ENTER TITLE HERE/ Story of me and my blog

Report as mature? I don’t think so. If anything, you should report as immature. Muahahaha! Eeesh why do they even HAVE that option on MY blog anyway? Bleh. Oopsie, forgot to crop out my theme. There’s a reason I chose that theme, and since I’m in one of those storytelling moods, let us begin….

(as I’m typing this, I’m sweeping crumbs off my desk and thinking, “I’ll vacuum those later. I hope I remember….”)

It all started a year ago when The Cupcake girl aka Karen Cuppy Cake deleted her PrincezzKarenx blog (yeppo I think she’s gona kill moi for that) and started being The Cupcake Girl. When she started her blog, I even had a song for her…it went something like this:

Do you know the cupcake girl, the cupcake girl the cupcake girl, do you know the cupcake girl who lives on Jalan Carey. 

Well now she has moved to PD and has a very long and confusing address. I’m still thinking of something that rhymes with PANTAI DICKSON…any suggestions?

Right back to the story, Karen asked me if I had a blog, and I said…what did I say? I can’t remember. ugh. Well I must’ve said no/yes but I don’t blog anymore, and she must’ve replied ‘oh.’ . So I logged into my wordpress account one day and found TheaMak’s blog. I so do not remember making it, okay there is one vague bery vlur memory of me posting in this one, but, it is very blur. For all I know, I didn’t even post here and I was dreaming (it’s happened).

It started (according to wordpress, my first post was Feb 23 2011) I was in KL at my uncles condo, in the reading room, and I was very bored. read it here. Hey! I finally learned how to do that….THING! What thing? Ya know, that one ^. So that’s where it all started, and I couldn’t stand the theme I had, which was some koi fish thing my mom chose (that was before I changed my password) and I just surfed around with that “new to something” feeling, and I found this one. I think it kinda suits me now, because I’m….fine I’m 13 there I said it, and I don’t like themes that are ‘messy’. I like plain simple ones, and I like this shade of green, and I LOVE butterflies, and that flower is very me, doncha think so? 😉

So now you could say that I am addicted to blogging, at least whenever I have something to blog about, I check my blog everyday, I actually read and subscribe to blogs I like, and it’s kinda fun eggtualee. 🙂

So there’s my very short story I wrote to pass the time, and also because I think that pic is very bunny.   FUNNY! 😛