The Buzz on Brandy and Mr Whiskers the barbarians (my favorite cartoons!)

“A blog a day keeps your nagging mom/best friend away.” 

Or at least that’s my version….prepare yourself for a very long post. I always wished someone would make a post like this so I would have something to do….but no one’s done that…yet.

A few weeks ago I was just randomly clicking and searching things on youtube and I came across this:

Lyrics: (muahahaha!)

Ba ba barbarian
Ba ba barbarian

Dave the barbarian
Huge but a wimp.
His sisters Fang and Candy
Are princess and a chimp


Their Mom and Dad are the king and queen
Of the land of Udregoth.
They fled to banish evil
And Candy is the, BOSS!

Ba barbarian

Dave, Fang, and Candy
Brave and bold, they’re not.
The ain’t the greatest heroes
But they’re the only ones we got!

Ba ba barbarian
Ba barbarian
Ba ba barbarian…

I LOVE that show, I remember watching it when I was like, 7, 8? Now that I watch it again on youtube I laugh my head off…it’s so funny and sarcastic I have no idea why they cancelled it! It was one of THE best Disney cartoons ever! I watched the whole season……in 2 days.

Another Disney cartoon I LOVE! Brandy and Mr Whiskers….I have no idea WHY I like it, I just do! The thing I loved most about cartoons were the openings…


Who’s a little like water and oil?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!
One silly rabbit and one pampered pooch,
Fell from a plane with no parachutes.
Got stuck in a jungle putting down roots.
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!

Side by Side,
Different as day or night,
But it’s quite alright,
Sharing a life in the trees!

Nose on Nose,
They can be friends or foes,
Whether they’re whining or minding their manners,
They’re drivin’ each other banannas!

Ha Ha Ha!
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!

What will it take for your friendship to thrive?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!
Can you avoid being eaten alive?
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!

You snooty little cutie with your nose in the air,
You overly dramatic aromatic hare!
They’ll barely survive the fate that they share,
A dysfunctional brother and sister.
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!
Ha Ha Ha!

That is one of the best Disney theme songs ever….it’s catchier than Katy Perry’s ET!( remind me again how they’re both related? o.O) Ahhhh……back when cartoons were still worth watching.

And here’s my ULTIMATE FAVORITE THEME SONG!!! Also the theme song to my LIFE.


I’m fly
The original
I’m sly
I’m nearly irresistible
And I don’t even try

I’m easily excitable
Completely undeniable
And sometimes
Don’t ask me why
Don’t ask me why

I’m strange
And I like it
That’s just the way I am
I can’t change
I can’t hide it
That’s just the way I am
You might as well get over it
Don’t try to understand
I’m strange and I like it
Just the way I am

From a whisper to a shout
I’m what the buzz is all about
Everybody buggin’ out
And I’ve only just begun

They can’t rain on my parade
I’m sunshine on a cloudy day
Make lemons into lemonade
I’m just havin’ fun
I’m havin’ fun

I’m strange
And I like it
That’s just the way I am
I can’t change
I can’t hide it
That’s just the way I am
You might as well get over it
Don’t try to understand
I’m strange and I like it
Just the way I am

Oooh! And here’s another Nickelodeon one I used to watch every day after school! Or was it before? Hmm…..One of me and Guppy Egg’s fave cartoon! Miss it so much. :/ No lyrics for this one coz I’m lazy….and I think you can figure it out by yerself, right or left?

American dragon! This was one of THE last nice Disney shows…..first season was okay but second one was HORRIBLE and after that I just quit watching. I only watched it coz I loved the opening. 😛

And…..not to forget my all time No.1 favorite show……TEEN TITANS!!!

(starts singing) When there’s trouble you know who to call……TEEN TITANS! 


These are all excluding the ONE and ONLY Pokemon!!! No one can ever replace my Pokemon. Pokemon not Digimon. I’ve been a Pokemon fan since I was 3, when I was at my grandma’s friend’s place, and there was nothing else to watch.

I remember listening to this! The lyrics are seriously so meaningful! “It’s you and me, I know it’s my destiny! Oh you’re my best friend in a world we must DEFEND!(not just fight and earn badges and fight!) A heart so true, our courage will pull us through! You teach me and I’ll teach you, POKEMON! Gotta catch ’em all! 

Pokemon 4ever was the first one I watched, and I kinda loved it from the start. 😛 When I was 4 I got Pokemon: 2000 (cd version unfortunately, but it’s a good copy!) and I watched it over and over again and again…and of course after that I got Pokemon Heroes. IF, this is a verry berry big IF, I couldn’t get the dvd, I’d borrow it from a friend or watch it on youtube.  I HAD to watch EVERY SINGLE movie, until the 10th. After that it wasn’t worth watching. Dawn was okay at first, but then it lost the whole….I like to call it, “You and me and Pokemon” thing, it started being only about the trainers and battling and getting rid of everything that gets in your way.

When Pokemon first started they had the cutest Pokemon, great anime, better games, and everything was just so perfect. I can’t believe they got rid of all that just to give those spoiled little brats another fighting game to play. I am NEVER going to be a fan of the new Black and White series, but I’m still a fan of Pokemon: FireRed LeafGreen, Blue, Yellow, HeartGold Soulsilver, Crystal, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl, and Platinum!

So the end, me is missing the times when I was 5 now…..and the time when you woke up in the morning(not feeling like P Diddy) you could watch great cartoons……now you wake up and you find….ugh. Don’t even wanna talk about it!

Adios Amigos! (guppy egg ya know I’m talkin’ to ya! 😉


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