Thea’s random thoughts about stuff that happened in school #02

Ahem ahem! Let’s see….reasons why I started writing this post:

1) I’m bored

2) The person that “inspired” (well actually this is more of a “haha in yo face” kinda thing) me to write this post is probably never gonna read this….hopefully.

3) I’m waiting for Karen to finish her dinner and I have nothing to do

4) I is bored.


Teal? Ooh, nice color. 😀 Now as I was saying, this is going to be my second post about stuff that happened in school. 

FYI: I did go to school you bapos. So stop acting as if I’m some weird martian who’s never been on earth before. But since I’m SUCH a nice person, I shall be kind and understanding and explain to you how I’m the type of person who tries everything and NEVER listens to anyone else’s opinion. Well unless it’s like….important-ish. But other than that yeah I’m the kind of person who watches a movie even though everyone else says it’s lousy just to see for myself. 🙂 So OBVIOUSLY I’ve been to school. So quit acting LIKE a dumb snail and treating me LIKE one. 

It all started like this, I was commenting on a friend’s post, and her other friend, (you know how people just CAN”T keep their mouths shut right?) told them that I was homeschooled. So this friend of a friend, I forgot what I commented, said something really dumb and explained to me how there were 5 days of school a week. Huh. Thanks dude! I NEVER would’ve known…See thing is most people tend to think I’m like…erm…well they think I’ve never been to school and I’m kept in this little antiseptic bubble and therefore have no idea what the outside world is like. (therefore? woahh….I feel so smart today!) Not all. Just most. Fine maybe it was only a few peoples, but yous knows hows me likes to exaggerate. So to clear this up: I HAVE been to school, and no, I did not enjoy it. AND: I’m not a dummy, I do NOT come from a village in the middle of nowhere, and I know how to use a kompootah. So if you don’t stop acting as if I’m from another planet, which under normal circumstances would be cool, Imma start a tweet trend and tell everyone what a mean nasty person you are. (A) Person whom inspired meh to writey this bloggy IS a mean nasty person. B) I don’t even know how to use twitter. So you’re safe. ) 

So anyways….let’s skip this depressing “gonna start a poke war because me no likey you” business, and skip to the stories! 😀

Right  (I over use that word.) Left, so today I was running errands with me grandma, and we passed a school. It was a convent actually, so you see a lot of girls whining and shoving each other. And I was thinking about MY time in school…how it felt like to be dragged out of bed every morning, falling asleep during math class, ahh….memories…(less than 3, I mean..<3). Well you do miss that kinda stuff every once in a while..I mean siriusly! (geddit? siriusly? bwahahaha!) life is boring without these little controlled routine things….(<– starts to act like one of those serial killers).

I remember there was this ONCE incident in school though, I won. 8D Nyehehe…I won a prize for umm….idk it’s like you get the highest marks in an exam and at the end of the term they give you a prize. I got 2nd prize. Only because Marissa had a math tutor and a functioning brain.  But yeah, I bought a book from that TanMark mini bookfair thing they were having at my school, I only got 8 bucks so I got this really cheap book about old….folktales? Yes. It’s still in my cupboard. 

’07? I was….9.

I also have a trophy I won in a math competition. I cheated. No, actually I didn’t cheat, but I didn’t deserve to win either. Someone else answered the winning question, but I got the trophy instead. I think it was really unfair….but the trophy’s mine and it’s the only one I have, so I keep it for sentimental reasons. 

The end of my hot then cold post. Ta~! 🙂