ENTER TITLE HERE/ Story of me and my blog

Report as mature? I don’t think so. If anything, you should report as immature. Muahahaha! Eeesh why do they even HAVE that option on MY blog anyway? Bleh. Oopsie, forgot to crop out my theme. There’s a reason I chose that theme, and since I’m in one of those storytelling moods, let us begin….

(as I’m typing this, I’m sweeping crumbs off my desk and thinking, “I’ll vacuum those later. I hope I remember….”)

It all started a year ago when The Cupcake girl aka Karen Cuppy Cake deleted her PrincezzKarenx blog (yeppo I think she’s gona kill moi for that) and started being The Cupcake Girl. When she started her blog, I even had a song for her…it went something like this:

Do you know the cupcake girl, the cupcake girl the cupcake girl, do you know the cupcake girl who lives on Jalan Carey. 

Well now she has moved to PD and has a very long and confusing address. I’m still thinking of something that rhymes with PANTAI DICKSON…any suggestions?

Right back to the story, Karen asked me if I had a blog, and I said…what did I say? I can’t remember. ugh. Well I must’ve said no/yes but I don’t blog anymore, and she must’ve replied ‘oh.’ . So I logged into my wordpress account one day and found TheaMak’s blog. I so do not remember making it, okay there is one vague bery vlur memory of me posting in this one, but, it is very blur. For all I know, I didn’t even post here and I was dreaming (it’s happened).

It started (according to wordpress, my first post was Feb 23 2011) I was in KL at my uncles condo, in the reading room, and I was very bored. read it here. Hey! I finally learned how to do that….THING! What thing? Ya know, that one ^. So that’s where it all started, and I couldn’t stand the theme I had, which was some koi fish thing my mom chose (that was before I changed my password) and I just surfed around with that “new to something” feeling, and I found this one. I think it kinda suits me now, because I’m….fine I’m 13 there I said it, and I don’t like themes that are ‘messy’. I like plain simple ones, and I like this shade of green, and I LOVE butterflies, and that flower is very me, doncha think so? 😉

So now you could say that I am addicted to blogging, at least whenever I have something to blog about, I check my blog everyday, I actually read and subscribe to blogs I like, and it’s kinda fun eggtualee. 🙂

So there’s my very short story I wrote to pass the time, and also because I think that pic is very bunny.   FUNNY! 😛





FIEEEEELLDD TRRRRIIPPPPP!!!!! (very boring. don’t read. lol jk. ::)

Like 4 eyed Hilda over there? ^ She’s supposed to have 4 eyes coz she’s a martian. 

Today is Saturday.  Mommy dragged me…..erm nevermind….

So today, after about one hour in class we went for a walk around the block. The new center is called Crestar. I think I spelled that right. It’s directly opposite Island Plaza. Oh wait. Shouldn’t have told ya that. Oh well….so Tanjung Tokong is famous for it’s chicken rice! Who knew?! Well the only thing Penang is famous for is food I guess, so in this area it’s Fatty Loh chicken rice! 😀

Since Crestar is on the 3rd floor, we went allll the way down to the ground floor and f0r some reason I’m now thinking my mom must’ve looked like Tour Guide Barbie!  We turned…left, and we saw a durian stall. I love durians. Omnomnom. And there was a Hong Leong bank. We walked a little further and there was a Watsons. Big deal, they’re everywhere. Moving on,we found the Penang Yenji Clay craft! I remember when Karen came we went to that area for breakfast and she saw the signboard and shouted out: “MOMMMY THEY HAVE A YENJI HERE TOO!!!”. So I finally went in there, and the figurines and carrots (shh! let me finish!) were reallly nice and SO detailed! My mouth was literally dropping when I saw Karen’s dolls, but these were…..err…pro-er? BUT of course Karen’s much better at caking! please don’t kill me……

We went all the up coz we saw a sign that said “HQ comics/bookstore” and when we finally got there it was closed for lunch. And it wasn’t even 12 yet. How hard can it be to stay for a few minutes? It’s just a comic store yeeesh…..-.-”

Passed by a I guess travel agency or something like that called Discovery Overland Holidays. Passed by MX makeup academy (which is  a place where you learn how to do your makeup, in case you were wondering). And there was an art gallery, Target Style, but the lights and aircon were OFF and it was so dark. But the art was kinda nice I guess but seriously, I could’ve done better. I’m just….busy.

