My mom just forwarded me this list of books they read in school and all that, she SUGGESTED (just because she suggested it doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it!) that I read each and every book and write a review about it. Heh. Well I guess there was a time in my life where I wanted to be a book reviewer, and a paleontologist, and a vet, and a TV chef, and….

Don’t think I’ll do it though, because the books are SERIOUSLY boring! I hate reading all those classic books. There are only 2 I’ve read in my life so far: Alice in Wonderland and 20,000 leagues under the sea. I have no more room in my tiny little brain for any more books besides Artemis Fowl and Darren Shan! Besides, who needs all those “classic” novels when you can read about the 18th century from Larten Crepsley’s point of view! I still don’t have Ocean of Blood yet, but I plan to beg my mom to get it for me. 😉

This is the shortest post I’ve ever written, partly because the topic is a teeny one and I wanted to try out QuickPress. I’ll write a “review” on OOB if I get it or some other book….See ya!


2 thoughts on “BoooooooooooooooK

  1. SC Mak says:

    Isn’t OOB gory and for above 18?

    p/s Titles of books, songs, stories, works of art, magazine articles, tests, and other written materials must begin with a capital letter. Every other important word of the title must also begin with a capital letter. Words that do not need a capital letter (unless they are the first word of the title) are a, an, and, of, to, the, etc

    You should read classics – because movies are usually made out of popular stories producers/directors/writers grew up with and want to make into a movie. (that’s because I don’t read them so I’m passing the buck to you, heh.)

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