There’s no title. Unless “I HATE YOU YOU MEANIE HOW COULD YOU BE SO…SO IRRELEVANT!” counts as one.

My mom told me that if I had nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So you now know why I’m so quiet around you.

What a pity some parents never drill that into their kids….hmm.

I can stand people ignoring me (when I say people,I mean everyone besides my family. If they start ignoring me I panic.). I can also stand people calling me strange, weird, awkward, you name it. I am also capable of getting over you insulting something I made. (cakes, art, craft thingys, you get the idea.)

But I can’t stand people who criticize me. Oh fine, maybe they weren’t exactly criticizing, but still, you know I’m paranoid about how people feel about me! So why’d you have to go hurt my feelings like that….That was really mean!!! *starts crying like Bubbles*

What happened today? Well actually my day was pretty okay till I checked my notifications. I STILL have a running nose, and I’ve been sneezing for the past 2 hours, but yes, other than that I was in a neutral mood. My face šŸ˜

Now, I remember I once wrote a post about how I hate people that judge me, unfortunately that post never got published because by the time I finished writing it I felt better already. But this is the second time it’s happened, and……well how would YOU feel if whatever YOU did was perfectly okay to you, and some SNAIL (yes, I hate snails. And that person who offended me resembles a snail anyways) points out that little fact and makes it sound bad. Then of course, everyone will start noticing it and stare at you funny.

My advice to that snotty old lady: Keep your nose out of my stuff. Especially if it’sĀ irrelevant.Ā 

I don’t mind people posting on my wall. I mean, it’s totally cool if you don’t like something about me and you post it on my wall, OR you message me. That’s totally fine! Nothing wrong with that. So go spam my wall with all the things you think are “wrong”. I don’t care, just DO NOT I repeat DO NOT comment on my other posts that have nothing to do with you insulting me. I posted a status. And you just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad to comment and embarrass me in front of any friends I had. Thanks a ton. Door’s over there, walk yourself out.

Ohmigawd. I sound like those weirdo teens that find everything….y’know, those people (some kids just never grow up) that complain about everything. Yessss fine I still complain, but I actually TRY (heard that mommy?!) not to. It’s hard. But it works 40% of the time. It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just, let’s put it this way: if you were hanging from a cliff, I’d probably step on your hand. And throw a boulder down after that. Just in case. I’d also throw some dynamite in, but I doubt they sell explosives at cliff sites.