We passed a 7-11!!! :O Everytime I see one I feel this sudden urge to get a slurpee. Sponge still owes me one. And there quite a few restaurants over there, we passed a Japanese one called Sumid. I think. I can’t read my handwriting. Then we passed by my favorite bakery! Well actually one of my favorites, it has the best Tiramisu in the WORLD! at least it used to, I don’t know about now, but they still sell out within the first hour. And the cakes looked so yummy, they weren’t that pretty…(<—- that part was for the Krazy Karen) but CHOCOLATE…..ahhh…..<3

Then we passed by the food court, I know that food court. I really do. It’s basically all the same food court-ey stuff. Nothing interesting there. We passed a salon called Simply Red, I have no idea why I’m putting that part in. It looks like I’m writing a whole bunch of tags. Oh well…..Then we passed a Taiwan restaurant called Taipei food avenue. I’m not a big fan of Taiwanese food, and we were walking quite fast, so I didn’t see anything.

And then we walked back. There is a kick boxing ring directly below us. How cool is that?! 😀 And I think one floor up we have Mutiara spa, and there’s a Hitz recording studio.  I wonder what it looks like. Hmm….

And now we’re back in the classroom typing/writing this out. Done. *clicks ‘Post’ *


Throne of Fire

I am in a very grouchy mood today. I hate not knowing what to do. This is one of those EGGSTREAMLEE rare times when I don’t feel like doing anything. Not even staring at the fan, or watching my cats clean themselves, that usually entertains me. Blablabla…..let’s see how long it’s been since I last blogged….Hey it’s only been a week! Felt like a year though….hmm.


A few days ago I got a new book! It’s been a month since I got my last book, The Supernaturalist, and that was great, but I finished it in a couple of hours and after reading it over and over again,  it gets kinda boring. So on….I’m not good with days. I got……(drumroll) THE THRONE OF FIRE!!!  no it has nothing to do with Nemo’s THE RING OF FIREEE!!! thing, this is a book, k?

I saw Darren Shan over there! Can you believe it?! Boring old Popular suddenly has EVERYTHING! When I was browsing through the CD section (something I don’t usually do) I found the Almost Alice album! AND…Tokio Hotel’s Welcome to Humanoid City LIVE!!! AND SHINee’s live dvd! I LOVE POPULAR!

Last year after finishing the Percy Jackson series I started looking for something new, and I found out Rick Riordan’s starting 2 new series! The Karen KANE! Chronicles, and Heroes of Olympus.

Heroes of Olympus is, I think, Percy Jackson continued. Only this time Percy ain’t in the limelight and he’s suffering( don’t think so….hmm) and in some other camp. While this new guy, the guy with the foot (yes I know everyone has feet! but there’s something special about his!) So him and 2 of his friends go on to save the world or something like that….again.

^ this is the one I have

The Kane Chronicles….now THAT’S something awesome! I didn’t get this feeling when I was reading PJ, I mean it was nice and all, but KC literally makes you hyper and you can’t stop reading! It’s so………..epic. And it’s longer than most of the other books! Yay! When I got The Red Pyramid last year, I was re-reading for MONTHS! And I couldn’t wait for the last one. Oh I guess I should mention that it’s about Egyptian gods, instead of Greek ones. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but apparently the world is ending!…..again. And they( Carter and  Sadie Kane) have saved the world twice already, now I’m stuck waiting for the “untitled 3rd book”. Sigh….yeah it’s only gonna be a trilogy! Sob! 😥

I had to BEG my mom to get the TOF, because I’ve been looking around for MONTHS (ok. I lied. it’s only been published for a few months BUT I’ve been waiting since last year! :/) And it’s finally OUT~ The cover is so shiny…And it’s so…..ahhh just writing about it makes me want to read again! EVERYONE should read at least one Rick Riordan series, the world would be much better if they did. 😛

I can’t write anymore because I’m too eggsaiteddybear. I’m starving. But I shall go back to reading MY new shiny book…..ahhh…:)



Movie week #1

Thinks me has better put #1 just in case one day or week I watch more movies than this. 

