I’d be safe but half as real. (<— Behold. Le hipster title.)


I don’t think I’ll be changing themes again until next year or so. The only reason I chose this one was because I felt like having chocolate. Go figure. 

It’s August~ Which means I have successfully wasted the past 8 months and that the year will be over in another 4. 

We’re all going to die.

What’s with all this spacing and paragraphing.

Omg idk. I’m just really happy right now. 

Even though I have a splinter in my toe that could quite possibly get infected. 


wtf is with the cheesy title. *tries to change it but decides not to* Also my best friend invented cows and cheesiness. I just thought you should know. 

Romance did awaken in March. I’m in love with thosai. Gotta try em all~ 

[umm lol yeah there were other reasons but I am unfortunately not one of those girls who spill everything out on their blogs so that’s that boohoo and also my mother might decide to read this any moment now and to avoid awkward situations (HAI MOMMY!) I’ll just keep things to myself. ]

Does anyone else remember that phase I went through where I was like really obsessed with Tokio Hotel and all that and I HAD to get their albums and stuff and now I get pretty annoyed everytime I put my music player on shuffle and a TH song comes on. I just don’t feel them anymore. They’re still a great band though. AND THEY’RE GERMAN LEMEMBARH OMG. 

So a few days back I decided to drag my mattress up to the roof for some fresh air. I failed to realize that mattresses are inanimate objects and don’t exactly appreciate being dragged up a flight of stairs and plopped on the roof. Ish. Idk I live in a really strange apartment. I somehow managed to drag the damn thing all the way up there and there it stayed until my grandpa wanted to go up (and it was in the way because I only dragged it down halfway and I got really tired ) and made me bring it down. I swear I am never doing that again. That mattress shall spend the rest of it’s sad life indoors. 

And it rained today~ Which was lovely if only I had kept the laundry earlier because now it’s upstairs and probably soaking wet I’ll just sit here and act innocent. Hopefully it’ll be really sunny tomorrow! ^_^ 

If not I’ll just go jump off the side of this building for less than half an orange. 

Foster the People’s “I Would Do Anything For You” pretty much sums up what I’m feeling right now. I’d put the video here (to take up space as usual muahahha) but my mom has banned me from youtube and any other video-watching site. It’s actually really sad but *sigh* I deserve it for downloading all those songs. Btw, I REGRET NOTHING. 

I wish I could be like those  people who cry/post lovey dovey statuses on facebook but I just can’t because I’d get too many questions and most of my family is on there and I can’t really hide that much stuff so I just like keeping things to myself. And Karen because she’s like an interactive diary. 

Lookey here guysss I made hipsterrr quote picss ermahgerddd. 


These pics are so crappy I can’t even omg what the hell was I thinking. 

I have to go vacuum and put my mattress back into the bed and try to get enough sleep because we’re going to go visit my old….teacher who used to give me chinese tuition? And see her adorable daughter again. :’3 

No that was not meant to sound creepy. 

On a separate note, I do fall in love with anything I hear.