Holy Basil Tea number #2.

Mambowh numbah faive.

I just got back from KL yesterday, after about 4-5 days there! And because I have not been in a blogging mood recently, I’ll  just write  about whatever happened ala diary style. So let’s start with Thursday night.

Skyping with my dear Giraffe and Sponge  made me realize how much I missed them and that I haven’t seen them in months, almost a year. We were SUPPOSED to go down to KL for raya and my uncle was going to take us sightseeing in Malacca or something but my grandma wasn’t well and my grandpa kinda fell so we had to stay. I’m kind of glad we did though, because I don’t think I’d be able to live with the guilt of leaving them like that. But they got better and I was starting to get quite annoyed that we didn’t go so at about 1am last thursday I asked my mom if I could go visit them. I am so extremely spontaneous in all the wrong ways. She said okay but I had to plan who I was going to stay with and all that and how was I going to get to PD and what about transport and blah. So it was finally agreed that I’d go down on saturday morning, reach there in the afternoon, uncle picked me up from bus station and drop me at Sunway Pyramid for Animangaki. I don’t even know how I decided to go for AMG, there clearly wasn’t enough time but I wanted to see Starry and Aqualeaf again. D:

The second problem was that the earliest tickets for saturday morning were sold out, so I either get the slightly fancier one that was a little pricier and left at 8, or I got the normal 10am one. We  decided to get the 10 one, and I was really cranky and tired (I CAN’T REMEMBER WHY IT WAS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO) so I slept at like 11 and for whatever strange reason woke up at 8.  So since I didn’t want  to be late I decided to stay up and get ready and kind of dry the clothes I stuffed in my bag. I actually showered in the morning eek. Woke my mom up, took quite some time, re-heated some noodle thing, then finally left. Right so they renovated the bus station and cars aren’t allowed to drive in through the gate anymore, so mommy had to drop me at the side gate and I had to walk in by myself and it was really scary but I survived~ And the bus was on time too~

Apparently there was some kind of event I was unaware of and so the bus was packed with elderly people. Sardines in a can. I had to share a seat  with an old lady, and let’s not forget I had 3 bags + 3 boxes of tambun biscuits. And I couldn’t sleep because everyone was coughing. Universe was obviously testing my patience. And so during the 4 and 1/2 hour journey I made a list of quotes from my favorite books. That helped a lot. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that SOMEONE turned off my phone charger in the middle of the night so my phone was only half charged and dying quickly. And being the stubborn idiot that I am, I still texted Karen every 20 minutes. XD

Finally arrived at about 2ish, uncle picked me up, switched cars, started driving to Sunway Pyramid. By then I was already leaning forward in my seat and getting really hyper and sleepy. Also I needed to pee really badly but I kept forgetting to.

I got lost. QAQ  Uncle dropped me at the main entrance or smth, idk lah and I couldn’t find the halls. Phone was starting to remind me that it was dying. Uncle already drove away. I was starting to look like a homeless kid, but being the sassy person I am,  I like to imagine I acted like a very cool and calm person who knew exactly what she was doing.

As if.

After about 4 minutes that felt like half an hour, I decided to walk around and look for it myself. Asked around but no one knew, so I finally very rudely stopped someone who looked like a cosplayer and thank the lord, he told me where it was. Went up the escalator, looked for the toad with my ticket, went to change, and I can’t exactly remember the rest.

Didn’t take any pictures because I seriously need a new camera and I was too lazy to. I’ll just go google and steal someone else’s pics~

Oh and my phone died after Starry left. I had limited options, one was leaving the hall and looking for a public phone to call my uncle, the other was sticking with that toad gentleman and borrowing his phone which was also dying and almost out of credit. Meh, I managed to send a sms and went with them to have gas-less coke. I never want to  see coke ever again. And I got lost again~ For the 2nd time that day, how exciting! But luckily my guardian angel “suggested” I walk to the other end, and so I did and found the ferris wheel thing and the entrance. Unfortunately I could not find a clock, so I had no idea what time it was. Stupoid langs, sure it’s old fashioned but clocks are very pretty things and are quite useful for people who have dead mobile devices.  So I had to use Perry to check the time. Uncle was 3 minutes late. Went to fetch grandaunt,  had dinner at this really horrible kopitiam with really flour-ey siew mai and tasteless tomyam. Went back, had ice cream, bathed,  waited for that silly Giraffe to call and I fell asleep. (karen bby if you’re reading this i really am sorry if i yelled at you on the phone okay you know what i’am liek when i’m sleep accept my apologize sorry plz)

The next morning we were supposed to drive down to PD, whoot. But we ended up in Seremban (if you’re ever there, do try the famous Jusco sushi -sarcasm-), and went for breakfast with Kraken and her mommy at this rather posh mamak/curry house place where Karen had an extremely flat poori and I had thosai on a tray. Tray. Like brown McDs plastic tray. And my milo tasted like it was from a box and her orange juice had tons of sugar and ice.

Can’t exactly remember what we did that day, but I learnt how to cycle! Or at least balance, thanks to the amazing Auntry Auntie Teacher Karen. Made plans with Sponge, went online for a bit, talked, the usual stuff. Slept quite early, before 12, and woke up the next morning and went to the pool me thinks? Pretended to be germans (whatever ja), went on the swings, more food, PD restaurant, etc. Then at night we decided to finally have a sort of photoshoot thing where I am the awkward unprofessional photographer and Karen is the fabu model. I think the pics turned out pretty great.

