I get stalked by scary moms.

Title reminds meh of Percy Jackson. I still can’t find the first book. Must’ve left it somewhere.

Alrightey….before I start, brb because I wanna see if Jaayy Waii has blogged yet. Nope. I still have time. 8D

So anyways, *says that in the annoyingest voice possible* I SAID HELLO TO A PARKING METER!!! 😀


My mom thinks I’m childish for talking to inanimate objects. I’m sure I’m not the only one. *thinks of fb group called “People talking to inanimate objects unite here”*

Today I had 4 hours of online time all to myself. Wheeee~! ❤ Why am I so happy? Because I just am duh. o.O And I started reading posts on some groups. Now, before I get to that part, I have a confession to make. I’m secretly an auntie. I spend my teenage years drinking tea and reading parenting blogs, and reading what others have to say about teen-agers being rebellious. yes, teen-agers, that’s how they spelled it last time. APARENTNAMEDLEE. And some part of me likes knowing what people think of me. So there I have confessed, moving on.


I get stalked by scary moms, that PERSONALLY messaged my mom, asking her, about, these commas, garh, how long I was in school and stuff, “…because it says on her profile that she attended Light Street Convent….and Datuk Keramat. Mind sharing the story?” 

Yes I do mind. And why on this beautiful planet Earth were you stalking me? What have I done to deserve this….how did they find me?  What do they want? When will facebook ever realize that I don’t go to school and unschooled should be a proper school…..

Yes I attended school. Yes they were both convents. Yes I am—NO wait I am NOT what you’re thinking of….I know CDK doesn’t have a good reputation, but I assure you I am completely sane, and above all, normal. ^_^  And I was only there for 2 years. Then I moved to CLS. Then I got kicked out. 8D (she’s lying…SHE’S LYING!!! SHE’S A GOODY TWO SHOES AND I CAN PROVE THAT SHE DIDN’T GET KICKED OUT!!! EVERYONE LOVED HER!!! EVERYONE L—) Ignore that tiny voice.

“I hope you don’t think I am nosey here…But I am trying to get an idea from various people on how and why they decided to homeschool etc.

I DO THINK YOU’RE NOSEY, MR/MRS ANON!!! Trying to get an idea? Pfft! more like stalking so you can gossip. <– judgmental, physical and emotional. You know me. I’m mentally 5. So I’ll just post my mom’s reply here:

(1) Unschooled 3 years going on 4 years. 

(2) shared the story many times on several blogs. I’m not that interested in my own story :D. OK, a short version. 

Mommy didn’t like school. Mommy taught at a school. Mommy decided all things factored in it just wasn’t worth waking up to because it goes against my other liberties. 

(3) Wow – you guys check out my daughter’s profile! She’s more popular than I am, isn’t she? Truth be told….:). She’s an average, regular, teen. And by that I mean – as unpredictable and individualistic as people come. 😀

 ‎(4) Yes, I do mind that people are nosey but that is the price I pay for stepping forward to be a public face where ideas can come around, so in a paradox kind of way, I don’t mind. 

Rather, I’ve accepted the price I have to pay. Someone has to pay the price for stepping forward and being a dot everything else comes around. I’ve learned to not take myself as seriously as most people take me (or themselves).

Don’t apologize for being nosey. If you are, you just are. Be proud of who you are.

On a completely unrelated topic, here’s another comment from the secret group:

‎”Hi all,
Anyone can give some guidance how to create a blog? My 12 years old son is interested.” 

 Well you’ve figured out how to email and facebook…..blogging’s basically the same principle. And if your son’s 12 and he doesn’t know how to CREATE a blog….well…umm….


Forget googling for it. Go to YOUTUBE and type in the search box “how to create a blog” and even before you finish typing it out it will give you options of the platforms you can use : blogger, blogspot, wordpress, tumblr, ………….soooo many.

And you wonder where I get my sarcasm  HELPFULNESS from.

It’s kinda creepy getting stalked by moms that wanna disect you and know every single thing about you.  That’s all I wanted to say. I just like listening to the click-click noise of people typing that’s why I wrote an extra 700 words. 🙂


Sorry sorry super sorry, For you I fell,fell,fallen baby. Shawty shawty shawty shawty eyes are eyes are blinded baby.

