The colors clash horribly together.

New theme! Because I eventually got bored of that one and moved on! This isn’t much of an improvement but heh, I like the template. The colors not so much. 

This is just a post so I remember what happens in my life and also I feel really guilty for not blogging okay. 

I finally ordered my Ciel wig after months of procrastinating and I don’t even know why it took so long I mean it’s so easy~  And I’ve spent my past 2 days on taobao because CF. Karen’s coming this year and she shall stay the whole day (instead of abandoning me after half an hour like she did last year) and apparently she’s coming as a *********************

My grandma just called me and discussed my costume, planning to go as Ciel Phantomhive, Black Lily version:

And on an unrelated topic Harley Quinn cosplayers are really cool, and I’m in love with her eye make up. Ahhh~~~ And as much as I’d really love to cos her I don’t think I could pull it off, she’s really epic  though….but we’ll see! I’ve pretty  much found her wig (yosh, twintails.) and now I’m just thinking of  her costume. 

And dance videos. Omg. Miume. She’s so fab I can’t even. 

She’s so cute and pretty! ^_^

She’s just really amazing and all of you should check her out and Kozue too and Magnet omg.

Her hair is amazing. Who’d have thought bleached white-ish hair would look that great on some random japanese dancer! ❤ 

That’s all for now I guess, I’ll write more when I feel like  blogging. 

70th post! WordPress has SUCH great inspirational quote thingys. No sarcasm intended. 


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