Haven’t blogged in a while. When I don’t blog for more than 3 days it means I wasn’t happy with the last post, see, you learn something new about me every post! Yay! Hmm….I wonder if that guppy headed kapoop lover best friend of mine still reads my blog. Where was I? Oh right.

This week has been movie week. Kinda. I watched Transformers last week, then yesterday I watched Monte Carlo and Mr Popper’s Penguins. I still laugh everytime I type that out! And today….I watched….just read. 😉

Transformers Dark of the Moon: 

BEST. MOVIE. OF. THE. YEAR!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I WAS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE FIRST FEW THOUSAND PEOPLE TO WATCH IT!!! I’m not going to ruin it for you, because it’s already predictable enough without spoilers. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley runs and acts MUCH better than Megan Fox. Much much much better! And….even though she still has huge lips, they aren’t annoying, and they’re cute! Optimus was kinda disappointing in this one, (spoiler alert!) he was grouchy over this and that, blablabla. And my adorable Bumblebee! Ahh…Bee never fails to make me happy. I watched it in 3D and I had to pay for my mom’s ticket as well and we got front row seats but it was really worth it. Guess that’s all I can say about it, I don’t wanna ruin everyone’s movie, do I? 😉


PS: WHY DO THEY NEVER HAVE TOKIO HOTEL ON THE SOUNDTRACKS?! But Paramore’s in this one, and I LOVE Monster!!! Listen to it here:

Next movie,


Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester were better than I expected! Also liked (googles and reads wiki page) Katie Cassidy, she was so funny! The whole movie was nice, it was like a modern version of Princess and the Pauper, only in this one they didn’t actually meet each other till the end. And it wasn’t too cheesy, juuuust right. I give it a 3.5/5 stars. 

Mr Popper’s Penguins 

Right after Monte Carlo we watched Mr…..(tries hard not to laugh) Mr Popper’s Penguins. Actually we only watched half of it, because someone, ahem ahem, forgot to tell his mom we were going for 2 movies, and halfway through she called and…umm….panicked, I guessed. It was quite embarrassing because I think half the cinema heard. Jim Carey looked old in this one, maybe it was the makeup or whatever, but he actually looked his age for once. and the PENGUINS. THEY WERE SO CUUUUUUUUTEEEE~! I nearly died when the first one came out, I WANTED TO SQUEEZE THEM SO BADLY!!! MMMMFFFFFHHHH!!!! ahahaha I’ve always loved penguins. 😛 3/5 stars. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

What on earth are hallows? Oh google~ never mind, that can wait. It was one of the most anticipated movies this year right? I think it was…hmm okay, I was never really a HUGE Harry Potter fan, but now after watching the last movie, I think I really need to buy the series. Not just the dvds, the books too. I only read it once in the school library, and that time I wasn’t really into wizardology and magic, I liked aliens. Now it’s the opposite. I think I’ll have to edit this later, AFTER everyone’s watched it. Coz I hate spoilers, don’t you? It’s more fun not to know anything and just watch it. 4/5 stars. 

