I think I just saw Finnick Odair in his outerwear.

Did you see what I did dair there?

Continuing from my last post. Romance did not awaken in March. But my inner fangirl did. LET THEA’S OFFICIAL 57TH POST BEGIN!

I got all 3 Hunger Games books~! And I watched the movie in cinemas twice! >:D SO HARDCORE.  

I went for Cosplay Invasion @ Penang Times Square on the 18th! don’taskificosplayedohgodwhy It was surprisingly fun! 😀 Got there pretty early, 11ish? They were having the last dance rehearsal so I went around with my friend and we went to this book sale thing. Then when we heard Popipo we ran back down and I had to stand by the escalators because it was crowded and this resulted in a really crappy video which I have yet to upload because the internet’s so darn slow. But it’s really blur anyway, so don’t think I’ll bother. :/

But here are some pics! 😀 (i’ll upload more when I’m bored)

We got my clothes at a thrift store because we were running out of time and I think that day was “take-grandma-out” day, so yeh. BUT I got this really fabulous Thneed (it’s only called that ’cause I got it after watching the Lorax and it’s blue (eek! <3) and it has trafulla fluff on it (that’s what I call it at least) . Aaaand this really cool disco ish top? Both of them were only 3 bucks each!

My "disco ball" top kinda reminds me of this even though it looks NOTHING like what Fany's wearing.

It’s also really tiny. Either that or it’s me. Nahh that thing is tiny. And then there’s the white school shirt (guys shirts are comfortabler than girls’ -.-) and a black skirt! So I give my clothes to them and I buy other people’s old clothes. Tis fun. 8D

So I’m going back to school after the mid-year holiday or whatever it’s called. Chinese school. And I think there might be a “private” sandwiched between the “chinese” and “school”. Because my mom wants me to have more friends (alright maybe I want me to have more friends too), and to pick up my Chinese and math which is pretty much at a 7 year old’s level. I’m being serious here. And the final touch, the icing on the cake, the nutella on the toast,

“Oh, and who knows you might meet some new cosplay friends.”

adfoaiehfaoiejfeiaweyroie I’M GOING!!! And honestly the idea of going back to school isn’t that scary, I mean I don’t think they hit you in secondary anymore right? They just immediately expel you or send you to the headmaster? Pfft then again, I’d love to see what happened if any TEACHER tried to hit me. But not so sure with the other students though, I’m going to be the weird loner again, and I’m pretty cool with that because people like Karen and Kisyah and Swathy taught me that there ARE some nice people in this world, or in Malaysia at least. Oh please don’t let me get beaten up on my 1st day. Please.

A few hours back I thought I might have wanted to start another secret blog for all my thoughts. Then I remembered I don’t have any secret thoughts. And I generally don’t really think, so meh. I don’t know why but I’m not as emo anymore. While other 14 year olds are crying about how they hate their lives and boohoo I’m like, “I’m so hipster I was like that when I was 11.”. And that is according to my lovely Giraffe who, when she first met me, thought I was “some kinda emo freak.” Now I am her ever lovable hippo. Nawww.

As for the title, ahem ahem.


Alrights so when my mom went for her seminar boot camp   thing she had enough time (when she wasn’t stuffing herself with the hotel’s lemon meringue pie) to meet up with err…..one of the homeschooling moms? And before I get to my point, allow moi teh pleasurrre or rambling.

She’s so cool! She saves animals and she has 3 kids (random….) and I think she has a…a umm….a….one of them shops with ahh….pet services? XD

So I generally love people who love animals and on top of that save them and on top of that she unschools/homeschools too so there isn’t the ever awkward “So which school are you going to now?” question. Nyehehehehe.

And she got me the first Hunger Games book! It’s even the same edition I wanted, the one with the Mockingjay cover! I wanted to get it so badly when I was in KL, after I heard the movie was coming out soon, but I couldn’t afford it at the time. :/ SO I WAS REALLY HIPPO HAPPY WHEN MY MOM PULLED IT OUT OF HER BAG!!!

And a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t stand looking at my dash on tumblr because it was (still is actually, only now it’s not so painful) full of stuff from all 3 books? And I felt like one of those people who don’t read the books and just watch the movies….and I felt really lame….yeah. Soo read the first book, watched the movie, uncle came out,  had dinner at a japanese restaurant that we’ve been going to for at least 10 years, watched a midnight movie, THE one and only Hunger Games, mom got the the other 2 books. Read myself happy. Kidding. I cried. So much. Can’t wait for the other 2. Finnick. James Gaisford. Okraits ta tarrs~

So apparently everyone's fancasting him to play Finnick? Not bad indeed.


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