Comic Fiesta 2011 (I was gonna give it some fancy name but my brain isn’t working)

Imma just skip to the Comic Fiesta part since the rest of what I did is none of your business~ rather embarrassing. 

Most of the pics are blur because I was too lazy to upload them in HD and there aren’t that many pics because Perry(my camera) died  and Kisyah’s not gonna upload the rest of the pics until she comes on later and I force her to. 

At last. The day has arrived. COMIC FIESTA HEREE AIII COMMEEE~!

Karen was staying over and I had to share a mattress with her AND share a blanket (MY PPG glow in the dark one!) AND…well she provided free alarm service. X) Couldn’t believe it was finally THE Day until we saw what time it was and hurried to get dressed.

The night before my mom’s really nice friend Auntie Jane took us out for dinner at this really nice noodles shop! Then we walked around, saw some really nice shoes me liked even though I hate wearing flats, got nail polish because the one’s at Etude House are just too cute and colorful, and hair ties. Yes, pink and white polka dotted scrunchies. You can imagine how adorable I looked. The next morning Auntie Jane picked us up and brought us to this REALLY fancyyyy place! It. Was. Heaven. The environment, decor, cakes, EVERYTHING! BEST PLACE TO HAVE BREAKFAST EVER! Don’t think I’ll ever forget it, Karen Cuppycake (HA! See? I actually called her by her real name!) and I are gonna open a cafe/bakery like that soon. We’ll call it Thea the Magnificent’s Delights~ 


Comic Fiesta. Finally.

Day 1.

Don’t read the papers. Just don’t, because apparently the ****** one was really, erm, irelevant and others don’t come close to how awesome it was even though I stood for an hour just to get out of the hall because of “crowd control” rules and I’m so grapefruitful  grateful  that we got there early and Zed Dabaliew and her friend, I forgot his name T.T, arrived first so we bought our tickets early. How they ran out of tickets, I have no idea. But desu! and Marshmallow Panic were FANTASTIC! And this is coming from a person who doesn’t really listen to “local” music because I expect horrible “I’mgonnadieandkilleveryonewiththisguitar” singing and/or some really scary rock. No offense to anyone. Unfortunately not everyone thought the bands were awesome, I heard some people say they were suckish, but then again they like —– so you know what kinda weird stuff THEY like. 


I took TONS of pictures, and NO, I’m not going to upload them NOW. Maybe tomorrow, because it’s 4am and I have no idea why I’m still awake and we’re going grocery shopping tomorrow at Tesco because I like Tescos  because it took a century to upload ONE photo and I’m about to jump off a cliff because of that. ANYWAYS, the day before I asked where the costume shop she mentioned was. So I begged my grandaunt to fetch us there, aaaaall the way in Sri Hartamas, so I could have a “look”. I ended up renting a costume. And I’m so glad I did even though I had—STILL have no idea what I was. I sailor, perhaps. So I expected it to be a giant art fair or something, booths and boringness (sorry, you may kill me now) and I only went to support Kisyah’s sister’s booth. I ended up taking tons of blur photos, meeting so many awesome people, sharing a table with a performing dj during lunch, and bruising my feet. Also went up on stage because I needed a bag to keep stuff. What? I wanted more mints! So here’s a pic:

And yes, I know I look goofy. 
Credits to Panorealism Production! 🙂 

'ere's anozzer pic of ze stage since I like stages. Yes now please shut up about how stupid I look. =w=;

People! I love people!

Bruised my feet! Why? I wore boots that were a little too small. What kinda people have feet THAT tiny?! With heels THAT high?! But I wore them because they looked good and when I got back according to everyone, I was limping. Heh. So I stayed until about 7.30pm, after Karen “abandoned” me during lunch and went showpink (shopping) with Zed Dabaliew, I had to literally drag Kisyah around. I did not know she was agoraphobic. So this means more forever alone time for me. When I got to the booth that sold meme masks, they’d sold out. I felt like crying. So I had chocolate instead. My uncle picked me up and was in a curiously good mood and asked me if I’d like to go for the 2nd day. 

Idk which character he is, but thanks so much for the tomato! ^_^ Yesh, Kisyah asked for it. She is a strange person. o.O

Do you even need to think when someone asks you that?

Epic Nyan Cat was Epic. 

