Auntie’s questions #101: Not going to school, socialization, exams, and a bunch of other words I hate.

Title says it all.

I always get people asking me these questions. I call them auntie questions because most of the time they’re…well, asked by aunties. And it has a nice ring to it. I have no idea what the #101 stands for, but numbers make something cool! Like 3oh3!.  I always get asked these questions, everyone does.

And since EVERYONE does their own Q&A with these same questions(in my own words) why don’t I be that little furry thing that follows all the other furry things and follow them? (Why NOT? because then I’d be boring and lame. And I already am) But yes, I am/was/is extremely bored.

Let’s start with the first question!

What about exams?

What about ’em?

Get rid of exams: save trees.

Fine I really do suck at these answering questions thingy. I really do.

What about socialization? Aren’t you  she won’t have any friends?!

I. Hate. That. Word. 

Let’s put it this way shall we? I didn’t have friends back when I was in school, in fact, I have more friends now than I did then. I don’t have tons of friends, but me likes being alone occasionally anyway. Besides I have to go off and rule Narnia every few months so it’s better to have a few friends that can keep a secret than have one that’s a blabbermouth.

So yeah about the friends….of course I have friends, *nervous laughter* why wouldn’t I? Heh heh….yep, sure have lots of f-f-friends?




Won’t you get bored at home?

According to GeoChallenge, with a score of 153, it means I have agoraphobia! yay! I think it means I don’t like leaving or I’m scared of everything or whatever. Yes, me no likey going out.

What about when you grow up? What are you going to do? How are you going to get a job?

Everyone grows up sheesh lady what’s so wrong with that?! o.O What am I going to do? Whatever I feel like doing. How am I gonna get a job? I. Don’t. Want. One. I’m never gonna work for someone….unless my plans to open my own franchise of cafes fail then I guess I’ll just have to go work at Starbucks or Coffee Bean (did you know it has a Tea Leaf in it as well?!) just to get that makingcoffeetakingorderseatingchocolatechipmuffins kinda experience. Other than that I don’t think I’m gonna work for anyone (MOMS DON’T COUNT!!!) and I’m gonna do what I really love. Duh. 8)

School: Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives

Class: Come Late And Start Sleeping 

This has got to be one of the lamest noobest posts I have ever written. But I’m sleepy, my camera ran outta battery, and I am falling asleep now sooooo……..bye for now?



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