Alex Rider (me found a new series to read!)

I prefer series over single books, I mean yes if you’re just one book then you’re unique and special, but it’s not that fun coz then I’ll finish it in less than a day….then I’ll get bored again.

So they were showing Alex Rider’s Stormbreaker just now on tv, and I remembered when it first came out I wanted to watch it, but I never did. At least this time I got to watch half of it. 😛

The movie’s kinda nice, the last book turned movie I watched was Percy Jackson, and I don’t need to tell you how disappointing THAT was. =.=

And Anthony Horowitz is like friends with Eoin Colfer right? left? Anyway Artemis Fowl and Alex Rider are both really great books, NO I have never read AR, don’t ask why, I just never thought of it. BUT now I know what to read~ Lalala~ I’m so happy! fralalaaaa~! (acts like dumb smurfette) I get really really excited everytime I find a great book series…there’s this feeling you just can’t describe in words. 😛

I’ve been collecting Darren Shan trilogies! Yes at first I thought only the first 3 books were printed as 3 in 1s but now I found out all of them are printed like that! there are 12 books so go figure….Got the first 3 and last 3 first, so I was really confused coz a HUGE chunk of the storyline was missing, but a few days ago grandma got me 4-6 so I’m not so lost anymore. 🙂

PS: I wonder if Anne Frank’s mad that everyone read her diary, Darren Shan’s cool with it coz he actually ASKED Mr. Tall to publish his diary, but Anne? poor her. 😛

PPS: Sorry if me sounds a bit different today….my blogging voice isn’t working, huh, guess it doesn’t work when I use quickpress. 😛

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PPPS: Yes I have to do that. Do what? You know, that, “Another WordPress QuickPress post. Done. (clicks publish)” thing.