Thea’s random thoughts about stuff that happened in school #01

Hey…maybe I can start writing stuff like this, things that I actually remember from my 4 years of schooling. I know 4 years doesn’t seem like a long time, but you have to understand, seconds, minutes, hours are longer to…erm…children. So yesh I have a TON of interesting stuff from school I have never told anyone else about, and I shall save all those stories for times when I feel like typing but have nothing to write about. And, 4 years = 1460 days. ( I think, I’m so dumb I dunno how to use a calculator. XD) Buuut, you know me, I must’ve skipped at least 50 days in my first school (was there for 2 years) and in my second one I started to get really REALLY bored so duh I skipped more. And I can say this without thinking twice, I don’t miss any of it. It’s not worth going through all that trouble and suffering just to MAYBE meet a really great friend. Pfft. So back to my random thought….

I am 10. I am in Std 4 (primary 4 for you singa—cough cough). The dreaded moment has come…(man I should start writing cheap horror novels!) I have to pick an extracurricular (spelled WITHOUT spell checker! nyehehe!) activity. All students have a choice of:

Cadets: ugly green uniform, staying out in the sun, chanting stuff. 

Mini story: My friend Marissa was late in handing in her whatever whatever thing, and she hadn’t chosen an activity yet, so in the end they dumped her in cadets. FYI, she is NOT the kind of person who likes being in the sun the whole afternoon, she is (hope she doesn’t find this) one of those tossy-hair princess types, yes, she is smart, she just no likey sun.

Girl scouts? Or whatever them horrible yellow/brown things is called

If you like sitting around in a circle sharing stories and singing silly songs, then this is for you! ahaha…I personally think it sucks

What’s that other one called..hmm….bulan sabit merah? 

basically first aid stuff idk….no i was not interested in that either

Chess club (ooh la la~!) 

I am just horrible at chess. Partly because my whole family is ADD.  And Me is too dumb. Phew I’m glad I got that off my chest! Lame pun. -.-”


I was delaying it for as long as possible, until finally there was taekwondo and I took it. Ugh. Biggest mistake I ever made. Now I guess I would be pretty good at taekwondo, I’m not so clumsy anymore, I can kick people in the face, and I can tie knots! 😀 But back then I was… to put this nicely, I was clumsier than a Psyduck with a headache. AND to make things worse, chubby little me just couldn’t kick high enough….so…yeah. I am considering joining taekwondo again, partly because I bought the damn uniform and I haven’t grown much so may as well use it, and partly because I wanna see how much I’ve “improved”. I started learning when I was 10, it’s been 3 years so let’s see. 🙂

PS: I never made it past my white belt, and no, I have nothing against being in a class of 5 year olds, it’s happened before.

Oh yeah, my story, I’m getting there just wait! Well what I….omg I just had a jojo’s circus flashback for no reason..You know, this?

So it’s basically, at the end of every show they sing this song “Hey Jojo whaddaya say? we all wanna know what you learned today~” and she tells them the moral of today’s show…I LOVED that cartoon, I love anything clay-ish actually, me thinkies it’s called claynimation. I have a phobia of clowns, no I’m not gonna find out what it’s called, probably freakophobia or something like that, but it’s kinda serious I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, I even have a pic of me when I was 4 with a clown. I was crying. BUT I LOVE JOJO’S CIRCUS!!! These clowns are just adorable…gah I’m getting off topic!

I kinda realize that it was a bit dumb to take up a martial art without having like any knowledge of it or whatever. Now I’m that kind of person who reads the book before seeing the movie. And I guess I am control freak-ey ’cause I always wanna know what exactly I’m doing and read about the history about it and all that. So I was very unprepared when I attended my first lesson. Now after reading and understanding a little more, I guess taekwondo is kinda my thing, IT’S KOREAN HAHAHA. But it’s different and it’s actually kinda cool without being too….Ip man-ish. And I’m not gonna learn it for “self defense” or any of that *****  , never did anyway, but I wanna learn it because there’s an ART in martial arts and APPARENTLY I’m an arty fart.

Self defense? Uh huh….I could defend myself better with a potato peeler than with a black belt. I mean seriously, what are you supposed to do? wave your belt in the….attacker’s face till it (yes, IT)  goes away? Pfft. But there’s no point because before my brain can remember any cool moves my elbow would already be automatically, well, elbowing. And in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the world’s pretty safe now, no like random army dudes gonna jump outta the forest and attack you and take over your village or anything….(has random super mario flashback (yeah, I have a lot of flashbacks) )

But there are still tons of parents forcing their kids to take up a martial art, and no, it’s not gonna make your kid snap out of their laziness or whatever going-to-school-side effects they have, in faaaact, it’s gonna make ’em hate you even MORE! 😀 No offence, but unless your kid is the next whatever Li, don’t bother forcing them. (*smacks forehead! Why I gotta be so mean…..)

Mommy never forced me to do taekwondo, but that’s because she’s not a sporty person and she’d rather me excel in math or piano or something. Unfortunately those are the 2 things I’m the worst at. But I do play a mean recorder! ( I meant that metaphorically….) And I’m excellent at coloring in the lines and doing pretty much everything else my mom hates, including listening to K pop:

I can sing this entire song!!! super fast reading + natural korean singer = best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen, but unfortunately not the best your ears have heard…..

Then I have no idea how, but you end up listening to this:

Loved that song ever since it came out when I was 9 and still in school, still love it now, 13 and out of school. So yes! The end! of my so called wannabe random post which is basically about NOTHING in general….but hey, I add random (I overuse that word..) and totally unrelated videos AND you get to know embarrassing facts about me! You can use these to tease/make fun of me in the future! 😀 Of course if you’re the horse ridin\’ crazy cakin\’ cupcake queen, you won’t have to know all this, you just make it up on the spot! Ciao~! 😛