Movie week #1

Thinks me has better put #1 just in case one day or week I watch more movies than this. 

Haven’t blogged in a while. When I don’t blog for more than 3 days it means I wasn’t happy with the last post, see, you learn something new about me every post! Yay! Hmm….I wonder if that guppy headed kapoop lover best friend of mine still reads my blog. Where was I? Oh right.

This week has been movie week. Kinda. I watched Transformers last week, then yesterday I watched Monte Carlo and Mr Popper’s Penguins. I still laugh everytime I type that out! And today….I watched….just read. 😉

Transformers Dark of the Moon: 

BEST. MOVIE. OF. THE. YEAR!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I WAS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE FIRST FEW THOUSAND PEOPLE TO WATCH IT!!! I’m not going to ruin it for you, because it’s already predictable enough without spoilers. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley runs and acts MUCH better than Megan Fox. Much much much better! And….even though she still has huge lips, they aren’t annoying, and they’re cute! Optimus was kinda disappointing in this one, (spoiler alert!) he was grouchy over this and that, blablabla. And my adorable Bumblebee! Ahh…Bee never fails to make me happy. I watched it in 3D and I had to pay for my mom’s ticket as well and we got front row seats but it was really worth it. Guess that’s all I can say about it, I don’t wanna ruin everyone’s movie, do I? 😉


PS: WHY DO THEY NEVER HAVE TOKIO HOTEL ON THE SOUNDTRACKS?! But Paramore’s in this one, and I LOVE Monster!!! Listen to it here:

Next movie,


Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester were better than I expected! Also liked (googles and reads wiki page) Katie Cassidy, she was so funny! The whole movie was nice, it was like a modern version of Princess and the Pauper, only in this one they didn’t actually meet each other till the end. And it wasn’t too cheesy, juuuust right. I give it a 3.5/5 stars. 

Mr Popper’s Penguins 

Right after Monte Carlo we watched Mr…..(tries hard not to laugh) Mr Popper’s Penguins. Actually we only watched half of it, because someone, ahem ahem, forgot to tell his mom we were going for 2 movies, and halfway through she called and…umm….panicked, I guessed. It was quite embarrassing because I think half the cinema heard. Jim Carey looked old in this one, maybe it was the makeup or whatever, but he actually looked his age for once. and the PENGUINS. THEY WERE SO CUUUUUUUUTEEEE~! I nearly died when the first one came out, I WANTED TO SQUEEZE THEM SO BADLY!!! MMMMFFFFFHHHH!!!! ahahaha I’ve always loved penguins. 😛 3/5 stars. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

What on earth are hallows? Oh google~ never mind, that can wait. It was one of the most anticipated movies this year right? I think it was…hmm okay, I was never really a HUGE Harry Potter fan, but now after watching the last movie, I think I really need to buy the series. Not just the dvds, the books too. I only read it once in the school library, and that time I wasn’t really into wizardology and magic, I liked aliens. Now it’s the opposite. I think I’ll have to edit this later, AFTER everyone’s watched it. Coz I hate spoilers, don’t you? It’s more fun not to know anything and just watch it. 4/5 stars. 

BUT if you’re like me, and you really can’t wait, watch this to get an idea of what it looks like. Lots of fireworks….so…colorful…

This is the best Annoying Orange episode there’s been in WEEKS! And I betcha it’s the best Happy Pooter parody around… far. 5/5 stars!!! Yay for AO! XD

The end of my very short post. I have to go shower now, because we ran out of petrol halfway, luckily there was lots of parking and we just pulled over to this very nice spot under the trees and under the nice round moon. I feel so satisfied with myself. I (fine, WE) walked all the way to the nearest petrol station, which I guess wasn’t that far away, I just like dramatizing, and we bought one of those shiny containers that you use to fill petrol in. I’ve always wanted to get one of them, and now my dream’s come true! And I carried it all the way back. While we were pouring it into the car, half of it spilled on my arm, and I STINK. So tata for now~