RYLA 2012 (and ze outing on tuesday)

Hai pretty peoples. :3 

Just got back from KL today, after another week there. 

And RYLA (the camp Karen blackmailed invited me to) was AMAZINGLY…FUN. And if you read THIS post you can see how enthusiastic I was about the whole thing! :DDD *sarcasm alert* 

Pity I can’t remember much of it though….eh…first…day…


Alright, I shall try. 

Reached One World hotel at around 9? My uncle dropped me off at the lobby’s entrance and I had to ask random porters where…I don’t know what I asked exactly. And they pretty much gave me the right directions, but apparently they assumed I was smart enough to take the escalator and go downstairs to the carpark-ey place and wait for the bus (to take us to the campsite). Nooo, being the blur hippo I was I walked to the end of the ballroom (whatever that huge place is called) and almost went into some scary, unlit toilet. So I decided to walk back and that’s when I saw the escalators. Tsk tsk. 

Went down, searched frantically for Karen, texted her, finally found her, joyful reunion, etc. AND I finally saw Swathy again after like, a year. The last time I saw her was at Karen’s birthday. Ahh how I’ve missed her so. ❤ 

We got split up unfortunately, or rather, fortunately. I met these 3 awesome girls that were on the same bus I was and we talked the whole 2 hours. I also got a glimpse of the “new arrival”. ;)) (a glimpse of his hair, but a glimpse nonetheless)   I’ve had a change of heart. I do not enjoy that fish’s company anymore. 

Poor Karen was stuck in the bus with Swathy and some guy with really bad BO. Hehehehehehehe. *slaps self for laughing* 

By the time we got there (oh and I tripped and fell while I was getting off the bus) the first group was halfway through some…ehh, briefing, and all I know is that it had something to do with the huge tent and what it was for, and the box full of supplies and stuff (<– obviously wasn’t paying attention). And I also learnt the mosquitoes there damn hardworking wake up so early to find helpless victims. Crazy mozzies up at like 2 something. pfft. 

First meal together!

First meal together!


After lunch and stoof we had ze opening ceremony, and a tea break. And then the ice breaking session, where your name tag is with someone else so you have to run around the room  like a headless chicken to look for it. And the name tag I had turned out to belong to an acquaintance of mine (met her during lunch), so I  ran around the room yelling, “FARELLAAAAARRRHHHHH!!!!”. After a few minutes of that I bumped into her. Quite literally.  Of ALL the names they could have chosen, they picked “MAK” to be printed on my name tag. So I had to deal with people coming up to me and going “Oi,  Mak!”. sigh. Eventually got used to it. Eventually. 

Then we got sorted into groups and came up with a group slogan and made our flag. :’D





Then there was supper. We had 6 meals a day. And that’s the end of day 1. I CAN’T REMEMBER MUCH OKAY.


There was a morning exercise every day at 7am. before breakfast. before anything. I was expecting boring yoga stretches and aerobics, instead I got sassy Facis (facilitators) teaching us Gangnam Style. That part was actually pretty fun. 

Sessions for the rest of the day;I admit it, I fell asleep during most of them, and I can’t remember the order in which we had them….ehh…I THINK we had Mr Chong Keat Lim during the 10am session. He’s the Vice President of Youth Division at Leadernomics. He also has an “hangout place” called DropZone and he conducted this…experiment? where he told us to draw a bunch of stuff and then compare it and see if there were any identical ones and the point of this exercise is pretty darn obvious so if you don’t get it then you’re extremely thick  that we’re all different and unique individuals? I think. (and yes, I just copied that from the workbook) Oh and he also made us do another exercise where we had to take a sort of personality quiz to decide whether we were tsundere introverts and extroverts and all that. We extroverts are awesome, you should have joined us, dear little introverts~  they (the categories you fall into, because intro/extroverts are just too mainstream) had some really funky names and I can’t remember them right now I shall go bug Karen and ask her if she remembers later. 

After that there was this very fun session called Marketplace and I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what we did. (I had to do very stupid things to entertain people to earn….newspaper.) 

 Then after lunch (during lunch some of you us people actually went up to her and took pics)  we had Miss Chinese Cosmos winner, Miss Carrie Lee! Ya lah I’ll be honest here, I expected it to be extremely boring. What you gonna teach us? Catwalking (yeah, she did that too)? But it was…..really nice and inspiring hearing about her story and background, she’s a pretty good speaker (her energy was big enough to keep me awake the whole time okay). She also has a lovely singing voice, and a brilliant smile….and…..

We asked her to sing, 

she did. (You Raise Me Up) 

We asked her to catwalk…….

She did. and not only that, she asked for volunteers from each group.


Reasons why I would never be a catwalk model. (BESIDES BEING SHORT)

Reasons why I would never be a catwalk model.

The guys win at being fab though, hands down. 

Then we had another teabreak and it was my turn to welcome our speaker and I did a really crappy job and I spaced out so um yeah. I’ll tell you something funny that happened after Miss Carrie’s session though, before we went for tea I went up to our facilitator and asked her how I should address Mr. Sunil when I welcome him. T (our faci) just turned to the guy next to her aaaand, “Why don’t you ask him?”. He insists we call him Sunil but I just enjoy adding a Mr/Ms in front of things. 

