Hugo kinda reminds me of Tanglewreck…?

OMGOMGOMG!!! Just now I was really bored, and for ONCE the internet is actually being agreeable, so me decided to take advantage of it….Muahaha! And I remember when we were watching Spykids (oh me forgot to write about it!) I saw this really cool trailer:

And I had this really OhthisissosadI’mgonnacry feeling, I have no idea why. THEN I remembered a few years ago, fine maybe it was only a couple of years back but my mom got me this book: Tanglewreck . Huh.

At first I was like, “Great mom found another lousy book,” but as I started reading it….it was…well it’s one of those great the first time you read it then it gets boring books. But yesh it was really awesome! Even though it would’ve been better without the lovey dovey stuff.

But yeah, Hugo kinda reminds me of that. But I think they really overdid it with the “Aww…..poor orphan kid living in a train station,” thing. idk why I just get emotional when I watch stuff with train stations in ’em. AND if it’s super duper old train stations back in the 1800’s it just makes it worse. And to top it all off, you HAD to play 30 seconds to Mars’s Kings and Queens. Can you find a song sadder than THAT?! Ugh who wouldn’t wanna watch it if they play that song…

November 23rd? One day before Mommy’s birthday….I HAVE TO WATCH IT NO MATTA WHAT!!!

Saw this comment on the trailer:

This book was the best ever! I read it when I was in 7th grade, and now it’s a movie! I’m watching this!!!

┬áThere’s a BOOK too?! :O I have to read it. Now.