fact that on our way to KL we stopped in Ipoh for lunch at this kopitiam with “the most famous chicken rice and beansprouts in town” that was really bad I lost my appetite and I was STARVING. I swear everything in Ipoh is tasteless. Literally. IT DOESN’T TASTE OF ANYTHING I’VE SMELLED MORE AROMATIC BOOKS. AND CARDBOARD. And people there are so weird, I don’t want to start on how strange they are.

So I stayed up the whole of thursday night making egg tarts and halved them so I would have enough for everyone. teehee. There was too much food so I had to bring some home.  Meh.

So on saturday (reunion day) mom dropped me at AWL’s in the morning-ish. Then we went over to CLiC and Adrian came over WITH A PINK PILLOW (yay!) and I think I took a nap until reunion at 4. Unfortunately Jon’s dad forgot reunion was that day so AWL had to come pick us up and we were kind of late, and very lost when we walked into the middle of what looked like a very chaotic game.

After playing a few more games we finally got to eat!!1!!!1! THERE WAS SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! And it was great seeing everyone again (note that when I say everyone I mean people I like being around I don’t really care about, like, EVERYONE everyone)

So I dunked a nugget into Adrian’s coke and he ate it. And we put skittles into his drink. I don’t know what happened to those. ._. It was really fun having mealtime discussions again. ❤

cool people.
cool people.

Then after that we had hymm singing (MORE LIKE IT’S TIME SINGING) and there was a lot of jumping and after that my stomach hurt and that is why you should listen to old people when they tell you not to jump after a meal.

IT FELT TOO SHORT BUT IT WAS REALLY NICE SEEING PEOPLE AGAIN. And for some reason everyone seemed nicer and less bitchy at reunion than they were at camp.

Then at about 10 we went back to CLiC and stayed up listening to songs and singing along. Badly.  I forgot to bring sleeping stuff so while Adrian and Karen were happily snuggled in their sleeping bags I was freezing, and in the middle of the night Karen mumbled something which was apparently, “Don’t steal my blanket,”.  (fun fact: Karen grinds her teeth in her sleep. And swallows. A lot.)

The next morning we went for their youth….ehh….get-together..thing. We were quite late. I expected talks about Buddha and meditation but instead we spent 2 hours playing with cards and throwing balls around. But it was fun! Even if, while blindfolded and feeling around for Karen, I touched some dude’s hairy leg. I honestly feel really bad for that poor guy. (DAMMIT KAREN WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE STAYED STILL)

Oh oh! And we played this game where someone has to be blindfolded and that person has to throw the ball to a specific person in the next group. I GOT REALLY SHITTY DIRECTIONS SO I ENDED UP THROWING IT WAY OFF COURSE. And I might have hit someone. Oops.

While waiting for  Jon’s dad to pick us up Karen bumped into some uncle of hers and he gave her free coupons so we could buy food!!!! Then Adrian found out they were giving students of the temple free fried rice so we had some of that too. Mwehehehe.

And here’s a very important lesson I learnt that day: You should never, EVER tell Adrian he wouldn’t dare do something. Because he will do it. I found this out the hard way when he told someone I liked that I liked him. And the response was a good ol’ pat on the shoulder and “It’s alright.”. Huh.

Then we went to some mall to watch Despicable Me 2!!! It was really adorable, and we got free posters of the minions! And the popcorn was pretty nice.

Adrian had to leave so we parted ways there and then AWL picked us up and we went back to CLiC and I fell asleep while they were preparing dinner and slept until 1. Then Karen and I went downstairs and I ate while she stalked people.

I can’t remember much but it was a fun weekend.