FIEEEEELLDD TRRRRIIPPPPP!!!!! (very boring. don’t read. lol jk. ::)

Like 4 eyed Hilda over there? ^ She’s supposed to have 4 eyes coz she’s a martian. 

Today is Saturday.  Mommy dragged me…..erm nevermind….

So today, after about one hour in class we went for a walk around the block. The new center is called Crestar. I think I spelled that right. It’s directly opposite Island Plaza. Oh wait. Shouldn’t have told ya that. Oh well….so Tanjung Tokong is famous for it’s chicken rice! Who knew?! Well the only thing Penang is famous for is food I guess, so in this area it’s Fatty Loh chicken rice! 😀

Since Crestar is on the 3rd floor, we went allll the way down to the ground floor and f0r some reason I’m now thinking my mom must’ve looked like Tour Guide Barbie!  We turned…left, and we saw a durian stall. I love durians. Omnomnom. And there was a Hong Leong bank. We walked a little further and there was a Watsons. Big deal, they’re everywhere. Moving on,we found the Penang Yenji Clay craft! I remember when Karen came we went to that area for breakfast and she saw the signboard and shouted out: “MOMMMY THEY HAVE A YENJI HERE TOO!!!”. So I finally went in there, and the figurines and carrots (shh! let me finish!) were reallly nice and SO detailed! My mouth was literally dropping when I saw Karen’s dolls, but these were…..err…pro-er? BUT of course Karen’s much better at caking! please don’t kill me……

We went all the up coz we saw a sign that said “HQ comics/bookstore” and when we finally got there it was closed for lunch. And it wasn’t even 12 yet. How hard can it be to stay for a few minutes? It’s just a comic store yeeesh…..-.-”

Passed by a I guess travel agency or something like that called Discovery Overland Holidays. Passed by MX makeup academy (which is  a place where you learn how to do your makeup, in case you were wondering). And there was an art gallery, Target Style, but the lights and aircon were OFF and it was so dark. But the art was kinda nice I guess but seriously, I could’ve done better. I’m just….busy.

We passed a 7-11!!! :O Everytime I see one I feel this sudden urge to get a slurpee. Sponge still owes me one. And there quite a few restaurants over there, we passed a Japanese one called Sumid. I think. I can’t read my handwriting. Then we passed by my favorite bakery! Well actually one of my favorites, it has the best Tiramisu in the WORLD! at least it used to, I don’t know about now, but they still sell out within the first hour. And the cakes looked so yummy, they weren’t that pretty…(<—- that part was for the Krazy Karen) but CHOCOLATE…..ahhh…..<3

Then we passed by the food court, I know that food court. I really do. It’s basically all the same food court-ey stuff. Nothing interesting there. We passed a salon called Simply Red, I have no idea why I’m putting that part in. It looks like I’m writing a whole bunch of tags. Oh well…..Then we passed a Taiwan restaurant called Taipei food avenue. I’m not a big fan of Taiwanese food, and we were walking quite fast, so I didn’t see anything.

And then we walked back. There is a kick boxing ring directly below us. How cool is that?! 😀 And I think one floor up we have Mutiara spa, and there’s a Hitz recording studio.  I wonder what it looks like. Hmm….

And now we’re back in the classroom typing/writing this out. Done. *clicks ‘Post’ *


Throne of Fire

I am in a very grouchy mood today. I hate not knowing what to do. This is one of those EGGSTREAMLEE rare times when I don’t feel like doing anything. Not even staring at the fan, or watching my cats clean themselves, that usually entertains me. Blablabla…..let’s see how long it’s been since I last blogged….Hey it’s only been a week! Felt like a year though….hmm.


A few days ago I got a new book! It’s been a month since I got my last book, The Supernaturalist, and that was great, but I finished it in a couple of hours and after reading it over and over again,  it gets kinda boring. So on….I’m not good with days. I got……(drumroll) THE THRONE OF FIRE!!!  no it has nothing to do with Nemo’s THE RING OF FIREEE!!! thing, this is a book, k?

I saw Darren Shan over there! Can you believe it?! Boring old Popular suddenly has EVERYTHING! When I was browsing through the CD section (something I don’t usually do) I found the Almost Alice album! AND…Tokio Hotel’s Welcome to Humanoid City LIVE!!! AND SHINee’s live dvd! I LOVE POPULAR!

Last year after finishing the Percy Jackson series I started looking for something new, and I found out Rick Riordan’s starting 2 new series! The Karen KANE! Chronicles, and Heroes of Olympus.

Heroes of Olympus is, I think, Percy Jackson continued. Only this time Percy ain’t in the limelight and he’s suffering( don’t think so….hmm) and in some other camp. While this new guy, the guy with the foot (yes I know everyone has feet! but there’s something special about his!) So him and 2 of his friends go on to save the world or something like that….again.

^ this is the one I have

The Kane Chronicles….now THAT’S something awesome! I didn’t get this feeling when I was reading PJ, I mean it was nice and all, but KC literally makes you hyper and you can’t stop reading! It’s so………..epic. And it’s longer than most of the other books! Yay! When I got The Red Pyramid last year, I was re-reading for MONTHS! And I couldn’t wait for the last one. Oh I guess I should mention that it’s about Egyptian gods, instead of Greek ones. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but apparently the world is ending!…..again. And they( Carter and  Sadie Kane) have saved the world twice already, now I’m stuck waiting for the “untitled 3rd book”. Sigh….yeah it’s only gonna be a trilogy! Sob! 😥

I had to BEG my mom to get the TOF, because I’ve been looking around for MONTHS (ok. I lied. it’s only been published for a few months BUT I’ve been waiting since last year! :/) And it’s finally OUT~ The cover is so shiny…And it’s so…..ahhh just writing about it makes me want to read again! EVERYONE should read at least one Rick Riordan series, the world would be much better if they did. 😛

I can’t write anymore because I’m too eggsaiteddybear. I’m starving. But I shall go back to reading MY new shiny book…..ahhh…:)