Nyan Nyan Nyan~

I said yes. >:)

 CF Day 2

Much much better than yesterday! Partly because we didn’t have to que up AND also because I met awesome people! How awesome? Kuroshitsuji awesome. 😉 

Woke up late. Woke up at 7 actually, but my wonderful alarm decided not to work and I fell asleep again, so when I woke up it was already 9 something and my uncle was already there, so I had to literally freeze myself with my grandaunt’s shower (yesh, no heater) and the hardest part was remembering to bring my camera. But I finally remembered all my stuff, went downstairs, uncle came back from buying breakfast and away we went~ (spirited away~) 

I forgot to eat breakfast. Hurmph. Well I wasn’t really hungry because I was too excited and happy, and even though I still had to line up and I got lost on my way there because I forgot where the halls were,( KLCC staff or something: Excuse me miss, can I help you?” *going up stairs* Ummm yeah I think I’m lost.)  I was still hyper. Only had to wait about half an hour or less to get my ticket, and I got more free mints. 8D And chocolate. So dear CF staff, thanks so much for the chocolate! xD

Nothing much happened I guess, just went around and took more pictures, had to go around alone because Kisyah got kinda stressed out with all the crowds. Then while wandering around Hall 4 (haven’t been there since Day 1 coz I got err, traumatized) I FOUND these awesome Kuroshitsuji cosplayers! 😀 And the best part was (is actually, since they’re still together) they were dressed as almost ALL of the characters! You can just imagine how happy I was. So here are more pics since Karen’s a mushy cuppycake that no likes reading long posts.

I followed them to an outdoor photoshoot, since I am that lame I’ve never been to one, and took a few pics. By a few I mean like 50, but I can’t upload them all. xP 

Ciel Harem! ❤

Everyone's out of character XD

Alice in Wonderland~

 Took this on the 1st day! Hope I can be THIS Ciel this year!

Furuba~! ❤

I was actually hoping I would find Furuba cosplayers. Kyo + Tohru forever! ❤

After meeting the awesomest people there, well, some of the awesomest since the giant Domo and Lego murderers were pretty cool too, they let me tag along and we had lunch~! 😀 I had soup, if you really must know. =.=” 

Camcorder guy!


Epic much? XD

Bronies! ^_^

More awesome people. 😀

Then after THAT there was more walking around, photo taking, candy eating, free mints, and postcard buying (oh great I ruined my surprise!). And more yakking and resting my feet and staring at stuff I couldn’t afford. Like neko ears.
I didn’t get to take any pics of the awesome Lego murderers OR that…..thing. Y’know the photographer? Ahhh go find someone else’s pics! xP

Youtube guy!


RaGe"n NaTaKa!

And there was this guy that was dj-ing, and later on after taking his picture I realized that I shared a table with him on the first day. And apparently his hair isn’t a wig either. Listened to remixes, you can listen to them HERE.


Then my uncle came and I had to leave. 😥 That was at about 7/8ish. The look on his face when he saw everyone was priceless, even though he’ll never admit it. >:D 

So guess that’s the end of Comic Fiesta 2011, my first time there and it had to be the “worst” one because of KLCC’s management or something. But was still the best way to end 2011. And here I am weeks later posting this. Can you believe it took me a YEAR to blog?! XDDDD

Last pic I of Day 2! Agent Box and Horse Guy (I'm sorry I don't know what to call him XD) Thank you lady who took this pic! It's like the only one I have of me lol.



4 thoughts on “Comic Fiesta 2011 (I was gonna give it some fancy name but my brain isn’t working)

    • Waaahh!!! Someone found me! /runs and hides/ QwQ
      Y-y-you actually read my blog?! :O Arigatou~! ^_^ Lawl thanks for letting me take the pics! 🙂
      Nice meeting you too!

      • Nao says:

        ppftt haha well, I just go through actually =P I’m a bit lazy when it comes to blogs…including mine lol I’ve abandoned it LONG time ago already. *pats* if we didn’t let you take pics, what the heck would we do then? we’re cosplayers after all…must accept that fact lol

  1. You’re cosplayers….must accept that fact….Yes, my lord. M(_)M.
    Eheheheh,..yeah I’m lazy when it comes to blogging too but my friends were bugging me so I just decided to blog this one last epic post. Now Imma go into sleep mode for the rest of the year. =w=;

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