Twelfth of January


AND IT’S ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD, YOU GO KAREN! 4 FOR YOU! (so far no grammatical errors, and she actually used proper words this time!) 

I should probably change my theme soon, seeing as it’s 2013 already. I really loathe changing themes because I suck at it and I can’t be bothered to learn how to. And there really isn’t much I can do on wordpress without, say, forking out $70 for a nice theme. *sigh*

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about new years’ so I shall go stalk myself a bit. 

WHAT ON JUPITER MY KAREN’S ACTUALLY CAPABLE OF WRITING LIKE A SANE PERSON! when she tries. you learn something new everyday~

On second thoughts I’m going to change my theme before I do anything else, because I don’t get any more satisfaction from reading my blog. 

*reads through last post before I neglected my blog again* I sound like a depressed drunk. oh. I’m not, really. I just sound like one when I write. 

Weddings aren’t the same when it’s your family and you have to be in charge of the preparations and all. It really isn’t. Not one bit. Rushing here and  there, picking food up, delivering it, visiting the bride’s family. I’m getting ahead of myself again.

Last friday was the pre-wedding dinner or something, we had it in some godforsaken place somewhere in Juru I THINK I DON’T KNOW GAH WE CROSSED THE BRIDGE SO I GUESS IT’S SOMEWHERE THERE. 

 Even though we got lost we were still an hour early. And I met up with my cousin, Alexis, again! It was great seeing her, she’s grown so much. (insert more lovey dovey family stuff here)

The food was alright, chinese cuisine (ohohoho I’ve never used that word before). Which means there was a lot of stuff I didn’t/couldn’t eat. Actually there isn’t really anything I CAN’T eat, it’s more like I’m too fussy to consume it. And I don’t eat seafood because Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid ruined my life. And no pork either because piggies are cute yet scary at the same time, and once I had a dream about a spaceman (he was captain of a spaceship and the word spaceman sounds really cool) with a pig’s head and this is the first time I’ve actually spoken about it. yeeeah. The sharks fin soup was…..nice. I highly doubt there’s any actual sharks fin in it so it’s perfectly acceptable to eat it. We didn’t get to have dessert though, because you’re not allowed to stay for the whole thing because tradition and customs and all that. 

The next day we had to get up pretty early to pick up the nonya kuih (yuck) and the rest of the food and pick up the grandmother and deliver it/her to my uncle’s place for the tea ceremony. Lots of blah happened, uncle didn’t get back from bride’s place on time, everyone was sleepy and tired blah blah blah. So my mom and I went back home first while everyone waited for them to get back from doing whatever it is you do before weddings. 

Took a nice long nap and got ready for dinner. My mom was wearing a bollywood-inspired “sari” (long, looong story, but my mom decided her wraparound skirt would be better off as a toga. then a sari. so that’s what she wore.). And, *sigh again* as usual, mummy was the most colourful person there. 

I’d left my boots in the car boot, so the glue holding the soles together melted and during the dinner I had to deal with one boot going flip-flop. The stupid superglue wouldn’t stick even after 10 minutes so I gave up. And I lost the sole. I really don’t feel like talking about it. *sobs* 

Dinner was good, I guess. My mom kept teasing me with the suckling pig, and I almost cried. After the whole dreary process we got to go for supper and blabla I don’t feel like writing any more. 

This morning I drowned my grandma’s laptop, not on purpose though. I was drinking water and my hand slipped and….splash. So after a few milliseconds of panic I wiped it and used a hairdryer and now it’s fine. 

I’ve also pretty much gotten over my Kuroko phase, so now I’m watching Ao No Exorcist. More like OWH. NOOOOOOOOO. exorcist. I actually cried last night because of that stupid familiar. 

And before I end this post, I have great news!

no not really.

according the the quizzes I’ve taken, and some random stuff I googled; 

I am himedere. 

“A “Himedere” girl is similar to “Tsundere” or “Kuudere” but acts like a princess.”

As if. 

this was the last thing i expected to be.

this was the last thing i expected to be.

I double and triple checked it just to make sure Himederes exist, and they do. I’m also never taking quizzes ever again because THEY LIE.