I have to get one of those for Karen! Oh and one for me as well. There I said it, I am a facebook stalker. FB started out as a social networking site, now you can use it for…..anything really. Aaaaaaaaaaand one of those anythings is stalking people who for some reason or another deleted you from their friend list and now you want REVENGE! Muahahaha! Yes I am crazy…..

I’m sure I’m not the only person who does that right? Left? Come on, everyone has that someone they love stalking. In fact it’s not even considered stalking…more like…visiting. You know, ,like visiting that person’s profile daily. I am seriously wondering if those “See who visits your profile the most” apps really work. Hmmm…..

And now with technology (says it in that Patrick Star “duuhh” way) we don’t have to drive up to our person’s house or wherever they go to stalk them! Unfortunately Tay Swifty still likes the old fashioned way…..

So yay for FB stalking! 😀