you is fit.

Hey fabu ferrets. :3 (is trying (and failing -sigh-) to be like those cute people who blog with like…hearts and sparkly stoof and cute titles) 

So a few days ago my mum (oh, and it’s her birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY! yeah okay shoutout time over) really beh tahan/couldn’t stand (take your pick, I’m trying to be as pasar auntie as I can in this post, as cutesy/kawaii phrases do not suit moi) my room anymore so she maid made damn it me clean it till it’s like so clean i can’t even 

it’s never been this clean before. i even vacuumed. and i have curtains now. 

Oi oi not that I have anything against aunties (ACTUALLY I KIND OF DO AGAINST SOME AUNTIES BUT NO NOT REALLY). When I’m encountered such people I just sit in a corner and emo lolol. 

ugh i’m rambling again and next thing you know this post will be about candy floss/fairy floss/cotton candy/ floofy sugary stoof

lol jks it’s gonna be about nuts. 


I hate peanuts because they’re the most disgusting boring bland nuts of the entire nut family. Especially those salted airline peanuts (IDK MAN I JUST FIND THEM LYING AROUND SO OUT OF GREED I DEFENSIVELY EAT THEM). And especially those farking laufong/lauhonged peanuts. Ew. I only like pistachio-almond ice cream and chestnuts. :3 

Also I seem to have forgotten how to english. Only 190 smth words and I’ve made so many typos and ughhhgaaah (I’m actually capable of making that noise irl. mwahahhaa.). 

Basically this is an update because I feel bored and lonely yet, as a procrastinator,  I refuse to do anything about it.


Oh my best friend is currently obsessing over fit african boys. I really don’t want to describe it in detail.

I also realize I haven’t blogged about a specific topic in a while, partly because I turned my blog into this open diary/journal thing and not a space to express or ramble about whatever’s on my mind.

I used to blog like that. I had to have a topic I was passionate about, otherwise the words just wouldn’t flow. I found it near impossible to write about my life/stuff that happens on a daily basis because it just seems so boring to me. Like give up lah, I’m never going to have those interesting lives where you go out everyday and have best mates and boyfriends and stuff so may as well stop and just blog about….fondant figurines. Sigh. here.

lolol i deleted that post oredi. hmph. methinks it had something to do with me being buddies with Krakenese Giraffe (back when she was still a cake-decorator/cupcake girl) and she offered lessons, so why not huh? They looked so cool! And they’re edible!


i hate working with fondant/gumpaste. it is DISGUSTING. horrible. it’s so sticky and you have to keep dusting your hands with corn flour or whatever SO YOU END UP WITH THIS FIGURINE COVERED IN FLOUR EW. And I couldn’t wait for the classes so I blogged about it and that was my first post on this blog! ^^

jks lah. my first post was about tempeh. i was 11. shuddup. and yes, i am still quite passionate about my soy products. (ashuaree hor, “soy products” conjure diet shakes in my  head. huh.)

Those of you who stalked me all the way back to when I started officially using this blog……-sighs for the umpteenth time today- people do change in some ways. I have changed quite a biT. I CAN FEEL YOU JUDGING ME. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES OKAY, I WAS GOING THROUGH THE 7TH GRADE EMO/CUCKOO PHASE.


Oh yes and I remember blogging about how I wish my family would just set me up for an arranged marriage arrange a marriage for me with some  guy and apparently it’s not on this blog, must be my other one, huh. 

I do not wish that anymore. I do not condone. Everything about it is wrong. 

 So my mum was talking about ehh….some auntie/family friend/old neighbor IDK who was willing to teach me and give me the family’s (they run a bakery or smth) secret recipes because she heard I enjoy baking (oi i hate decorating but baking is cool)! Whoot! free lessons for tried and tested recipes, awesome right? Oh, but of course, there’s always a catch;

I have to be her daughter-in-law. And in order to be that I’d have to marry her son.


In the olden days it was common to matchmake your kids, “Oh you have son? I got daughter! Okok we’ll make them marry each other~”. ew. you make them grow up with each other and they’re like childhood friends it’s like marrying a cousin or something. HOW. Perhaps they were thinking, “you guys have known each other forever, much better than getting to know other people when you’re older then make us wait so long for marriage.” . Apparently the friendzone did not exist back then. 

But still, marrying childhood friends doesn’t seem so bad. At least you’re not marrying someone you’ve never met before (of course your family/parents planned it lah) and like…learning how to love/live with them. How. 

the only reason i fantasized about an arranged marriage is because everyone seems to hate me/not fancy me so if your family and my family want us to start a family then you have no choice HAHAHAHHAHAHA you’re tied to me. forever. u die oso i not letting u go. -yandere mode activated- 

haha and most couples hate each other (but still stay married) so I think it’d be socially acceptable if my husband and I hated each other (again, still stay married) BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, AND AFTER ALL, WE WERE AN ARRANGED MARRIED SO WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LOATHE EACH OTHER EVEN THOUGH OUR FAMILIES LOVE EACH OTHER. 


and i have no right to blog/judge anyone because it’s not like i’m an expert in marriages/dating so i’m just being a loud waffly twat, everyone ignore me. no wait. I BLOG TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. HAH. incompetent snails.

also all the guys i fancy are extremely hideous and there’s really nothing nice about them so may as well let someone else pick for me. hehe.

wtf have i typed so far.

so that’s pretty much it for this post, i’ll save the other topic for another post. 

i also feel the need to mention the fact that my alreadybadenough face is now covered in little pimples and there’s a HUGE painful one below my nose/above my lip. can i just cry. ok. 

also if you are my friend and you google my name i will hate you. and i will find ways to make you feel abosolutely terrible. I WILL EVEN EAT THE LAST SIEW MAI TO ACHIEVE THIS AHHAHAHHA idek if you like siew mai but oh well.