dissonance in my head.

So today I had to follow grandma to the hospital again, this time I had to push her around in a wheelchair. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I hate hospitals. I hate sick people in general. I’d seriously rather be a math teacher than a doctor/nurse. Then again I suck at math so that’s unlikely to happen. Then again I also know teachers who suck at teaching so…

I wouldn’t mind being an undertaker though. I don’t see why it’s taboo or anything. Someone has to do it, I mean wouldn’t you want someone to make you look nice for your err…final journey? It’s much better than being a doctor. Because to me being a doctor means seeing sick people almost every day and sometimes you know there’s nothing you can actually do to help them and I can’t live with guilt.

Mum found a white kitten behind a metal cabinet at the mechanic’s 2 days ago! It’s small and rather adorable. Eyes opened, but still crawling. Ish. No not really it’s quite capable of pushing itself around  and climbing up on people and nomming on their hair. Have to feed it formula from a syringe (bottle’s too big.). It also loves mum’s hot pillow thing a lot. Awwwh.

Spent about 3 1/2 hours at the hospital, basically carting grandmother dear from one waiting room to another, then we found out her usual doctor’s on vacation. Or in the middle of an  operation. Something with “tion” at the end. So we had to see some other doctor and it was so effing crowded. I never knew so many people in a room could have broken limbs. It  was actually quite terrifying, imagine zombiefied patients….

And I almost fell asleep a few times. Then we had lunch at e-Gate, no, we did not go “ration shopping” (as my grandma  calls it) at Tesco.

Went to this restaurant with quite alright food, baked cheese rice was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Oh yes. Now we shall get to that part.

I have the mentality of a 5 year old. So I was flipping through the menu when I saw this very sassy blue drink. It looked very quaint and pretty. And for some strange reason it was considerably cheaper than the milkshakes. And did I mention it looked very sparkly? I decided to order that.

Food arrived, drinks arrived, and the sassy blue thing. It was transparent on top and had blue stuff and a lemon slice at the bottom, so I assumed it was Sprite. Very funny tasting Sprite. But a lovely blue color. Mum had some and said it “tastes about right”. That was pretty odd but I didn’t realize it at the time~ Till I was halfway through it when I asked if there was any alcohol in it. To which my mother responded, “OF COURSE DUMMY YOU ORDERED A COCKTAIL.” or something among those lines. Heh.

Might I remind you that I went through half the glass without questioning it before realizing it tasted very unlike Sprite, though it was fizzy and sparkly.  Idk I think I have very pathetic taste buds. But I was still sober after that, yay. And I could walk in a straight line. About as straight as I usually walk. And I usually walk like a drunk pirate. Yeah.

This is just a very short meaningless post to update my blog. I’ll blog more tomorrow after I sleep.

Something about Grimm…