Every time I open wordpress and click New Post it reminds me of tumblr. First there was the reblog thing, then now you get to choose what you’d like to post. This is starting to get ridiculous.

Oh-kay so I’ve finally started on a new post and I intend to post this one.

Celebrated Karen’s birthday with her again earlier this month! It was rather fab, even though a few things didn’t go as planned, like the mutton curry for instance.

Saw Farella and Charmiane again! I missed those girls so much. And met this homeschooler named Claire and she and Karen are both tall and into the….artsy crafty stuff. Oh and they’re visually impaired both wear glasses/contact lens.

Got back to my uncle’s place pretty late at night, like 10ish. Had fish without chips and collapsed on the bed. Then in the morning uncle dropped me at her uncle’s place in wtvr Damansara WHICH IS SO FREAKING FAR AWAY and we pretty much just talked and ate while waiting for Farella. Oh and we watched The Barbie Diaries because I’ve always wanted to watch that movie but I never got a chance too and omg it’s soooo bad. Then Farella arrived and we (fine, Karen) made super fluffy pancakes with peanut butter and honey. ^^v

And le Giraffe has this donation box in one of the rooms where people er hand her hand-me-downs so we were digging through the clothes and Karen gave me so much stuff that day. 3 (well if you consider the tube thing a dress, then 4) adorable dresses and 3 pairs of shorts and this really nice, loud charm bracelet! (ahem even though her mom mentioned that she’s worn it before and she insisted that it was for my birthday she was just wearing it to um prepare it for my wrist or smth)

Huge chunks missing from my memory but I shall try my best to go on.

Stayed up really late watching music videos (BECAUSE KAREN’S UNCLE HAS ASTRO AND A TV *is a tv-deprived person*) and doing other stupid random things I can’t seem to remember.

Alright I remember this part! Woke up, had some sort of breakfast and lazed around waiting for Claire’s mom to pick us up to go to the Curve. And had a failed photoshoot and tried to do a few jump shots. AHAHAHHAHA no.

When we got to the Curve I wanted to walk over to Ikea and get meatballs but apparently they weren’t selling them because of the horse meat thing going around so I was very upset. But we had edamame beans and this rather delicious chicken thing at Sushi King, though I wish I’d had more, was sharing with Farella and too busy with beans and sushi. 😦

After gorging ourselves we couldn’t really decide where to go so we asked Claire where she usually shopped and she said Brands Outlet so wokay. I’ve never actually shopped there before because I never really liked the stuff there. o.e Tried looking for a dress for Farella, couldn’t really find one she liked, after walking around a bit KAREN AND CLAIRE FREAKING FOUND THESE REALLY NICE BARGAIN BINS (?) AND MOST OF THE STUFF THERE WAS UNDER RM10. Found this really horrible orange skirt that made me look like a really fat pumpkin though I wonder what Karen looked like in it hmm…..Got 2 skirts and a long-sleeved top which I really love~! Farella insists that the grey skirt I got looks like an indonesian school girls’ uniform. I think it looks like a japanese school uniformThat woman watches too many indon dramas. Yeah either way it looks like a uniform. 

Wanted to get these velvety black tights at Cotton On, I think. BUT THEY WERE TOO SMALLL. *sobs in fitting room*

Walked around some more, went to Daiso and got this really horrible eyeshadow. xDD It would have been pretty alright if it was more pigmented and stayed on longer. There’s this blue pallete with this really ugly shade of this jade-ish color and when we got home Karen smeared it on Charmiane’s eyelids so she looked like a little girl performing in some ballet and it really would have matched the dresses we tried on last year at H&M. *dies of laughter*

*is resurrected as a vampire/zombie/supernatural demon thing* Got juice, really liked the Cranberry Crush thing I got (I can just imagine K/F saying “oi if you liked it so much then why didn’t you finish it). Then Charmiane arrived so we went back to the Ikea place and got her and went to Sasa to get face masks which don’t really work…..or maybe they work for other people. Mine didn’t feel as great as it did last time, pretty sure I got the same one though. Tried on this really white bb cream. seriously wtf who on earth is THAT fair?! snow white maybe.

Did some grocery shopping; the plan was that we would have a super fancy 5 course dinner and each person contributed a dish but in the end we just had pasta and salad. Ready made salad. ._. And we all forgot to keep the ice cream so later that night halfway through our movie marathon Karen found the melted ice cream…..and spilled most of it on the floor. How they cleaned it up I have no idea. <— was half asleep and went back to sleep.

Some of the movies on Karen’s uncle’s hard disk: really stupid movie, Upside Down (made worse by the fact that kristen dunst was in it) and the Darkest Hour which was pretty fun to watch. Wanted to watch Ted because Karen hadn’t seen it but for some reason it had no audio. AND PITCH PERFECT IS SUCH A ACA-AWESOME MOVIE. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. *starts mermaid dancing* One by one everyone fell asleep so Farella was left alone watching Pochahontas or whatever. And Charmiane and I took Claire’s blanket AND pillow so the poor girl had to sleep with just a thin blanket as a makeshift mattress and MY blanket. Don’t know how I’ll ever make it up to her. xDD

Next day was the last day. 😦 Claire was the first one to leave. Then Farella. And after that Chaw Mien and Kallen were pretty much not paying any attention to me *is an attention whore* AND SAT THERE PLAYING FREAKING 4 PICS 1 WORD. Stalked Chowchow’s admirer. 😉 And stoof. Sharmaynnn’s parents didn’t pick her up till about 9 so we were contemplating having maggi mee for dinner when her parents arrived and took us out for dinner which was really nice! ❤ Her entire family is sooo nice and friendly. QwQ ahahhaha her brothers are so cute~!

Went back, had to clean the house because Karen’s uncle had guests coming the next day. Kallen was in a mighty bad mood because of that. The next day they dropped me off at the bus depot and while I was on the bus these idiots decided they’d have another outing on the 23rd (this saturday!). So yeah looking forward to that.