You make me very “happy”.

No nothing like that. Personal inside joke from yesterday night, that’s all. So yesterday me and Kraken and Sponge group chatted for the first time in months, and I must say it was so…fun. I actually really missed that Sponge. We entertained each other and made ourselves very “happy”. No I was not smoking anything sheesh.

And yesterday I also went to the Salvation Army thrift store place and got new old clothes! Yay! They’re actually for AFA since I can’t find anything to wear and I haven’t even started on my costume for CF yet (boohoo guilty) so pics of them later! Might also be wearing the platforms my mom sprained her ankle in. Ehhh yeah. 

The reason I haven’t been blogging much is because when I actually have an idea wordpress refuses to let me log in so I lose that idea and also my password. This new one is staying. 

Yes, I will be dancing PONPONPON at Anime Festival Asia. I should probably practice more. 

And I’ll be meeting Karen’s friend XP there too! She loves anime and kpop so can’t wait to see her again! Met her at Karen’s gingerbread man making camp thing last year, we stayed up till 3 to discuss important tissues issues. 

And this is basically a pretty short update so I won’t forget stuff~ 

I read my blog more than other people do.