Teen Dhamma Camp 15 recap/ Wheatday


yeah okay so yeah.

I didn’t really know what to expect, considering the fact that Am was pretty vague about the whole thing like I could have been paying rm95 to fund terrorists for all I knew.

I thought there’d be a lot of meditation and yoga but Am told me that the last camp she went for wasn’t very meditation-ey and quite outdoor-activities-ey. Or something like that. I still refused to believe her because WHAT IS A BUDDHIST CAMP WITHOUT MEDITATION RIGHT.

And because I want to try to be nice today I shall behave and begin from the beginning.

so the night before i went for a dude’s pretty crappy birthday bbq (crappy as in there weren’t that many people there and i had no one to talk to but on the bright side i had wifi and food). And the food was pretty good like there was a goddamn chocolate fountain.  And I realized a lot of things that night. One: some people just suck at planning parties and two:  I just suck at life decisions and I am quite possibly the pettiest person in the world. Also did I mention the chocolate fountain.

I was exhausted after that but as soon as I got home I couldn’t sleep so I think I ended up texting Karen the whole night.

I think I stayed home the next day and my uncle came to pick me up in the evening and drop me at Am’s place (or rather their other place like idk what it is exactly it has people living in it regularly) and I met up with my beloved people. Which are very annoying. And strange. And annoying.

So long story short we had trouble sleeping and there was no wifi and the boys insisted on sleeping downstairs at first until Adrian started texting Karen asking if she was asleep then I realized that Jet was not asleep either so we asked them to come upstairs into the room with us and Adrian told us a “story” about this korean drama he watched that was very touching; Adrian is a very good storyteller. Then things started getting weird when Jet said that Adrian’s butt was really muscular and….I’m not gonna put the other thing here.

I didn’t get enouGH SLEEP, AS USUAL. *glares at everyone*

We went over to AWL’s and Am’s dad drove us to SJBA and we joined everyone upstairs and sat on cushions rather awkwardly. Spoiler alert: everyone there was pretty farking weird.

I do believe they tried to introduce the facis (oh wait they’re called the committee over there) though I didn’t find it interesting/important at the time so I was probably not paying attention. And then we meet these totally cool kids, Emily and her sister Jenny, and we kind of got into a group for group activities? We had to use our bodies….to create things. Our windmill was hilarious.

Then after that we got split into our “real” groups. *sad sigh* And I s2g everyone in my group knows each other/has been to this camp before so I felt so freaking left out and yet they still elected me as group leader like wtf why would you do that. But in the end they were really good sports and nice people.

After that we had to pile into buses and go to some godforsaken place in Shah Alam. (oh and there were only 80ish people at camp btw)

The girls got “cabins” (Cabins?! Pah!) and the boys got a creepy basement. Our cabins were made of pieces of wood and held together with nails and hope.  And there wasn’t enough water, because APPARENTLY the water tank takes a lot time to fill up and we didn’t even have a steady water supply so don’t bother asking about a heater or stuff. And I am glad I decided to at least bring a blanket to substitute a sleeping bag.  Also there was a kind of wooden platform/extra bunk so more people could fit it one cabin and I swear the girls sleeping above us were dancing jigs the whole night.

I can’t really remember what we did but it was very uncomfortable for me as I hate the outdoors and I hate not being able to pick my group members (though I admit, the only reason I would ever want Karen to be on my team is because it’s easier than competing against her. I’m a coward.) There WAS  a lot of outdoorsy stuff!

I am not an outdoorsy people.

Frankly I did not enjoy it much, nor did I learn any valuable life lessons.

But I met cool people so……~MIXED FEELINGS~


pretentious special


if you look really closely at the guy bending down he is, eh, RETRIEVING THE TOAST. idk if i spelled that right i think i did.

i have tons to blog about but i am unfortunately incapable of doing that right now as i am on the ipad and i can’t seem to logout of the damn wordpress app so i’m using safari and i am ao scared of accidentally deleting everything or if, like, the page decides to be a little shit and refresh itself. 

so because blogging about camp would be very tedious i shall tell you about my rather unsatisfactory experience at this very touristy toast place.

What makes the aforementioned toast place so awe-inspiring is the fact that it uses the old fashioned way of toasting bread: you burn it. Jk they like toast it on top of charcoal in the thingy they boil their water in and because that thing is rather small it takes ages to toast bread and to top it all of you have these tourists queueing up for tables or just standing around waiting AND DID I MENTION IT’S IN A FREAKING LORONG. 

And after waiting for a table for the longest time and after ordering I was so disappointed I felt like boiling/toasting everyone there because wasting your morning for the whole “experience” of having vintage eggs and toast is ridiculous. Then again, I can’t blame the tourists because if i were in where they’re from i’d probably be acting the same way. 

pictures were taken with an ipad, mind you, so of course the image quality isn’t hd but who cares lol you have my opinion of it and that is enough. 


Here it is. Doesn’t look like much, does it?