“So tell me more about yourself.”

The title is completely unrelated to elephants. Also this keyboard sucks. 

I’m at my grandma’s place, on her laptop! And this is pretty much just a random post to update my blog for all you creepers who read this out there, here’s some love. ❤ 


So yesterday and the day before that I followed le grandma to the hospital to get an MRI or somethings and to accompany her and take care of her stuff. FYI I left my hoodie on my chair at home and I only remembered after I reached my grandma’s place so yeah. While I was there I was basically strutting around and acting like a supermodel (lol who ever heard of a 5″ model) and I was wearing a sleeveless thingy so I was basically freezing. And on top of that everyone  was staring at me because they were jealous of my health and fabulosity muahahaha  or maybe they were watching the tv behind me. Idk. 

In the end I decided to take a nap on the chairs and 10 minutes later grandma was done so we got home at about 5ish and  I slept till 4 . 

On day 2 we went to pick up the results and see the doctor (who has really huge ears btw so I guess it’s relephant) and we tried some pineapple sorbet thing and went to the bakery again. Then we got back and I went online for a bit and slept again at 6 until 6am ish today. I am currently waiting for Karen so I can go through the usual blah with her. 

Oh, and AFA is next month though not sure if I’m going. I’d love to go as a mudkip though…

Party Box might be doing a cover of this. EVERYDAY PON~! 


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