The daily life of a washing machine.

Guten tag people~ It is a beautiful Monday morning/afternoon and I’m sitting here contemplating whether my sad bowl of maggi curry will be worth the getting up and boiling water and finding a bowl etc.

Nah I think I’ll post this first.

So I’ve been re-reading Fruits Basket and trying very hard to translate what Momiji says in german! Haha when I first read it I was so amused I kept laughing and laughing and yeah it took a while for me to stop because a little rabbit who speaks german is so cute. :3

There were also other reasons I were laughing but meh.

Must get Insurgent. I neeed to find ouuutt whaaat happens.

And we got a new washing machine! Because the old one was like 20 years old and pretty much held together with duck duct tape so we decided to finally let it rest.  And Mommy says if I finish the laundry I might get a new book~

Also last night I started watching Chobits which I have wanted to for a reaaaally long time but it wouldn’t load and stuff so yeah I’m watching it on youtube now. And I’m just too lazy to read the manga. Online.  It’s. Tiring. 

 I’ve finally reached 3,000 views on my blog in about a year or so! 😀 
That really made my day and now it’s  3,107? Idek who reads my blogs…like scary people…who want to eat me…o_e 

Seriously how DO people find my blog? I google the keywords and nothing pops up. Waaahhh wordpress you’re lying to me again and I know you are. Hmph.