#108 (oooh! sounds so cool! :D)

I have no idea what my last post was about. (dumb patrick look)

I haven’t blogged in….A WEEK! Yeah yeah I’ve been busy and all…well not really busy, I just didn’t know what to blog about! So I was just blah blah randomly posting anything that pops up, when I checked my site stats and found out I have (or had depending on how you look at it) and I have at LEAST 10 views per week! Can you believe it?! From 0-1 to 16-……44!!! Amazing! And I don’t even blog about anything important…eh. 🙂

So Yayyyy meeee!!! I am so proud that my “eggsperiment” worked! I made up my mind a few months ago before Karen’s bday that I would post regularly, and see if my hits improve or not. Now I just have to keep posting…I wonder if it counts if I post more than once in a day then I go “poof” for a week or so…hmm……
If I can actually…..wait a minute, are you sure WordPress isn’t lying to me?! oh yes, back to the point. I GOT…………..ARE YOU SERIOUS?! 108 PEOPLE VISITED MAH BLOG?! :O

Yes yes I know for dearest Guppy Egg that it isn’t much since she’s a child prodigy caking celebrity and all…….(she gets THOUSANDS per week! oh fine I’m exaggerating a LITTLE, but here’s proof that I’m NOT lying: (bracket within a bracket: darn it the Neocounter thing isn’t loading) http://karencuppycake.blogspot.com/) There!

Now I know I write in a very confusing way, but it’s really much easier for me to read like this. There are so many voices in my head( *sings I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell!) that I’m seriously going to start writing all my posts ala dialogue. Like this:

Voice 1: With me so far?

2: Good luck keeping up, now as I was saying,

3: get to the point!!!

1 again: Remember to brush your teeth! (me: whaaaaaaaaat?)

Nah I think I like my way more. 😛 And me never went to school(1,2,3 n 4: LIAR!) oh fine I did for 4 years but they don’t eggzaclee teach ya how to write now do they?

Oh yeah and another reason I haven’t been blogging is because I’ve been sick for the past two days. It’s been horrible. Lame excuse? well it’s the only one I have….besides aliens releasing vampaneze unicorns that chase me up trees.

The end for now! I plan to have another post on food later, after I have my lunch. Oh yeah HALTTTT!!!! ONE. MORE. SUBJECT!

I have been sleeping early( yeah, my early means 10-12pm!) and waking up at….whenever the sun rises. Plan to keep THAT up because….well idk. it’s fun! 😀



3 thoughts on “#108 (oooh! sounds so cool! :D)

  1. I knew you would eventually wake up at sunrise! Ready to go back to regular school now >:) ?? hehehe…..

    You have been busy reading Supernaturalist – that’s what you’ve been busy doing.

    I think I’m going to give you some tips on blogging – you’re better at following instructions than I am in anything. Which is why I can’t wait to download all the love, support and guidance to you so you can take care of your own warrior princess butt – that way I can retire and become a sannyasin.

    108 is a nice number.

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