B1 and B2

Something just popped up in my head, as usual. So I was just thinking about how miserable it is being an only child, then I read about how other people are complaining about their siblings. Heh. (conflict~)

I realized there are a lot of families( not just Chinese!) who treat the eldest child better than they do the others. Most of the time, it’s the eldest and the youngest, blablabla I didn’t have time to do “research”. (aka stalking)

Like if it’s a family with 2 daughters or sons then they’ll treat the eldest better,(etc. new clothes, more attention, more pocket money) and the middle/youngest will just have to wait in line. I don’t think it’s fair at all! All children should be treated equally right? You can’t just treat this one better, spoil this one, and totally ignore the rest. It’s mean. Mean parents.

I’m not saying ALL parents are like this, just saying that those who are are really mean for treating their kids like that. How would you feel if you were second in everything and you’re always living in your older brother/sister’s shadow? But maybe the parents were treated that way too lah that’s why they’re tortu–treating their kids like that.

So just a short post to get this outta my head, because it’s been stuck there for YEARS! At school my classmates( not all of them were my friends!) used to be really upset when they….lost a competition, got less than a 100 in an exam, etc. Because they always have to live in their bro/sis shadow. And even stuff like stationary, schoolbags, blahblah, they gotta wait till B/S1 doesn’t wanna use them anymore. So sad! 😦

If I were in that situation, I have no idea what would have happened by now. I would have either been kicked out of the house, or my parents would have learnt a very valuable lesson. I guess we’ll never know, and I’m not that eager to find out either. And now I have terrible gas……so I feel like a Jigglypuff. Whoopee–pooooooot! Oopsie. Excusez moi. 😛