TheaMak….is actually 2 separate words.

Remember the story of me blog? I just logged in one day and found it like this, so I never really had a chance to change the name. Maybe you can, idk, I’m just too lazy to figure it out because wordpress takes AT LEAST 2 minutes to load. Two. whole. minutes. But fyi,

Thea – my name

Mak – me surname

Basil- name of my pet on Pet Society, I kinda like eating basil too…

Blooregard/ Beauregard – Well, Bloo is the name of the little blue thing in FHIF (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends), his full name is Blooregard Q. Kazoo. And I LOVE that squivshy thing! Bloo’s adorablah! Beauregard, ripped it off Silena Beauregard from Percy Jackson. Apparently it means “nice to look at” in french or something. *perasan*

Thea means…..

Thea \the()-thea\ as a girl’s name is pronounced THEE-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Thea is “goddess“. Short form of names like AltheaMathea and Dorothea (Greek) “gift ofGod“. Mythology: the Greek goddess of lightmother of the sunmoon, and dawnActress Téa Leoni.

Thea has 3 variant forms: TeaTheia and Thia.For more information, see also related names Dorothy and Timothea. Baby names that sound like Thea are TheoDeaTayaTe-ThuToya and Toia.

Basil on the other hand, means:

The name Basil (royal, kingly), pronounced /ˈbæzəl/, has origins from the male Greek name Vassilios (GreekΒασίλειος, female versionBασιλική) which first appeared during the Hellenistic period. It is derived from “basileus” (Greek: βασιλεύς) a Greek word of pre-Hellenic origin meaning “king”, from which words such as basilica and basilisk (via Latin), as well as the eponymous herb (via Old French) derive, and the name of the Italian region Basilicata, which had been long under the rule of the Byzantine Emperor (also called basileus).

Just say lah it’s yummy….Thea’s great and all if you’re between the ages of 1-9, but have you ever met a grown up person (yes! A grown perrrsonn) named Thea? No? Well I don’t wanna be that person, and I hate my name.

So just to clear it up, in case you thought my name was Theamak (how would you pronounce that?!)

it’s not. It’s Thea. Mak. Got that?


Youtubing-non-stop week #1 (and more random stuff)

So this week (actually it’s only Wednesday…) I’ve been on Youtube like 8 hours a day, at least. What do I do on youtube? Weeelll me and Karen (Karen and me, Karen and I, whatever.) were chatting one day a few weeks ago and I have no idea how we started talking about cartoons from our childhood. Yes. Waaaayyy back when Disney and CN was still worth watching. Here’s the status:

I can’t find it, so I’ll just make a new one. That is similar to the old one of course….


We both had SO many favorite cartoons in common! PS: KAREN HAD A CRUSH ON ROBIN FROM TEEN TITANS HAHAHAHA!!! yeah I did too so…..

And, for reasons unknown, Karen ALSO liked this guy:

Yeah I liked him too……and now he’s….gone. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! If you don’t know who he is, you are obviously not one of us, we, wait what? Is it WE awesome 90’s kids or US awesome 90’s kids? Nvm I’ll just leave it like this and that correct-everyone-OCD  mom of mine is sure to comment. So you seriously don’t know who he is? Even with the name at the side? listen to the theme song and maaaayybee you’ll remember.

If you STILL don’t know him….then you’re just LAME. I was joking! Not.

HA! oh yessshhh me feels like me awesome blogger self again! Whooohooo!!! And fyi, and wrote the middle part first, then I decided to add this bit on top, and voila! I’m ME again! 😀

What did I do today? Well I decided to (sings Celine Dion’s Taking Chances), and clicked YouTube, waited a MILLION years for it to load, and one of these annoying little things I do when I’m bored is spontaneously click on one or two of the featured videos. It’s quite entertaining actually….not knowing what you click, until you wait another few million years for it to load and watch it. Now when I say spontaneously, I mean I only click on stuff that looks interesting, so NigaHiga, guess you were interesting enough hehehe……(yes I was extremely bored).

Oh fine, I guess I should tell you 2 things…

1) I lied about clicking whatever’s on the youtube homepage, I only click on stuff in the entertainment section


2) I’ve never actually WATCHED Epic Meal Time, though there was that one time I was (forced might be too strong a word) to watch Epic rap battles. But I don’t really feel like watching Epic meal time, so I’ll just watch Ryan’s version of it. Oh gawd I sound so…..automatic systematic so traumatic~ you’re auto–okay okay what I meant to say was I sound so robotic and well, fake. You know, like those other umm….while I think of a word here’s a little story:

I’m turning 14 in 4 months. That’s MY theory on why I’m getting so boring. The other is that I’m out of practice, but naahhh, I’ll go with the getting old one. I mean seriously, have you ever MET an interesting 14 year old??!! (Lia from Kids React doesn’t count!)          

Oh yeah, I also got addicted to Kids React! It IS interesting, I mean you get little 6 year olds watching Nyan cat, what’s more interesting than THAT?! XD 

So this week’s episode is…..CHARLIE THE UNICORN!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!! CHARLIE CHARLIE YOU HAVE TO TAKE US TO THE END OF THE RAINBOW!!! Hahahahaha! I remember the first time I watched Charlie was when he did a cameo in AO. It……was hilarious.

Hey Charlie! Hey! WHAT?! Knife! Ow right in the other kidney! (Yes, I’ve memorized almost every Annoying Orange episode)

Is now watching NigaHiga’s How to be a Youtube star. Doesn’t everyone want to BE one? Forget being a…a…..well let’s just say actor or singer, Youtube stars are way cooler. Except Maahhreeayyyy Diigggbee. I think that’s how you spleen–SPELL her name, and she’s not really CONSIDERED (what is with all these random caps?! It’s not like I’m hiding a secret message or something…Hint: THIS BLOG AIN’T A PART OF THE 39 CLUES) a star is she? She’s considered…..a…nnoying.

Me has also been reading (has anyone HEARD (<— another random cap) that new Neekolee Sh—SCFHE—zingerr song? 1. It’s a Nelly ripoff. 2. Me is the only one allowed to use the WORD me that many times…..) other homeschooler’s blogs. And I feel very dumb at the moment. I feel so……behind. So dim. So uninformed. I feel like….well, Me. Y’see I’ve been living with an average IQ of 22 all my life, so the fact that I could even start this blog is amazing. But seriously, read me and Karen’s (no linky link coz she hasn’t updated her blog since Bear Reese) blogs, THEN read other teen’s blogs, and you will find a big….gap. Karen’s not so bad, but I have no idea why someone would waste their precious time reading mine. 😛

*Puts on nerdy glasses and acts smart * According to me extensive research, in every 10 homeschoolers,

5 are those people who actually do biblical studies and actually LIKE reading about the birth of jesus or something like that (and to make things worse….they actually have a study SCHEDULE. you know…a schedule, to study.)

3 think they’re smarter than everyone else because they actually are

2 are emo and just plain weird

and there is only 1 in every 10 kids that are like Egghead…I mean Mrs. Juliette Choi aka Karen Cuppy Cake and Me~ With a capital M. Seriously what is WITH all these kids? I mean just because you’re homeschooled doesn’t mean you have to act 10 years older than you actually are! Does it…? Does that mean I have to act 23? and….old? :O o.O

And if nigahiga can make lousy not even HD quality videos and get millions of views on youtube, I don’t see why I shouldn’t. But maybe it’d be easier to just pay a few grand and get some company to write a lousy song about weekends for me……and autotune it. Time for another eggspeareement! 😀