Erg Terts.

And I bid you all good morning. :3

I made egg tarts yesterday night  last friday at 4am! They were surprisingly easy, heh. It all started a few weeks ago when I spontaneously felt like eating them and unfortunately it was like 2am then so I couldn’t possibly go out and get them and being the genius I am I decided to try making them. So I googled and youtubed and went through countless deceiving tutorials and websites and I finally found one that seemed legit simple enough.

Then I forgot all about it till a few days ago. So I decided to try it out anyway~

I think I did pretty well, considering the fact that it’s the first time I’ve ever baked tarts.

[I was supposed to make my mom a lemon meringue pie last year for her birthday but I was going for a camp and I started pretty late at night so in the end I didn’t bake it but I got as far as the making the pastry before falling asleep. Trying it again soon because I’ve already bought the tart tin and all.]

Here’s a pic to prove it happened.. PROOF THAT I CAN BAKE.

Tried making a second batch yesterday, was impatient and they didn’t turn out so great.

My mother is also rather obsessed with meat pies. Liver pies. Eugh.


One thought on “Erg Terts.

  1. LVN says:

    Well, my birthday’s coming up again and so maybe it’s time to WAKE UP and pick up from where you left off. You might want to think about making a fresh batch of pastry pie and not re-use the one you fell asleep on while making. I’d appreciate the effort.

    Yes, I’m being demanding. It’s LEMON MERINGUE PIE!!! How many times do I have to tell you I’m obsessed with it!

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