Hehehe….Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby! If you had told me 3 months ago that I would be addicted to K pop, I’d have ignored you and blotted you out of my life.  But now….I’m so addicted I can’t go a day without my beloved Gee! It’s just so catchy and cute. No I do not speak korean, and to make up for that let me tell you a very in-teresting story.

2 years ago, I think, it was waaaaaaay back when she still kept a diary and called me Dorothea (what the hell?), Aunty Wai Leng  picked me and my mom up, then we went and picked Am and Karen up from robotics class. After we picked her up, my mom noticed Karen’s name on her folder, and back then she didn’t know they just got back from robotics class, so she asked, “Oh so you’re learning Korean?” And KCC replied: “NO, my NAME is Karen.” Mommy: “oh…” we didn’t talk much I remember thinking “man I can’t wait to get away from this…err” and now we are apparently best friends. Huh. Oh yes she was the genius who got me on FB in the first place. So granny dears, if you need anyone to blame for my addiction, BLAME HER. And here we are, 2 years later, addicted to Korean dudes and mannequins doing ridiculous dances and lip syncing.

Karen got addicted because her japanese friend Machika, well, got her addicted DUH. Then she infected Swathy, me, ZW, and finally 2 of her 3 brothers.

It’s just so entertaining….alright back to my Gee topic.


“Gee” is a fast-tempo song about a girl who has fallen in love for the first time.[5] The title is supposed to be an exclamation of surprise, similar to “어머나!” (Eomeona!, similar in meaning to “Oh, my goodness!”, or, more similarly, “Gee!” in English).[5

Japanese version

Korean version

Both of them are translated into english, and I had no idea they were different. But anyway you get the idea. And I still have no idea why I’m sooo addicted to that song, and…..I CAN DO THAT DANCE.  yarh I only do it when no one’s watching but it counts! 😛 My mom has a pair of purple pants like those….it looks great on her but I still have nightmares about her doing this:

I was doing some…intense research on a particular individual, well actually a few individuals, and I cannot tell you who they are because I got a feeling (whooo hooo~) okay I didn’t have to do that part but I have a feeling that they may stalk me to idk it’s just natural. Or I’m just paranoid….My posts are quite long-ish at least they’re normal lah! Not as long as Karen’s but still ok. I read a few of the shortest blogposts ever today, some only containing 2 sentences. It was shocking actually. But if they’re allowed to do it, surely I am too! So I shall post 2 sentenced blogs from now on! har har. 😛


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