BUT if you’re like me, and you really can’t wait, watch this to get an idea of what it looks like. Lots of fireworks….so…colorful…

This is the best Annoying Orange episode there’s been in WEEKS! And I betcha it’s the best Happy Pooter parody around…..so far. 5/5 stars!!! Yay for AO! XD

The end of my very short post. I have to go shower now, because we ran out of petrol halfway, luckily there was lots of parking and we just pulled over to this very nice spot under the trees and under the nice round moon. I feel so satisfied with myself. I (fine, WE) walked all the way to the nearest petrol station, which I guess wasn’t that far away, I just like dramatizing, and we bought one of those shiny containers that you use to fill petrol in. I’ve always wanted to get one of them, and now my dream’s come true! And I carried it all the way back. While we were pouring it into the car, half of it spilled on my arm, and I STINK. So tata for now~


Spykids 4

Oh. Mai. Codfish. I AM SO EGGSAITEDDYBEAR!!! Spykids 4: All the Time in the World is coming out next month! It’s been 8 years since the last one. Everyone’s all grown up, so duh, they got new actors! I think it’s gonna be lame but it’s funnay! So I’ll watch it. And if no one else wants to watch it with me, I’ll go alone. I remember SK: 3 was my FIRST 3D movie!!! I had so much fun….I have all the dvds!

So here’s another WordPress Quickpress post. Done. *posts *


I speak for all us normal teens when I say……

I’m supposed to be asleep. Me shall use the three most deadly words (or whatever they’re called!)  now. I. Know. That. But I just COULDN’T sleep! As soon as I rolled( yes I roll) into bed, my body felt like it had enough rest….So I decided to blog about this before I lost all mah ideas. There is snow point using sticky  notes coz I never bother to read them anyway.

So this is just a topic I thought of just now, while lying in bed. I used to hear “horror stories” about all those kids who are on facebook waaaaay before they’re 13 and getting this and that, weirdos adding them, I’ve never had that. Time for quote! (*does that “ahhhhh” noise)

“Light attracts light.” 

Read that? So this means loony people will attract other loony people, liars will attract other liars, and awesome overconfident moi attracts other awesome friends! Though I’m not quite sure about the overconfident part….

Last year when one of my many great (oh fine! GRAND) aunts came back for God knows what reason, she was complaining about me being online so much, about all these “social predators” or whatever the parenting section likes to call ’em, and how Facebook is bad. It’s time for another soup—err I mean quote of the day:

          “There is no right or wrong, only thinking makes it so.” 

Yesh I googled the last bit only coz I couldn’t remember. But yeah. My older relatives are always thinking that the internet is bad, that it’s all evil people wanting to…..whatever it is that makes you depressed and jumping off a building. I think (I, just ME) I think that those kids weren’t comfortable online, and they probably heard those stories and they kept thinking about it over and over again. That’s how out of 7 billion people in the world, they found those few. I really find it sad and shocking, how someone can get so upset over something that someone that they don’t even KNOW in real life can hurt them so much.

Oh and another reason I suddenly thought about this topic is because this afternoon I was just watching my TH vids, and I never really paid attention to this one, but suddenly now everything is going  click and I now have a new post.

All these kids that committed suicide, I really don’t know what was going on in their heads, how could you just do it without thinking? If you’re being cyber bullied, hey, it’s not the end of the world! Life goes on! The sun rises again! You have a life offline. Don’t have one? Not popular? No friends? WELL THEN I THINK IT’S TIME YOU GET A LIFE OFFLINE, MAKE YOURSELF POPULAR( in a nice way!) AND GET A FEW FRIENDS. You’re not the only one out there. There are nice, honest people like you who just wanna find friends that can accept them for who they are. And if you can’t join ’em or beat ’em, you set your own trend! At least that’s what I try to do. But I think my overconfidence is just there to cover up my insecurity.

Tokio Hotel didn’t write this because they were suicidal. I think they were a lot like me, they feel really sad listening to the things that happen to other people, and they just wanted to kinda make people stop and think about what they’re doing.

I know the spanish subs are annoying, but everyone else’s is copyrighted and is not available in Narnia. (where I live!) You don’t really have to listen to the song, in fact I think most people just skip the boring parts in my blog, like this part, just watch the video. And you’ll know what I mean.

But what I wanted to say is…..actually,listen to this and you’ll get an idea of what I wanna say. I’m just tired. so use yer ears.

