I have goldfish memory

No….not you, Fish. Actually I have worse than goldfish memory coz I can’t remember what I said I was going to do 15 minutes ago. I remember it was about food. Yes food. Then I had lunch…then…ah whatever! BENTO!!! That’s right! I was just googling pics for Pokemon( don’t ask me why, I can’t remember) and I found some really cool pokemon bentos, and this great blog: http://cuteyummytime.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/pokemon-bento-and-ramen-kawaii-obento-food/

I really wanna move to Japan! Fine, even if I can’t, I just wanna go there and have a major food shopping spreeeeeeeeeeee!!! AND buy a lifetime supply of instant noodles…..

I ย always loved bentos…it’s just stupid restaurants only let you order them if you’re 10 and below! It’s not fair! What you think the kids make the bentos? NO. the chefs do and if they could have spent all those years studying and passing this exam and that, surely they like bentos too RIGHT?! So why can’t I order one?! I can’t even order a happy meal without everyone laughing at me!!!

On with the story……

OOOH!!! So detailed!

Pika-pikachu!!! I’m starting to get just a teensy weensy bit hungry…..


Farfetch’d was always one of my favorite pokemon….maybe it’s because I like leeks…..

Why oh WHY am I torturing myself this way?! FOOOOOOOD!

I’ve always wanted to eat Meowth. I’m serious, he always looked like a giant bun to me. And since this one is made of rice, it’s even better! ๐Ÿ˜€ POKEBALL!

I’m starting to cry because these are just so adorable….:’)

Oddish Oddish Oddish! Yeah oddish is a giant raddish-root like thing so I guess even as a Pokemon it was edible. Aww….look at his cute little face! :3


Yeeeesh why couldn’t I have gotten one of those moms that make their kids bentos?! WHY?!






#108 (oooh! sounds so cool! :D)

I have no idea what my last post was about. (dumb patrick look)

I haven’t blogged in….A WEEK! Yeah yeah I’ve been busy and all…well not really busy, I just didn’t know what to blog about! So I was just blah blah randomly posting anything that pops up, when I checked my site stats and found out I have (or had depending on how you look at it) and I have at LEAST 10 views per week! Can you believe it?! From 0-1 to 16-……44!!! Amazing! And I don’t even blog about anything important…eh. ๐Ÿ™‚

So Yayyyy meeee!!! I am so proud that my “eggsperiment” worked! I made up my mind a few months ago before Karen’s bday that I would post regularly, and see if my hits improve or not. Now I just have to keep posting…I wonder if it counts if I post more than once in a day then I go “poof” for a week or so…hmm……
If I can actually…..wait a minute, are you sure WordPress isn’t lying to me?! oh yes, back to the point. I GOT…………..ARE YOU SERIOUS?! 108 PEOPLE VISITED MAH BLOG?! :O

Yes yes I know for dearest Guppy Egg that it isn’t much since she’s a child prodigy caking celebrity and all…….(she gets THOUSANDS per week! oh fine I’m exaggerating a LITTLE, but here’s proof that I’m NOT lying: (bracket within a bracket: darn it the Neocounter thing isn’t loading)ย http://karencuppycake.blogspot.com/) There!

Now I know I write in a very confusing way, but it’s really much easier for me to read like this. There are so many voices in my head( *sings I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell!) that I’m seriously going to start writing all my posts ala dialogue. Like this:

Voice 1: With me so far?

2: Good luck keeping up, now as I was saying,

3: get to the point!!!

1 again: Remember to brush your teeth! (me: whaaaaaaaaat?)

Nah I think I like my way more. ๐Ÿ˜› And me never went to school(1,2,3 n 4: LIAR!) oh fine I did for 4 years but they don’t eggzaclee teach ya how to write now do they?

Oh yeah and another reason I haven’t been blogging is because I’ve been sick for the past two days. It’s been horrible. Lame excuse? well it’s the only one I have….besides aliens releasing vampaneze unicorns that chase me up trees.

The end for now! I plan to have another post on food later, after I have my lunch. Oh yeah HALTTTT!!!! ONE. MORE. SUBJECT!

I have been sleeping early( yeah, my early means 10-12pm!) and waking up at….whenever the sun rises. Plan to keep THAT up because….well idk. it’s fun! ๐Ÿ˜€