Anime Festival Asia – Malaysia 2012 Day 1+2

Feel free to skip the first few paragraphs~

I feel like whining to all of you about how horrible the 4 hour ride was and how this lady was filing her nails and blowing nail dust everywhere and how I had like the best nasi lemak ever but I’ll just keep that to myself. Arrived Thursday afternoon, great great great great great aunt picked me up from 1U and we went back to her place and I conked out for a few hours until dinner and my uncle came and  then I followed my uncle back to his place.

And the next day I had to go meet a certain someone at Taman Aman for a dance rehearsal (PONPONPON.) but yeah I got kidnapped by the Party Box and in that 2 hours at some random person’s house I honestly don’t think we really got anything done~

I couldn’t sleep the night before AFA. I was up jumping around and snacking on random stuff and drawing (I DREW ELEPHANTS AND SARDINES YAY.) but yeah I couldn’t sleep until like 3. And this is sad because I had to wake up at like 7. And get ready. And have “breakfast”. And I got a wake up call which was rather lovely. I hate talking in the mornings. I got there at about like 8ish 9 I can’t rememberrr and bumped into some fb friends from last year’s Comic Fiesta. Funny how people always recognize me before I realize who they are.

Okay you can read this part.

THE QUEUES SUCKED BIG TIME. NO SIGNS. NO ACTUAL LINES. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IF I WAS LINING UP FOR AFA TICKETS OR A FURNITURE EXPO AT FIRST. Then I noticed photographers. Yep, think it’s this line. Then when I FINALLY got to the counter after more than half an hour of lining up I found out I was kinda in the wrong queue? But there was a nice volunteer lady who asked me which tickets I wanted to get and pushed me in front of everyone else. So I cut queue. Teehee. And in that split second I also managed to reach back and get the money from Nao and Shio so I got them tickets too. (: And then I met up with Aqualeaf (Party Box) & co. and waited around (and tried very hard to repair the box) a while before going in.

I must say the moment I saw the hall I was so disappointed I felt like crying. PWTC itself was sad enough. I mean I expected it to be….idk, grand-er?

But let’s move on to the crappier-than-last-year’s pics, shall we? Perry really, REALLY doesn’t work well indoors. I actually can’t wait to get a new camera. Every single one of these are obviously edited because I was bored~


Nyanko sensei cosplayer!
Made me day!

I gave up waiting after an hour or so.

Done. YAAYYYY. I shall abandon this until CF~!