Spontaneous snuffling for siew mai and mantou.

I love my titles. They make absolutely no sense. No wait actually they do.

August. Like slow down 2012 we didn’t ask for the year to go by so quickly I mean it should be like…March. It’s felt like 3 months, not 8. Stop being mean just because we’re going to die ugh you could at least let us enjoy our last year of being alive.

So yesterday (a few days ago) my mother very randomly decided to get a pack of mantou to bake. Yes, bake. Her exact words were “Okay tomorrow Mummy bake mantou for you”. Apparently that means she’s buying pre-made mantous and defrosting them then baking instead of steaming them.
I’m at my grandma’s place now! Internet’s a bit slow compared to ours but meh, I have lived with slower services before~

Watched ParaNorman today  on monday  last week! It was amazingly fantastic baby. The claymation was amazing. The effects. The colors. The soundtrack, especially. Everything was as good as I expected it to be. And there were so many scenes where I was THIS close to crying. It really was one of the best movies of 2012, it did not disappoint. It’s been a while since I’ve watched something with a plot that was extremely intense and sad. And I saw Jet again for the first time in months, the last time I saw him was when THG came out? Oh gosh I think I’m going to cry again.

Met up with his friends, hung out at parkinsons Parksons, Toys’ R us, random other places, and it was actually quite fun.

I don’t actually feel like blogging but I guess I should update this once in a while, because I get creepers reading it anyway so….

….has everyone on the internet wathced Oppa Gangnam Style? 😀

Because Psy beats any other kpop star out there. You go, oppa!
I wish I had an uber cool uncle like him. Blue hair. Suits. Korean Caesar Flickerman I tell you.

And on Monday I heard kpop on the radio for the first time! Unfortunately the twat that was hosting that show pronounced Psy as P-S-Y. Like geez it’s not a spelling bee. Guess she wasn’t very psyched about that  song. Teehee. And that was alright, but then I heard Sorry Sorry on that same radio station (insertcolorhere.fm), and they pretty much bashed SuJu and went on the usual “why so many members in a group wan? really unnecessary ah?!” . And it’s an old people station anyway so I shall forever boycott it until I turn old and boring.

I just got back from KL yesterday! After having a really great time with Krakenese Giraffe and Sponge, I shall blog about that later.  I had really horrible siew mai at this kopitiam near the vet where my grandaunt currently works. It was so blech. Disgusting.

So just posting this because I liebe the title. I shall go write about my trip and Animangaki now.


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