“So you wear it and it brings the boys out?”

Lord help me. My internet is so slow. I can’t even. I don’t know what to do. I would get mad but it’d be pretty pointless scolding an inanimate object. And trust me I’ve tried.

I feel like crying.

Apparently SNSD/Girls’ Generation has a new perfume line! The bottles are boring bleh but the pictures looked really cool.

Me: *tells Karen about that ^* 

Karen: What so you wear it and it brings the boys out? 

Gahahahahahahaha. if it really worked i’d love to get some. just sayin’.

Oh and I got Divergent yesterday! And I finished reading it in the aftening or so. It has a really great plot but idk after reading THG I kinda feel like it’s copying it in a way….? And the lovey-dovey scenes were quite annoying, I mean I didn’t feel anything for Tris and Four like I did with Katniss and Peeta, now there’s a love story where I actually cried. Must. Not. Re-read.

And for some reason I keep imagining it taking place BEFORE THG, yes that would be some pretty messed up history, but it just feels like it. Like the factions and all that had a war or something and it didn’t work out in the end and so they created The Hunger Games. Then again I’ve only read the first book, so yeah.

Also I think I’d probably choose Candor.

And when Mommy was getting it for me she called and asked me why I wanted to read about people killing kids and it’s so violent and etc. (Charlie Higson’s The Enemy) so she got me Detergent instead. I still kinda wanna read it though, it sounds pretty…..nice. I wanted to get Gone (Michael Grant) too, but after wiki-ing it it seems pretty boring (to me~) but maybe I might want to read it sometime in the future. But idk it has like kids with superpowers in it.

And Tara highly recommends I read The Mortal Instruments. I’ve actually seen them around before, but I never bothered reading them.  😛 So that’s on my “To Read” list too~

Ooh ooh! And Mark of Athena and Serpent’s Shadow!

And Darren Shan’s coming up with a new zombie series….Zom-B or something.

Yes, I have been very zombie/horror obsessed recently.

And *cough cough* I kinda also wanna get a few volumes of Furuba and Natsume Yuujinchou and Kaichou Wa Maid sama and that Vampire Knight  box set I saw at Borders. It was like rm295ish.

And Pokemon Adventures. Yes I love Pokemon Adventures. I miss getting them whenever I had extra money… sigh good times.

I hope they’ll release The Saga of Larten Crepsley in a box set thing…it would be cheaper that way…and I’d really like to have them so I can read them anytime I want even though I’d be in extreme emotional pain every time because I have too many feelings for Larten. Sob.

Ahh and also the last Artemis Fowl book is coming out later this year. I actually feel sad in a way, I got my first AF book for my 10th birthday and I got the rest of them by the time I was like 11? Then now it’s finally ending…after 4 years…excuse me while I go have an emotional breakdown.

And like, that Ravenwood book I got last year? From the Scholastic catalogue thing? The 2nd book’s already out I think. The Glass Forest or something.

Since we’re on the topic of books I want, I kinda wanna at least finish reading Jeanette Winterson’s Battle of the Sun. I read the 1st chapter or so at Borders and I never saw it again. Boohoo.

I remember when my mom got me Tanglewreck I hated it so much because I thought it was an “adults’ book”. :3 Then I went through this phase where it was my favorite book. And now I think it’s rather creepy. But still pretty cool.

Yes I must finish reading Battle of the Sun then decide whether to get it or not.

The Battle of the Sun
 the Battle of the Sun

Jack is the chosen one, the Radiant Boy the Magus needs in order to perfect the alchemy that will transform London of the 1660s into a golden city. But Jack isn’t the kind of boy who will do what he is told by an evil genius, and he is soon involved in an epic and nail-biting adventure featuring dragons, knights and Queen Elizabeth I, as he battles to save London.

HOOOYEEEAHAHAHAHA. I forgot I wanna read Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom. Want. Very badly. 

Karen and I shall also have this Vampire Kisses reading marathon. Soon. Do not judge a book by it’s title, it really isn’t that bad, and still a better love story than Twilight.

I desperately feel like having chicken nuggets and a ramly burger.

I just danced Matryoshka around my room because I was feeling bored and lonely. lol.


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