Of millipedes and automobiles and pigeon lovers and giraffe krakens.

^ I never have such…..LONG titles. But this is a very special exception and the title has almost nothing to do with this post it’s just there to fill up that rather annoying empty space. I should sleep soon. 

Get ready for some rambling, unrelated topics, strange paragraphs and anything else you get for not blogging for 3 months ish.

Here's a picture of my cat in a bucket if you don't like my post so far.

Well March has been an interesting month. February kinda was too. So was January. 2012’s been a pretty FUN year. FUN as in being happy for no reason and literally just living life.

Sooo let’s start off with January. I um…..*goes through timeline to remember what happened*

Aigoo, I left out my birthday! IT WAS WONDERFUL. THE MOST EVENTFUL THING THAT HAPPENED WAS THE FB WISHES, GOING OUT WITH MY FAVORITE FAMILY MEMBERS (yes I have favorites I’m just mean liddats) AND HAVING A LOVELY CAKE (uniced, just a plain chocolate moist) AND GETTING 2 BOOKS  (Heroes of Olympus! Can’t wait for the Mark of Athena!) AND WATCHING JOURNEY 2 (yeah okay I watched it for Josh Hutcherson, and partly for the non-existent storyline) AND JUST TURNING OLDER.

I don’t feel any older. I don’t want to be old. I mean that in the best way possible, so please don’t call me creepy. QwQ 

I basically (mentally, physically, emotionally, whateverally, orlly) met up with some friends from CF for a photoshoot that I did not participate in (WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE BIG WORDS?!) because the wig net thingy was squeezing my head a little too tightly and I almost fainted because I was really dizzy and I couldn’t see straight and I was….umm….well I just didn’t wear a wig. BUT I MUST GET OVER THIS…THIS….THING. D8< Went to Fullhouse for the first time (yes I am just that lame) and the food there is HORRIBLE.  Well I wouldn’t go there for the main courses, but the desert was pretty decent. And it has AWESOME decor and really cool stuff = the perfect place for a photoshoot! 😀 So that’s all I mean I guess I would go to Fullhouse again for desert lah, but for a main course? Nahh. And you don’t even want to get me started on them outrageous prices for clothes (they sell some pretty boring ones, upstairs), seriously do people actually BUY those dresses? Saw one that was 79.90. I have an exact same one. Mine was 15. Cheh. But yeah I have to admit that place is really cool to hang out and have cake. LIKE A LADY.


SOMEONE WATCH GRELL! D8< Yeah, my friend’s teh best Grell cosplayer I’ve seen. ;D

So besides that there was some  angpow collecting and orange eating. Oranges in Penang weren’t sweet this year. I say Penang because everyone else’s seemed  fine and sweet. Bleh. Also lots of loh bak (CHICKEN ONES.) and I did not get to see a lion/dragon dance AT ALL this year. Sob. T.T But it was pretty fun I guess. I got to see OTHER people posting about CNY! AND we (mom and I) spontaneously drove up to Kek Lok Si and just stared at it.

So that was late Jan/early Feb and Febuary is the only month I hate because nothing happens and it has odd numbers and it’s annoying. That is all. Happy belated Forever Alone day fellow humans. I hope you had a great time during that horrible month we call February.

Unrelated:  I have succesfully gotten my soul back from 9GAG. Well most of it. The good thing is I have no soul for people to steal anymore. *trollface*

Gosh I should really complete my posts, it’s like I write a few paragraphs then I forget about it and when I DO find it again, I just delete the damn thing because I don’t like it. Pfft, silly me.

So now that I have finally decided to blog again, it’s March and there’s an event on the 18th, which I was SUPPOSED to perform but ehh…well, I’m not going to anymore. BUT I AM STILL GOING AND I…..need to go shopping tomorrow. Clothes shopping. D8<

And I met up with one of dem unschooling “friends” (mom’s friend’s friend’s friend’s (NO I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!”) son and dad) Brought them around Penang, usual touristy stuff like driving up to that nutmeg factory in the rain. Oh, and while we’re talking about that, I MUST tell you about how scared I was when we couldn’t find it. Don’t worry, twas only because mom got the names of places mixed up! ^^ Not because it’s like a ghost factory or anything, or that it’s haunted. So when we got there I found out that the owners actually leave free samples for people who come after they’re closed! That is just so nice of them. :’) I really admire these people who have enough and are THAT generous! I brought me bottle along so nutmeg juice for me WOOOHOOO~~~ I seriously get VERY hyper over that stuff, I feel like hopping around and hugging people and just giggling and laughing out loud and blogging.

Well a few months ago in Jan. before my birthday, Karen and I were just chatting, and I told her I was reading M.A.R. (Marchen Awakens Romance) and due to Karen and I being generally very blur people, it somehow ended up being “People in March shall awaken to romance”. And now that it’s March, for some silly reason, I’m actually expecting something to happen. SOMETHING. Something meaning the only thing that’s gonna happen is me winning a coupon for free yogurt or meeting some random person OR winning that Momiji contest.

Oh oh~ AND Momiji is having a contest where/ the grand prize is a HUGE Momiji and vouchers for stuff from their website! ❤  I AM SO EXCITED. Again, for unknown reasons. March this year just feels happier. So since I have no Momiji of my own, Karen shall take the pictures and I shall upload them and we shall split the prize. Hah.

And Animax Carnival was a few days ago, I didn’t go and I feel upset. Waaahh. D; But according to a few blogs I read it was poorly organized (yes, I am quoting here. WORK WITH ME.) and umm…something about having to be a Astro subscriber or cosplayer to get in free. Ahh well I get to see pictures and videos and other people having fun so I guess I should be happy since I have this Cosplay Invasion thing on Sunday.

What else…..well might be going bowling with Karen, since she discovered how fun it is, and we might be bringing a few interesting “people”. Artists, in fact. Artists who just so happen to be brunettes, not that we’re discriminating or anything. ;D

And my new favorite smiley is: ;D

Don’t ask why. It just is. For very personal and private reasons.

Yes artists, surfers, and hipsters. This makes no sense to you people but I imagine it will at least amuse you enough to keep reading the next few paragraphs.

That is it. I have started buying manga, instead of reading them online, and it makes me feel….happy? Guess it IS worth it and they cost the same as my other books and they really make me realize a lot of things. Reading manga makes me feel that way, sad, happy, that strange bittersweet feeling you get when you’re trying not to cry because you’re so happy….Alright that last bit might have suddenly popped up because I’m currently listening to this:

I think I’ll abandon my blog for a few more weeks now, but I think I’ll blog soon, maybe I’ll do another “movie” review thing, and I’ll bet my fake Pokemon card collection that something interesting is bound to happen in March. It has to be March. I just feel it.



Can’t wait for the movie to come out! ;D