Tuesday = Amusement Park day with Sponge! Joyce was supposed to come too, but she couldn’t ponteng school. And ZW had to go to Ikea for food shopping and went to Kidzania and probably had a nicer lunch than ours. Sponge got there reeeeally early and had to wait for us. Got Karen a rm3 bottle of water because she was thirsty and didn’t have small change (COLD STORAGE GOT BIGGER BOTTLE, SOME MORE ONLY 80 CENTS!) Found the Sponge and walked around deciding where to go for lunch. Then I remembered the place with really nice lasagna Karen brought me to last time, took us a  while to find it, and it’s now become a restaurant that is too clean and the food’s drenched in orange food coloring. Meatballs then going on the roller coaster. Awesome idea. And the only reason I agreed to go the 2nd time was because of this quote:

“Nobody should voluntarily give up on life. If it was your time to die, death would calmly claim you. Otherwise it was your duty to press on and live.”

—-Darren Shan

Went to the haunted house thing, it was quite cool, really awesome wall decor. Want for my room. We all agreed that Karen’s make up was creepier. Then after agreeing that Berjaya Times Square’s amusement park hasn’t changed much and to never go there again, we went bowling! I really need more practice, Karen has to stop leaning to the left, and Sponge is pretty good. Walked around some more, found this really cool shop with lolita dresses and really nice boots, couldn’t find any of Karen’s halloween makeup shops, walked around some more, found more cool stuff, ran out of money, had frozen yogurt, Karen and Sponge went bowling again, I just sat and watched and danced to Vengaboys because they were playing hits of the  90’s. Walked some more, went to FOS, saw a shirt that made me want to cry, Sponge had to leave so we said goodbye and went looking for the now non-existent  Borders. Went to Cold Storage and got a cranberry flavored ribena that was actually quite good, went to SaSa where the cashier asked me if I was malay. Yeah, I am malaySIAN. I am extremely rude to strangers okay like you do not have a right to ask about my life and family background SHEESH I JUST WANT TO GET SOME LIP BALM IS THAT SO WRONG. then we walked over to some other building, Karen’s dad picked us up and went for supper (really awesome umm…mee.) and then dropped me back at my uncle’s place.

And I did such a terrible job of blogging about it, but Tuesday was a really fun day okay, just my brain isn’t really working.

So overall it was a really great trip, and I’m really glad I went anyway because it just felt like the right thing to do. And I was right. Mwahahaha.

Stalking is waaaay more fun when you have your best friend beside you.

And for some reason people kept asking the 3 of us if we were from….here. No, Karen’s korean, I’m filipino and Sponge is quite obviously vietnamese.


Spontaneous snuffling for siew mai and mantou.

I love my titles. They make absolutely no sense. No wait actually they do.

August. Like slow down 2012 we didn’t ask for the year to go by so quickly I mean it should be like…March. It’s felt like 3 months, not 8. Stop being mean just because we’re going to die ugh you could at least let us enjoy our last year of being alive.

So yesterday (a few days ago) my mother very randomly decided to get a pack of mantou to bake. Yes, bake. Her exact words were “Okay tomorrow Mummy bake mantou for you”. Apparently that means she’s buying pre-made mantous and defrosting them then baking instead of steaming them.
I’m at my grandma’s place now! Internet’s a bit slow compared to ours but meh, I have lived with slower services before~

Watched ParaNorman today  on monday  last week! It was amazingly fantastic baby. The claymation was amazing. The effects. The colors. The soundtrack, especially. Everything was as good as I expected it to be. And there were so many scenes where I was THIS close to crying. It really was one of the best movies of 2012, it did not disappoint. It’s been a while since I’ve watched something with a plot that was extremely intense and sad. And I saw Jet again for the first time in months, the last time I saw him was when THG came out? Oh gosh I think I’m going to cry again.

Met up with his friends, hung out at parkinsons Parksons, Toys’ R us, random other places, and it was actually quite fun.

I don’t actually feel like blogging but I guess I should update this once in a while, because I get creepers reading it anyway so….

….has everyone on the internet wathced Oppa Gangnam Style? 😀

Because Psy beats any other kpop star out there. You go, oppa!
I wish I had an uber cool uncle like him. Blue hair. Suits. Korean Caesar Flickerman I tell you.

And on Monday I heard kpop on the radio for the first time! Unfortunately the twat that was hosting that show pronounced Psy as P-S-Y. Like geez it’s not a spelling bee. Guess she wasn’t very psyched about that  song. Teehee. And that was alright, but then I heard Sorry Sorry on that same radio station (insertcolorhere.fm), and they pretty much bashed SuJu and went on the usual “why so many members in a group wan? really unnecessary ah?!” . And it’s an old people station anyway so I shall forever boycott it until I turn old and boring.

I just got back from KL yesterday! After having a really great time with Krakenese Giraffe and Sponge, I shall blog about that later.  I had really horrible siew mai at this kopitiam near the vet where my grandaunt currently works. It was so blech. Disgusting.

So just posting this because I liebe the title. I shall go write about my trip and Animangaki now.