August is nearly over and I just found out today’s a Sundae….omnomnom

is it just me or does wordpress take a really long time to load? 

Uh huh….so last friday night~ No actually yesterday was saturday teehee. 😛 Me and my mom went karaoke-ing because a few months ago she (I have no idea why) got a membership card or whatever AND you get free stuff! 😀 Well actually you get free vouchers and they expire tomorrow so yesterday we used….the free jug of coke one I think. AND they were having this lucky draw thing, unfortunately you had to stick your arm in and find a ping pong ball in a box full of little foam thingys, and the balls kept running away from me. In the end I managed to grab an unsuspecting ping pong ball( Muahahaha!) and drag it out. Buy 1 bucket get 1 free. Don’t ask. -.-” 

So mommy let me have my songs first and the first thing I chose was….yes you guessed right! Gee~! I had no idea the lyrics would be korean, YES I know it’s a korean song but I expected it to be well, letters. BUT I memorized the whole song already so I didn’t even need lyrics. 😛 Then after that it was Oh!  and Genie and then SHINee’s Lucifer and Hello~And of course I just HAD to annoy my mom with my favorite song of all time…..THISHehehe…twas so fun. XD

It would have been MUCH better if they hadn’t been bursting in (without knocking!) everytime we were in the middle of a song, something like, would you like to order your drinks now? Or here’s the bill, OR right here’s your change. UGH.

 My mom was having her own personal concert, and….it was pure torture. They even had Ellie Goulding! Yay! 😀 And because I love this song so much, here it is! ( I miss adding videos…it takes up space and makes me post look longer) 

……just noticed the words are in green? No? Are you colorblind? 

What I’ve been doing for the past hmm…..3-4 weeks or so. Well first there was that whole family comes to Penang thing, then after that…ahh….I stayed at my grandma’s place, because, well Imma change color so you can read better, k? 

I don’t like hospitals, I mean yes they’re all air conditioned and….antiseptic but it…idk I just don ‘t like ’em. So my grandma grew this giant, very looks-like-it-belongs-in-Fringe-ey “giant sell tumor. Or that’s what the lab analysis said, phew I feel so smart. (PS: I get this feeeling when I pass by USM too 😛 ) And it was on her left hand, that spot between your thumb and index finger, I don’t think it has a special name, so they remooofed it. Sooo she went for surgery in the morning, and me frogurt what we did that day…Oh yeah we went back home. And slept. After surgery she went to daycare(it’s very expensive lol!) and my mom picked her up. It was swollen the first day but now after about 2 weeks it’s muuuch better. So tomorrow we’re going for one last final( I hope) check up with Dr….I forgot his name. Oh well…

OOoh yeah! FYI, PAH! (Penang Adventist Hospital) has really yummy…baked stuff at the bakery. :9

So that’s what I’ve been doing….babysitting. Not really, but yeah. And I have to help cook everyday because mama needs healthy homescho–homeCOOKED food. This includes steamed fish. But yesterday we had pizza…..

Hmm….something cool…let’s see.

So me and Karewn have a lot of favorite cartoons in common! E.g.g.(whatever that means) Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, DANNY PHANTOM!!! TEEN TITANS! MARTIN MYSTERY! WINX CLUB! W.I.T.C.H! CATDOG! ED, EDD AND EDDY! Ahh I just LOVE those cartoons so much…too bad they all got cancelled. Sob sob. T.T 

Spykids 4 came out a few weeks ago, I really, really wanna watch it, Spykids 4: in 4d. I’m so excited. 

Post on Cowboys and Aliens coming up soon. When I feel like it.