Aaaand then we had jungle trekking. In which I had to drag my lazy ass up a hill for 2 hours. Thankfully I had my darling angel Emylee with me, she actually stayed by my side and helped me up and she was just precious. Because of her I was singing “You Raise Me Up” the whole time. Well, occasionally. And my shoes are ruined. They need to be cleaned. But it’s nice to know they finally accomplished what they were made to do. 




We had community work. “Community work”. Just hearing it used to scare me. Agh. So we went to an old folks’ home/village and each group had to clean out a house. In about 2 hours. The conditions in those houses were disgusting. And I’m not just saying that, it was really filthy. Ours wasn’t so bad, but I really feel bad for a few other groups….(sorry lah obviously you guys weren’t significant enough because i can’t remember which groups you were ohohoho~ jks you know who you are.) 

The lady who lived there absolutely adored dust, and spiders. Not  teensy weensy Charlotte’s web spiders though, huge ass creepy things that HAVE NO FEAR. And the whole place was damp and stank. *Spoilt Princess Mode: activated.* Again, I’ll confess and say I don’t think I really helped THAT much….but the house got cleaned and we accomplished that AS A TEAM so I guess I did. mwahahaha.

Call me mean, but I’m really glad I didn’t get the task of “entertaining” the makcik, because I have no people skills and I would probably have given her an emotional breakdown and greatly offended her. 

Did I mention the spoilt/stale food? No? Well now I have. 

After blahblahblah we had more outdoor activities! Flying Fox, Tightrope walking, Canoeing/Kayaking, and Obstacle-course-ing. I got over so many fears that afternoon.

Yes, I was wearing shorts.

Yes, I was wearing shorts.

Flying Fox? I got over my fear (ACTUALLY IT’S MY MOM’S FEAR) of like….the harness snapping and falling to my death into the lake and umm getting eaten by crocodiles. yeah. 

*cheesy grin*

*cheesy grin*

Tightrope walking? I’m not really scared of heights, per say. I’m just very bad at balancing. And having short legs didn’t make it easier because I had to “slide” two times more than a person of average height. And I SWEAR someone was shaking the 2nd rope (the one where you had to hold ropes on each side). But at least I got it over and done with.

Talent night! We did a skit where this commander gets strange cravings for durians, so he sends his idiotic team on a quest to search for them. The team encounters a ghost (yours truly) and get lost/knocked out/unconscious so the commander sends another team, and they pretty much ask the ghost why she won’t share her durians. Apparently the ghost has a fetish for muscles (cough cough) and so she was quite content once she got to “touch” a few.   Turns out that the commander bumped into this same ghost a long time ago, and she also liked biceps back then. So in the end everyone is happy. The end. 

And the moral of that is, birds of a feather flock together. 

Aha I’ll tell you another little thing though, our team thought we had to create a skit based on the keywords we were given/emailed (leadership, peace, and so on). And so we tried pretty hard to incorparate that into our play. And even though we didn’t win, I learned a lot through the whole process of stressing yourself out.  being a team and working together. 



Rehearsing. (i'm holding my durian hehe)

Rehearsing. (i’m holding my durian hehe)

Karen’s group (Ravens, me thinks) was really amazing! My giraffe can ACT! :’D

After Talent Night…there was to be a party. No one believed it, either that or they valued sleep over celebrating their last night there. Heh. 

Yes, there was a party. To those of you who were there, you were probably fantastic baby dancers. ;D (and you probably had a great time laughing at me).

To those of you who decided to snooze, you lose. HOW COULD YOU MISS OUT ON SO MUCH FUN. HOW.  JUST TO GET AN EXTRA FEW HOURS OF SLEEP. PFFT.

I can dance. Or I enjoy dancing. I don’t know, really. I think I was pretty bad but it was FUN. Pics are up but I shall not share them as a) there are none of me and b) well, i’m in a few, half my face here, an arm and head there….


The last day was really quite sad. 😦

Nice blue certs.

Nice blue certs.

Me falling asleep during a very important mind-numbing session

Me falling asleep during a very important mind-numbing session

There were also a few sessions by the speakers (I’M LOOKIN’ AT YOU MR. SUNIL) about appreciating our parents that made me tear up. No, nothing could possibly convince me to share my….GO AWAY WHY ARE YOU EVEN READING THIS. 

We’re all fb friends and we have a group now, and hopefully we’ll have more meet-ups in the future, like the one we had yesterday. (tuesday)

With Farella, Charmiane (that’s how it’s spelled yes), Karen, and Aslam.

Karen don't complain okay at least half your head is in this one.

Karen don’t complain okay at least half your head is in this one.


Me and Falalalala.

I’m the one on the right. so now you know my face lor. 

After Karen left, we went to the kids’ section of H&M and did ballet. 

fabulous people.

fabulous people.

If I get called "baby" one more time,  I will kill you.

If I get called “baby” one more time, I will kill you.