I’m Genie for your wish. (WARNING: spontaneously pathetic post)

I said I was going to blog every day to fill up that calendar widget. Pfft failing lol. Soooo…..anyways~!

Apparently it’s May and Mother’s Day~ And tomorrow we’re going to spend the whole day (*snorts*) together. Yay. 

Just now idk how but me and Mummy ended up talking about Aladdin and stuff and I just suddenly thought about Genie. Geniessss. Plural. 



Meh. I still love that song for some reason. And I can actually do the whole dance now, it’s actually quite embarrassing. 

Might be going to check out some schools tomorrow, since I couldn’t wake up a couple of days back. What a wonderful way to kill a beautiful morning. The idea of me passing the placement test and the school actually accepting me is just…bizarre. 

But I really can’t wait to go back! 4 years of deschooling and unschooling alone is pretty boring considering the fact that Mummy doesn’t really put any effort into sending me off to extra camps or organizing field trips or anything. And there are also a few extra reasons why (*glares at Karen*) but let’s hope everything goes well~! (<– obviously trying too hard to force self to be positive. what is this positive they speak of.) 

And I’d also like to meet “normal” weird people, and maybe some cosplayers? Oh yeah then there’s homework….(‘^’) Meh. I’ll just ignore it. And I’ll probably start sleeping in class after the first few days weeks or so. 

What else…..I finished watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! 😀 And even though it isn’t the best shoujo anime out there, it’s nice to watch something cheesy once in a while. Oh yeah and there’s also another reason I finally decided to watch it: 

“I’m a high level otaku who loves maids more than anything. All my favourite books have to do with maids, and all the cafes I visit have maids. Of course, I collect figures as well. I play maid games, get excited, say stuff like, ‘moe! moe!’ and even crossdress as a maid myself. Later.”

Love that quote. Love Usui. Love riceballs even more now.  Only half of that quote applies to me. I don’t love maids THAT much.

Oh..heh heh….and it would seem that we’ve reached our monthly quota thing for ze internets! Me finishing an entire season of KWMS has nothing to do with this, of course….=w=


There are quite a few strikethrough-ed paragraphs in this post. Hmm. 

So that’s all until I’m bored again, let me check the calender…*le check* 

I’ll blog again on the 18th. <– for some reason thinks this is a game of ticktacktoe.  SURE WORDPRESS, ADD Ks TO IT, WHY DON’T YA. 

I am feeling quite happy now that I’ve updated this blog.