The title. Is rather interesting, is it not? No? Fine then. But again, for the 100000th time in months, I apologize for not blogging. *bows* I am once again your humble blogging servant, your wordpress highness. Gawd the title’s dumb. Ahh well it sounds nice in korean. 😀

“Only boring people get bored…..in that case I must be an extremely boring person since I find you interesting.” 

Shhh!!! Don’t tell the Giraffe I stole her quote! 😛 Well, actually I only stole part of it. The first half. But it’s TRUE! I do find you extremely interesting!!! I find people who try not to be fascinating….fascinating. 8)
The best time to blog is 5 am while everyone’s asleep. I feel inspired.

Mom: Yeah sure go blog about it, as if anyone’s gonna believe you if you don’t have any pics.  

……….I suppose all of you assume I’m a liar huh? That—that I’m just some creepy old lady that collects cats and lives in a treehouse in the middle of some jungle? 😥 Well you’re right. I am. You call it lying. I call it fiction. 8D

So on Wendysday Mummy got a message from Ican’tspellhername and it basically said, “OI, this family ‘ere comin’ to penang, so do that thing unschoolers do and meet up with ’em….OR ELSE.”. Of course it was much more polite than that, but you know me~ 😀 So my mom told me to sleep early because APPARENTLY (haven’t used that in a while. teehee.) I’m a Thing and I did the exact opposite of what she told me to do and stayed up watching weird music videos on tv. YES they still show them. (PS: Ukiss, Usuck.) When I finally dragged myself out of bed the next morning at 10ish, 11, Mommy said we’re meeting them for lunch. Of course she only told me this AFTER I panicked and showered and got dressed as fast as I could. See? I’m NOT antisocial! I ❤ fraaans!!! 😀 I love my mom. So much.

I was in a rather cranky mood because I had to wear pants that I’d worn 3 days straight (I really,really hope none of them read this XD) and some top my mom magically pulled out of the closet. My VIP pass top. The purple one.

If you asked me what I was expecting them to be like, I wasn’t. I didn’t really care, I mean, sure I knew they were unschoolers (thanks to my trusty findoutstuff skills, otherwise I wouldn’t have found out till much later on), but I didn’t really know what they were…….like. But they were very nice. ^_^ *lies* Gahahaha!!! *giggles to self* I’m not lying, I wouldn’t lie about stuff like this, but they are really nice. I don’t have the words to describe them. -.-”

But they’re from…..Bellinghamster XD And they have 1 daughter that’s 19, and 1 son that’s 13, and anozzer girl that’s 3…ish. And they’ve never gone/attended/been to (BENTO!) school before. Unlike yours truly the one and only Thea the Magnificent. 😉

(Mom says I should use fake names while I’m at it. And since I’m sucha interesting person, instead of calling them boring names like Lisa and Anon, I’ll makeups real ones.) Susan Cucumber (whaaat? :P) is 19, she’s been to JAPAN. 😀 And she can sing Mary had a little lamb in japanese, and sounds so super kawaii singing it. X3 And she’s learning chinese/japaneseish. X) Bill Kaulitz (yes, I’m calling him that because he looks like him) is APPARENTLY (gotta love that word) my twin separated at birth, since we have so much in common. Apparently….He has rather fluffy *cough niceawesomePINK* hair* and we both love Pocky and peppermint ice cream. And swimming. And we suck at any kind of sport. And he took a photography course thingy around the same time I started taking lots of pics a few years ago ( I WASN’T LISTENING THERE I SAID IT I WAS SCARED OF THE MONKEYS OKAY?!). And we both can’t survive without PENS. He’s a great drawer…sorry err, artist. Then again everyone’s great compared to me. xP  I might be saying a bit too much. So I’ll just leave it like this.

Nuff words. New post. Up later. See ya. Ciao~

I suck at blogging. Better find something to do before some other hser starts….nvm.
PPS: Does it count if I post a few posts now and “abandon” my blog for another few months? xP