I. AM. SO. HAPPY. I never believed I would reach THAT goal, in fact, I didn’t even expect anyone to “accidentally” find my blog, but now I have 2,010 hits and counting. 8D THANK YOU!

So if you stalked went back far enough, you’ll see that my first post was around this time last year. Or Febuary. Or March. I don’t know, I just know during the beginning of the year. Kraken (yes that’s her new name) asked me to start blogging and since she is so persuasive I did. I clicked on wordpress (Pfft! I knew THAT much!) and I found out my mom (being the wonderful person that she is) already created a blog for me. It was empty and it had this horrible Koi theme so of course the first thing I did was change the theme.

It was really hard at first. No wait. Easy. Hard. Easy? Then I started getting lazy, and nothing much happens in my life, then I had a lightbulb when I had no idea what to post and wordpress started asking you those: “What should you post next?” questions and I went AH HA. So this is probably my 55th post, and I must say I’m proud of myself for actually achieving something and reaching my first goal of 55 posts. WordPress is such a great goal setter. I hate that word. Goal goal goal.

Sure I don’t know half the words other homeschoolers know, and I might not be as wonderfully talented and smart as they are, but at least I didn’t quit! :’)
(insert more cheesy stuff here)

And I promise I’ll blog at least once a week. There. Can’t be that hard. I mean, it’s only one post a week, right…? Oops. *facepalm* We’ll see. =w=;

So it’s Chinese New Year, and we’re painting the house! Weeeelll we’ve painted everything else. My room’s the only one left. It’s gonna be pink. Pics later!

Thanks again for everything! 🙂