This was before the Black Eyed Peas went bad. I guess now we have to use them for compost. LoL. Lame pun.I cried when I watched this. I mean, CRIED. Tears that stung both my eyes and my heart. It really made me question how wrong the world is even more. And this song really makes me feel sad because there’s sad stuff EVERYWHERE. The newspapers, TV, radio. You put a 18+ label on Resident Evil, but you let a teenager’s suicide be on the front page? I don’t get that at all.

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t let children below 12 read the papers. You may as well give them a horror novel to read daily. I just speaking from my point of view, but if you think that there IS something good in the news, leave a comment. I’ll get back to ya.

So back to the topic of old grannies. No, I am not mixing with juvenile delinquents, or joining cults, or doing any other bad stuff. I am just a normal teenager who likes being on YouTube and THE Facebook ( 😉 ) and other harmless websites, like WordPress. Light attracts light. I only attract people who have helped me a lot (and not just to build rockets on Pet Society!) they’ve helped me in lots of ways, motivated me actually, to learn languages, to get better at geography, and I think I’ve basically gotten better at socializing. So yes, social networking sites DO help connect people together, they can bring a group of fantastic elastic people together, but they could also be a group of insecure meanies who prey on one……ahem vulnerable person.

Yep, I used that word. Vulnerability has it’s pros and cons I guess, everything does. I guess it is okay to be vulnerable and naive. Everyone is, but we all learn from our mistakes don’t we? Oh yeah, about those online dating sites. Not that I use them, but I think that’s where people lie the most. You get all those options, seriously, who’s a 5″11 blonde who likes yoga and walks on the beach, or a 6″2 dude who likes working out and in his mid 30s. Lies all of ’em. If they really were that, they’d have found someone special by now and not be “lonely”.  And if you DID believe those people, but you were lying about yourself as well, here’s another quote:

“You need to trust to be trusted.” 

I must’ve heard that from somewhere, unless my brain is truly that magnificent to make that quote up on the spot.

So that’s the end of my post, my overimaginative post. I hope my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great great aunts find this and read it. Oh wait….they don’t read. And they can’t focus on a computer screen for more than 5 seconds without going, “Huh, oh THAT. Don’t u ever do anything besides play games? “. Yesh. Mah family is mean yo. Well not mean, they’re just not very open to the whole “technology” thing. They believe what they see on the news. “Anything online, especially Facebook, must be bad. Bad. Bad. ”

AND ANOTHER THING…..I like being trusted. I really do. When someone entrusts me with something, I make sure I do the best that I can. And I especially like it when someone says “I trust you. You’d never lie to me.” okok I know that’s never happened in my life, and it’s a movie line, but if it did happen, then I’ll believe Belinda Carlisle saying heaven is a place on earth.  If my aunts trusted me being online, if ONLY they would think “Thea is responsible, she knows what’s good and not so good for her. She knows what she’s doing. She never does anything bad.” OH IF ONLY!!!! Why oh WHY can’t they trust me…..they’ve been listening to too much 3OH!3.

So the end. I had a great day, as usual. And now it’s time to go~

Go. Like. Right now. Gehen. Gaan. Pergi. πάω. minema. pumunta. aller.

Yes I used Google translate, so I really wheelie hope I didn’t offend anyone.





My mom just forwarded me this list of books they read in school and all that, she SUGGESTED (just because she suggested it doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it!) that I read each and every book and write a review about it. Heh. Well I guess there was a time in my life where I wanted to be a book reviewer, and a paleontologist, and a vet, and a TV chef, and….

Don’t think I’ll do it though, because the books are SERIOUSLY boring! I hate reading all those classic books. There are only 2 I’ve read in my life so far: Alice in Wonderland and 20,000 leagues under the sea. I have no more room in my tiny little brain for any more books besides Artemis Fowl and Darren Shan! Besides, who needs all those “classic” novels when you can read about the 18th century from Larten Crepsley’s point of view! I still don’t have Ocean of Blood yet, but I plan to beg my mom to get it for me. 😉

This is the shortest post I’ve ever written, partly because the topic is a teeny one and I wanted to try out QuickPress. I’ll write a “review” on OOB if I get it or some other book….See ya!